SRC - Tim's a Magician - Russell Wallis UK

After watching Tim @ SRC build a multitude of different radios from the highly regarded Cobra 2000 SUPERSNAKE to Cobra 148 GTL SS Edition I felt it was time to report on my time owning and being part of the community Snake Radio Customs has built. I am located in the UK so its very import for myself to make the correct decision when buying any radio from the United States (its a costly exercise). I have been involved in CB Radios for 30 years, having owned hundreds of radios, some great and some terrible. I recommend anybody who is reading this review sit back and watch Tim live @ work on Youtube, you will quickly learn how many precious hours evaporates into making these pieces of handmade art. Tim has perfected his work to such a high level nobody else comes close. My personal Cobra 2000 Green SUPERSNAKE operates like a dream, the receive is so quite yet the front end picks up the smallest weakest signal. The radio has become the focal point of my office, everyone comments how amazing and staggering beautiful the SUPERSNAKE looks. I have been caught up the SRC honey trap, unfortunately there is no escape for me! (3 more orders placed already that says it all..) On a personal note I have found Tim to be the nicest of gentlemen, he deserves much more praise than he currently gets. Buy SRC you will not regret it.........................


Bob in Az

I've been watching Tim on YouTube for a while and decided to send him a Cobra 148 GTL. The radio itself wound up being worse than advertised (ebay purchase) but Tim did his thing and got it up and running. I purchased a well used but clean looking 2000 GTL on Marketplace and sent it to Tim for a restoration.  I didn't want the full blown SuperSnake, I was after a stock looking radio that performed and Tim delivered. The radio was pretty much DOA when he started on it but 20 hrs later I have a beautiful stock looking high performance radio. Tim did his normal mods and replaced a ton of dead parts in the radio. While a radio like this isn't cheap, it is worth every penny if you want a top performing radio, you won't regret it!

Robert Moore

Daniels Cobra 148F Hybrid

Thank you again Tim for a Awsome Job on my Cobra 148F GTL Hybrid you really knocked this one out the park cant wait for you to do my Cobra 2000  

Daniel Kelly

Daniels Uniden Grant

Tim has done it again i sent my Uniden grant LT to him to restore he has done a great Job i love my radio sounds good and looks good Thanks Tim you will do many more of my radios 


Daniel P Kelly


 This is for Tim, at snake radios. I have been looking for a Stryker 955 tuned and modified with updated components with the older circuit board for approximately six months off and on. I ran across Tim’s website snake radios watching YouTube and after several weeks of contacting him he reached out to me and informed me that he had a customer that turned one it was approximately a year old there was not a scratch on it. Looked brand new. Apparently the other person, One of his longtime customers turned it in for a different radio. I think Tim told me, his customer got something a little bit smaller. The experience and his personal help and getting it tuned ( SWRS ) was fantastic although I did the installation and tuning myself I could not have done it without his verbal help several different times over the phone. Absolute pleasure to talk to and with a lot of knowledge. Thank you very much to Tim and snake radios. Sincerely:  Ray S


Now that’s customer loyalty for sure in my book!

Several years ago I heard about Snake Radio Customs, who had a reputation among professional long-haul truck drivers that his radios were the shit and built for longevity!  Since then, I have watched Tim build all 6 of my src radios live, on his interactive live bench cam. Tim built them to survive the road and sound amazing! I have received many, many compliments on every src radio I own from locals and international contacts.

I have:

1 cobra29classic matched to kl203p is “a thing of beauty”, the src quality control corrections was over the top! (the 2nd-last radio I will sell).

2 president ronalds which are almost the perfect compact mobiles (no ssb).

1 uniden 980ssb w/internal “stinger” amp (the last radio I will sell).

1 uniden 980ssb tuned to a rmitalykl703, it runs cool/clean/forever!

1 strker955, Tim took great care tuning for rmitalykl703, a ssb clean-beast with compliments galore but unfortunately the cpu failed after the 1yr src radio warranty (Tim had never seen 955-cpu happen before).

*BUT - Tim offered to fix radio free by taking the board from his personal styker955 to replace my stryker955 board! And this “new” stryker is a clean=beast on am and ssb…love it!!!

Now that’s customer loyalty for sure in my book!

thx Tim…respectfully yours, Tom Holmes

Tom Holmes

Green-Eyed SRC 2K Super Snake

I received my Green-Eyed SRC Cobra 2000 GTL Super Snake today and it is absolutely beautiful. I have been watching Tim build these and other radios for many years and I can finally say that I now own a SRC built radio. The receive on this radio is pristine. It has a very low noise floor and I can hear the weakest signals with so much clarity. I am also getting flowered reports on the transmit of this radio.  The people I spoke to say that the audio is clear and punchy. I am gonna try my echomax 2000 desk mic soon but the custom modified stock mic is doing awesome. This radio has a lot of bells and whistles. You will definitely not be disappointed with the build by SRC Radio Customs.


Tim Trent and David Brooks need to be thanked again for making this build happen. I am totally impressed with the quality of work and the quality of the build. If you are looking for an awesome performing radio, I highly recommend contacting Tim Trent of Snake Radio Customs and get in the queue for a radio build. Tim takes care of his customers from the initial contact right up through the start of the build and right through to the finished radio. He also backs his work 100% with a warranty that no other person in the industry can match. That's Quality Assurance!!!


Tim is, in my opinion, the best radio build and mod technician out there today. Nobody does it like Snake Radio Customs.


Andy Tobin

St. George's, Newfoundland - CANADA

Andy Tobin
St. George's
NL, Canada

Daniels radios

I bouught a Anytone 6666 from him after watching him work on radios on line got the Radio in loved the way it sounded. get so many commets on how it sounds. So still watching him build radios he was working on one that had caught my eye was the Cobra 148 Fat Boy really like the looks of the radio so 3 weeks later i bought the radio. Got the radio in last night Beautifull radio hooked it up this morning and there again it sounded great i was so happy with the Anytone 6666 i bought another one from him. He also has my uniden grant that hes going to restore so cant wait until i get that radio back so as long as Tim is around he will always have my CB radio buisness.


AT 6666

Tim the thing works awesome. I got my best DX contact ever from the mobile.

102 in whip and radio, Got me 642 Queensland Australia,

171 Woody feeling good in the mobile. Great Job Tim.

Plan on sending my Stryker 955 next.

Scott Buckholz
New Bloomfield


Im a repeat satisfied customer of Snake Radio Customs. I sent Tim my Cobra 2000 SRC SUPERSNAKE which he restored for me 6 years ago for no output power and getting hot. Tim got it diagnosed quickly and while I had it there I had him go back through and completely freshen up the radio and also put in extra time that he didn't even charge me for. Needles to say I got the radio back better than ever. Another quality repair and restore by Tim at Snake Radio. I highly recommend sending your radios to Tim at SRC, worth the money!

Russell haines


Thanks a lot for the radio setup Tim, I just love it!

Got the radio up for a week now and it is FANTASTIC!! 25-30 miles base to base contact sounds local on side band, clarifier right at 12 o'clock!! :)

the first question I get is what type of radio and antenna are you using, meaning it is LOUD AND CLEAR !!!!

customer service was SUPER! needed assistance with the Prolific data cable driver and Tim was right there for me !!


keep up the VERY GOOD work TIM !

jean marc lussier
Beauharnois, Qc.

Another great radio

I just got my Anytone Quad 6 back from Tim.  This is the third radio he has done for me.  His workmanship is a quality and he does more than any CB shop in the world.  There is nobody else I would send my radio to.  I have a few more to send him and I all ready know how they will turn out.  Thank you Tim for another great radio.


Tim L

Tim L
Bullhead City

Amazing Radio!

Received my AnyTone AT-6666 from Tim ahead of schedule. Hooked the radio up this morning in my vehicle and it was working perfectly. Talked to a few locals who said I sounded great, and as an added bonus, made contact with Nova Scotia 1300 miles away!

Tim knows his stuff! Awesome Tech who makes sure you get a radio that performs to it's fullest potential, and will last for years. I will definitely be buying from Snake Radio Customs again.


Nate V
Parma Hts


Tim Trent, David Stuchbery here in New Zealand, just want to say A Big Thankyou again on the purchase of my Stryker 955HP CB Radio, and the great work that went into prepping that radio, i use my SR955HP every day and had nothing but good reports about the Striker love it, 73's Your a top Guy Thank's Tim.

David Stuchbery
New Zealand

Look no further, Tim's got you covered with years of experience and no BS.

Tim has worked on five radios for me over the years.  One Cobra 29 nightwatch, two Uniden PC78ltw, and recently, two President McKinley's to upgrade from the Cobra and Unidens.  I never had a problem with any of the radio's and they have all performed great and I love the Astatic power mic battery elimination mod for my new McKinley's!  

I don't know how long Tim has been working on radio's but, its been a long time and he's got excellent experience and knowledge on pretty much every radio out there both new and old and he live streams his work on YouTube so, you can watch him as he works on your radio and if you miss the live stream, he still posts a video on his channel.   

Email him and he'll get back with his phone number.  Give him a call and he'll discuss all the options available for your radio and he will even order a new radio of your choice to be worked on.  Also, he'll steer you in the right direction with what mods work and what mods are nonsense.   

Business with Tim is great and super easy with simply email, call, and pay him through PayPal after the work is done.


Thanks again Tim for the great work and customer service!

Don K.


Washington D.C.

Quality over quantity

Tim produces a quality product on time made to order that performs the way you want it to. I will be purchasing again from Tim. Great guy.

Fort Worth

Texas Ranger 696F

Thanks again Tim for restoring my TR696F back from some one's "Golden Screw Driver" hack job.  Looks and performs better than new.  Many of us who have had countless radios either tuned up or a complete SRC Custom Restoration build done LOVE his work and after sales customer service.


Texas Ranger 696F

Thanks again Tim for restoring my TR696F back from some one's "Golden Screw Driver" hack job.  Looks and performs better than new.  Haters  please stop listening to those internet trolls.  Tim DOES know what he's doing and those many of us who have had countless radios either tuned up or a complete SRC Custom Restoration build done can vouch for his work and after sales customer service.   Thanks again Tim for radio # Lost Count............  Terry Peoria, Az.

Terry Cooper

Tim, screw the Haters!

Please stay with us. Some of us do enjoy watching your videos! I know I haven't spent any money with you, but living on Soc Sec makes it hard! Thanks again!

Steve Holsten

Cobra 148GTL S.S. Edition

I live here in Washington state.  I was thinking CB was dead around here till I sent my radio to Tim.  It’s getting great feedback from all who hear or see it!  I was on LSB yesterday and talked to a guy 68 miles south of LA in the Mojave Desert!  Just as plain and clear as if we were sitting next to me in the truck.  He told me I had a very well setup radio.  Just wanted to leave a review. Thanks for a great radio Tim!



Ocean Park, WA

Pacific Northwest USA

Michael Bussard
Ocean Park

Awesome anytone quad 6

Tim does it again!

Anytone 6666 


After seeing the quality and performance of a snake radio custom built transceiver, I just had to spring for one. I had a cross country move planned and this radio would be invaluable as an over the road tool. The reports of clean crisp loud audio never stop, and countless dx contacts  from across the nation complimenting the “ big radio sound “ echo all the praise being put forth by Tim’s enormous customer base. Snake hides nothing while shooting a video detailing all the work he does on each radio, using top quality components and setting the radio up for years of trouble free service, then tops it with a warranty unmatched in the industry . This is the American way and Tim is Red White and blue  to the core. Thanks Tim. I’ll catch you on the radio, Ann-572 


Sent from my iPhone


Great Advice !!

Morning Tim:


Finally got my Antenna up in the air all per your instructions!   Set the rings in the middle cabled her all up, plugged in the Anytone -6666 ...WOW !!  Channel 40 was 1.0 SWR and channel 1 was 1.1   The ears on this radio are phenomenal, I've been listening to channel 38 LSB all morning. To prove it to myself I plugged in the old UNRESTORED Uniden Washington , couldn't make out the conversations for the static noise. ... It would of been nice to restore Dads old Radio, but your dead on about new vs old technology.   Should you ever get board  "like that'll ever happen" maybe you can put a new radio in Dad's old cabinet, just kidding.  I do like those Cobra 2000's you restored !   Now I just have to hunt one down for you to do over.


Thanks again Tim for all your knowledge .. Radio, Antenna and the Cabling  it all came together perfectly. 

I love the Anytone 6666...  



Curt Conrad Sr.

Haines City, Florida 

Curt Conrad Sr
Haines City

Very happy

Quite pleased with the Anytone Quad 6.tim set the radio exactly how I wanted it. Nothing but good reports and the radio is flawless. 

Thanks from Charleston SC 

Bill Huff

Bill Huff

S.R.C Patriotic SuperSnake 2000GTL

Tim thank you so much for your hard work and Master Craftsmanship. I truly believe you outdid yourself on this one. I cant wait to see it in person. The Patriotic color scheme is right on! Thanks for being so methodical with every detail. Truly Amazing! Its great to find a Technician as skilled an honest as you. Love the videos and your business communication is Bar None. You are the best and don't forget it. The Cobra 2000 GTL looks so stunning. Nice clean loud audio! I will enjoy this Patriotic 2020 Milestone for years to come. What a piece of "History". I Highly Recommend Snake Radio Customs! Not only a great Technician but I have made a new friend in Tim Trent. Thank you sir! Very Good-73's from Double Deuce. SC.

Robby Fendley

S.R.C Patriotic SuperSnake 2000GTL

Tim thank you so much for your hard work and Master Craftsmanship. I truly believe you outdid yourself on this one. I cant wait to see it in person. The Patriotic color scheme is right on! Thanks for being so methodical with every detail. Truly Amazing! Its great to find a Technician as skilled an honest as you. Love the videos and your business communication is Bar None. You are the best and don't forget it. The Cobra 2000 GTL looks so stunning. Nice clean loud audio! I will enjoy this Patriotic 2020 Milestone for years to come. What a piece of "History". I Highly Recommend Snake Radio Customs! Not only a great Technician but I have made a new friend in Tim Trent. Thank you sir! Very Good-73's from Double Deuce. SC.

Robby Fendley


It's been a week since I received my cobra 142 gtl back. I am so pleased with the fantastic work done on this radio. Tim you knocked it out of the park! I am getting great reports from my locals around Pittsburgh. It's every bit worth the wait time for the GREAT QUALITY OF WORK! THANKS AGAIN..



Anytone at6666

Tim did my anytone at6666 got it set up I was 45 minutes away from my house.I ask for a radio check and got one talk to a guy that lives 11miles south from my house I was in another town.Guy says crystal clear.Tim did a good job on this 



I stumbled upon Snake Radio while searching for a place to refurb my Cobra 148F GTL. After watching a few videos, I could tell this dude was meticulously detailed and extremely knowledgeable. 
I knew I had found the right guy. 
I made contact and he told me his waiting list was 8-9 months long on restorations only NOT NEW RADIO BUILDS Or small fixes.
This was not surprising as I too am self employed and know first hand that if someone is booked out for that long, they must be good. 
So I packed it up and shipped it off. Tim called me a few days later to tell me it had been received and he would contact me again when work begins. 
Fast forward 8 1/2 months and it was my turn.
Tim did a video showing the condition of the radio and what he found. I was not surprised, I had a local "tech" aka "hack" or "golden screwdriver" do a swing mod and extra channels previously on the radio. As suspected, the local guys work was terrible and incorrect. 
Tim video documented all the work on my radio as he was performing it. He replaced a ton of internal components, cleaned up and corrected the shoddy work, replaced bad knobs/buttons, did the channel mod, added variable power and created a custom face plate. The custom face plate now has everything relabeled to match what it does on the radio AND it has my call numbers on it. 
I plugged it in last night and I could not believe the audio reports I was getting. With no exaggeration, I had no less than 4 people tell me that is the sweetest sounding radio they have heard in a long time.
One of the locals even asked if I was on a custom Mauldulator from Motor Mouth Maul.
That is a HUGE compliment to Tim's work.
The clarity and quality of audio is unmatched by any other radio I own. Not to mention the receive is now pulling out the ducks with unbelievable clarity and very little static level. Its probably the best receiving radio I own now. 
I will use Snake Radio again. Anything good in life is worth waiting for and Snake Radio is worth the wait. And his rates are more than fair for the skill set and knowledge he possesses. Go ahead and send your radio to your local hack but just know if you want your shit right, send it to Snake Radio Customs.
Thanks Tim! 


You fucking rock!



 What can I say, another great radio build by Snake Radio Customs. Tim Trent owner and proprietor of this one stop shop once again proves his worth, ability and leadership in the industry. Taking time to field each phone call one on one, answering questions and formulating a plan to satisfy the next eager customer. Honest, forthright and experienced. Fair pricing and reasonable build times wrapped up with the Best warranty in the business hands down. Took the radio out of the box and promptly made a contact 3000 miles away. I am flooded with compliments every time I engage in radio conversation. Thanks Tim, you have quite a reputation across the nation. Montana station 431 top of the Beartooth Mountain Range, Montana


SRC 980

SRC did a awesome job on my 980 with stinger. The wait was well worth it. look forward to working with you on a few more builds


Cobra super 25 for jeep jku

Cobra 25 with nitro nobs, talk back, echo board,  limiter switch, diamond plate cover and Snake Custom Radio faceplate.  The radio is amazing,  clean  sound. This radio went into a jeep. Thanks for the great radio !



This is a product and service testimonial for Snake Radio Customs. Tim set me up a super custom Stryker 955 on 2 /28/20 with 5 band TRANSMIT eq and fully custom astatic 636 studio mic. The radio is fantastic with the best possible sound you could ask for, I would highly recommend Snake Radio Customs for anyone looking for an awesome radio setup! I will be doing lots more business with Tim in the future myself! God Bless, Michael, in Alabama

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Want to thank Tim for his great work and help. My 980 works perfect and his customer service was awesome.


Stryker 497

Thanks for another great NOTB set up on the Stryker 497. Great QC and set up on this cool radio to go along with the previous SRC Stryker I purchased. Looking forward to the next one.


Great service from S.R.C Tim


I had Tim at SRC. Build me a Bearcat 980 ssb. Earlier this year. I have been busy all year and just now got the time to getting to leaving my review.

Got a hold of Tim through his You Tube channel,  after watching some his builds. He was the only guy on You Tube that replied in a timely manner or at all to my request. Talked to him on the phone after a few emails and decided to have him build me a brand new 980, with 100 watt Stinger amp inside the Radio.  And the road devil mic battery delete modification. I placed the order in mid February and by mid April I got My new Radio, Saying that he made it 100% clear that he was back logged 6 or 8 weeks at this time when I initially contacted him

Waiting for a new toy sucks. But in my line of work I know when a guy is weeks out it is because he`s busy AND he`s typically a better contractor. So I gave Tim the same benefit of the doubt. And was it worth the wait.

I got a BETTER radio than I thought I would after he did his magic with the amp and tuning it in. I`ve reached out over 20 miles To another good Radio setup. And not many complaints about me not coming in clear only people with poor setup`s or a bad location for communications back and forth. It took some re adjusting of my antenna and getting used to it on my end. This is my first SSB radio. As well as im somewhat new to the whole CB thing and still learning. Learn something about them almost everyday.

Tim, was and has been very good about answering questions before during and after the sale. He stands behind his work and he has professional pride in what he does and he`s not out to only get your wallet in my opinion very reasonably priced. I can`t say he`s cheaper them a budget Radio Setup but he`s certainly not the most expensive out there on a custom radio build. 

But as the saying goes you get what you pay for. And when buying anything from Tim you will certainly get your money's worth and wont be disappointed. Anyone thinking about having him build or service an existing radio. I would definitely recommend him. You wont be disappointed and he`s very appreciative of his customers coming to him from all over the world to spend their hard earned money with him.



Excellent service and radio

Just a word on Snake Radio customs mods and service I had done to my recently purchased Uniden bearcat 980. Tim did a top-notch job all the way around, from tuning and alignment, to proactively swapping out caps and resistors and other components all over the board that would not otherwise provide longevity for the radio. Tim is a solid player in the world of electronics, down to earth, easy to deal with, always ready to answer the phone and field any questions you may have. Honest and forthright, even if it means he doesn’t make the sale.  Fair pricing, decent turnaround time, and sound advice is all part of what makes Tim‘s reputation a standalone in the industry. In the world of 11 meter legacy, Tim\Snake Radio customs, is at the top of his game. I’ve had the radio up and running for about a month now, I’ve talked all over United States ,Canada and Hawaii. Thanks Tim, we will do business again. Steve in Montana.
Tim how is it going, I can’t talk on my Uniden 980 without getting a compliment! Thanks again for setting it up . Happy Holidays my friend. Steve in Montana. Unit 431  high up on the Beartooth Mountain range, in the one room cabin. 

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Perry in Ky..

Repaired another 980 for me and added an amp. Works like a charm and sounds great!!


Uniden PC-66 40 channel radio

I highly recommend Snake Radio Customs because Tim has a great deal of experience and knowledge working on radios

and his customer service is excellent. He's willing to go that extra mile. Tim also worked on my Cobra 148GTL

back in 2013 and it's still going strong. Thanks Tim. It's a pleasure doing business with you. I'm looking forward to

doing more business with you in the future. 73

Rick in Illinois (Night Train)

Rick Karney
Carol Stream

Uniden 980ssb

Repaired and installed amp in my 980. Very happy with it!



Galaxy DX 979

Hello , I’m Jim from Ohio and must say it was a pleasure doing business with Tim.  My radio is working awesome. I couldn’t be happier. Very friendly and knowledgeable on the phone. I will be getting him more work in the near future. Many thanks Tim. 

James McGee


One more thing I felt I needed to add to finalize this transaction. After looking at the work you put into my radio, I wish there was a better way to say thank you. Dude, you flat out knocked this Anytone out of the park. It's like I bought a band new 64 Mustang and Carroll Shelby stopped by to replace all the shit that would kill the car in two laps. Being a compact chassis, This radio needs airflow around if it's running in close quarters or a hot environment. Good call on making sure this thing survives when you get chatty. 

Thanks a lot for a great radio. Tim


Cobra 148 GTL F Kiss theme Supersnake

So this is my third radio with Snake Radio Customs. When I like someone's work, I stick with them. The first radio was a Cobra 148 gtl with the poor mans mod channels, The second was a Cobra 2000 gtl that he Supersnaked and the third was a Cobra 148 gtl F also Supersnaked. I have had many of these radios in the past but never customized like these. Receive and TX mods are off the chain besides the time he takes to make sure the radio looks mint. His motto is "He has to be happy with it before he sends it to his customer" and believe me it is a fact!! Thanks again to Snake Radio Customs for doing what you do, Providing great service to the 11 meter community.


73 de Tony 222 "Silver Bullet" in NYC. 

Tony M.

Excellent Job Tim

Snake radio customs did an awesome job with the Uniden 980SSB I got from him. Excellent quality. I would highly recommend SRC.


Best tech in the business

Thanks Tim:

it was a pleasure working with you on my NEW Stryker 955 HPC You did an amazing job and the radio turned out perfect

I would recommend Tim for all your NEW RADIO BUILD needs

He is very easy to deal with and pulls no punch’s about his radios and the quality is outstanding 

Michael G.

Michael Gibson
Santa Barbara

My Cobra 2000 GTL Supersnake

Thank you I finally watched all the videos what a beautiful work of art you are so tedious it just is amazing can’t wait too see it in person now I have too wait till better weather too put up new antenna and coax and set swr I have a tower so it’s 78 feet too top of antenna plus’s I live in the highest point in my county so I hope I get great talk on it 


Anytone AT 6666 Great job.

Hello Tim I hope your doing good

I'm very happy with my new Anytone at-6666 this is my second radio with you the first one was my 980 SSB and I'm also happy with that one also So I will be in contact with you for the third radio from you. And You are the only one that I trust doing my radio`s Please keep doing your good work for all of us out here in the CB radio community. You have a friend down here from Buffalo New York unit 671 standing by.


Luis A.

luis alverez


I just received my Stryker 655 from Tim Trent at Snake Radio Customs and I couldn’t be happier with it. Tim is an upfront and honest radio tech who puts all his work on line to be seen and does stuff no other techs do and for a great price. Yes your going to wait 8  weeks for the new radio but you will be receiving a quality radio. I know my biggest worry being in the logging business was the durability of my new radio and Tim suggested a great radio with all his mods that should last a very long time  . I’ve had great reports on the sound of my new radio and this thing has awesome receive. I will definitely be ordering another radio soon from Tim I trust his work! 
Thanks a lot,


John Briggs 


Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB

Hi Tim -

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for building a great radio! This last 980 that you built for me is an excellent radio. I get great reports and it reaches out farther than any radio that I’ve ever owned.

Thanks again Tim!
You’re the MAN.


Mike Pollmann

mike p.

Uniden 980ssb ROCKS!!!

Thanks again Tim,

This is the second radio I've ordered from Snake Radio Customs … A Uniden 980SSB with internal amplifier set-up SRC style!

This radio gets great compliments on how clean and clear it sounds from everyone, including the O.G. local base station operators around where I live. 

Tim's expertise with broad-banding and his attention to every detail has delivered to me a Rock'in Radio!

I really like the President Ronald that Tim performed his extensive OOTB (out-of-the-box) set-up on and it's a great little radio with a lot of features.

I have watched Tim build both of my radios on his live-web bench camera and was a neat experience for me...I suggest you do the same.  I like watching Tim building other people's radios and interacting with his web veiwers.

Tim absolutely stands behind his work and won't let any radio go out of his shop that is not the best that that radio can be!

I am and will be a SRC customer for life! 

Now all I need...is to figure out what my next SRC radio will be !?!?!

Respectfully submitted,

Tom (Blackhawk) Holmes




Uniden 980 ssb outstanding

Snake Radio Customs is THE best shop to align and modify CB radio`s. Tim has modified two Uniden 980SSB radios for me. He takes an average radio and makes it great! Both receive and transit are excellent, Precisely tuned.

Thanks again Tim for another excellent radio.

Mike P.

Fantastic workmanship!

Thanks Tim,

The President Ronald you setup has performed very well!

Anyone wanting a new radio...Snake Radio is the way to have it setup right - for best performance and bulletproof longevity.

Watch Tim's videos to see his commitment to quality craftsmanship and consistency.

As of his writing, I have a 990ssb on order with Tim...


Stryker SR955HP

Five Stars for Tim and SRC! Amazing job on my 955, very thorough work to fix any factory bugs and great quality upgrades!

Tim works his ass off to keep customers happy, and he completed mine earlier than expected!!


Thanks SRC,

Dan in AZ

Litchfield Park

Best in the business!

Tim knows his stuff!  He is the BEST in CB radio mods and repair!

I had 2 radios worked on by Tim and they are flawless, powerful and crystal clear!

His customer service is prompt and amazing!  I had a few follow up questions when I received my radios and he helped me with expert and no bs advise!

Snake Radio Customs is the only place to send your radio.  Highly recomemded!



Portland, OR


Jeff Lindberg

Uniden 980

Awesome job on my Uniden 980SSB. The radio works well with my PRESIDENT ELECTRONICS "MARYLAND" RW CB RADIO ANTENNA on my t880 truck.


Thanks Tim

Indiana 46259

Bearcat Master

Had Tim upgrade my 980SSB with his mods and a Stinger amp. Communication was great throughout and he was always a phone call away to help dial it in once received. He gave me a wait time and was right on time as quoted. Not a ton of CB traffic on NorCal highways but when there is I can reach out and touch someone. Radio works very well. Added a 4' Firestick to my truck bed and am getting about 1.3 SWR across the board. Recommended.

Michael G

Curt Callen Cobra 2000 SuperSnake


Absolutely amazing job on this 2000!!! You hand-picked this radio for me and stood behind it through the entire process. Your communication and attention to detail is hands-down the best in the business. I truly appreciate your meticulous attention to every element of this radio, the cleanness, the perfect organized wiring, the soldering, the upgrades, etc. Your communication and videos along the way are what really sold me and will have me coming back. I got to watch you build my radio via your beach cam, which truly shows your transparency and honesty in your work. I've been talking skip and booming here locally in NYC - with great reports on my signal and audio!! Can't thank you enough for this SuperSnake! It was worth the 9-month wait and every penny...and then some!

I will be back!

Curt Callen

Curt Callen
New York

Stryker 655

Thanks to SRC for my new Stryker 655. I wanted the non sideband model of the Stryker. Talked to Tim and got a price and approximate wait time. He was right on the money as to time frame when radio would be sent. He did a thorough Quality Control check of the radio and upgrades. This is the reason I go with SRC. The QC work on these new units sets him apart from the rest. I would not get a new radio from anywhere else. 


Thanks SRC

Carlos Cardona

Uniden 980 stinger edition

Tim done an awesome job on my Uniden 980SSB. His attention to detail and thoroughness is second to none. I am sending a 148 GTL and DX-959 to him for upgrades soon. Thanks for the support for our troops and veterans, Tim!
Daniel T

Daniel T

Awesome Uniden 980 Stinger

A few years ago I was having issues with a second hand Cobra 29 that I had bought.  I sent the radio to Tim at Snake Radio Customs and what I got back was a loud and proud radio!!!  I was in the market for a new radio as my old Uniden that I bought off a friend was having issues and remembering the good job Tim did for me in the past I contacted him and he recommended a new Uniden 980 Stinger edition.  6 weeks later I had my radio at my door and right away set it up and got fantastic SWR with both the Stinger on and off.  I paired my new radio with a Astatic Road Devil mike and my buddies on base stations say I sound loud and proud.  I am reaching over 15 miles away on just barefoot power.  The other day I was on SSB with my new radio and was reaching people in Northern Colorado and Western Texas!!!  Thank you so much Tim for an awesome radio!!!!   

Robert Lopez
San Diego

Awesome Cobra 25 build

Hi Tim got the cobra 25 made in Hong Kong.
After I hooked everything up
Wow!!  My radio buddies started asking me if I got a new radio and that I sounded  super loud and clear.  The radio is awesome. 
Love the variable power works great with my box.
Modulation punches through the hash and trash.
I will be sending my other radios.


Good things come to those who wait.  God bless . Mr. P


Cobra 29lx

Tim at SRC made me a custom cobra 29lx with echo, stinger amp, nitros and custom face. His attention to detail and workmanship are by far the best out there. He treats every radio as if it was his own and went above and beyond to meet my requests. He wasn’t sure if echo and the amp were going to work together but his expertise and knowledge came through and delivered an awesome radio. I would recommend him to anyone that wants quality. I already sent him my 148f to restore and customize. he doesn’t know it yet but I’m going to send my 29gtl to him as well. One hell of a guy pretty entertaining to when you watch on the shop cam with the air guitar and singing. Thanks again Tim and can’t wait to get my other radios done

Clayton Stringer

One Of A Kind SRC Built Cobra 142 GTL White Face Super Snake

My Name is Bill and I am the proud owner of a one of a kind build by Tim Trent at SRC. I know it was a challenge, but the results are beyond my expectations, Tim knocked it out of the park with his attention to Detail and Quality Workmanship. No it is not for sale and never will be. I am not great with the video, but here is a You Tube Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HygryosWRL4&t=3s . It is even more awesome than the video shows. Not only is it good to look at, it is a performer, as you can see in the video I have a few radios in my shack. This radio has excellent transmit and receive, extra channels, Channel Scan, Blue Led Readout and Nitro Knobs, Variable Power, 10 Turn Clarifier, 10 Channel Jump Tuning, plus all the SRC wiring and parts upgrades. Does it sound like I am bragging, sorry I can't help it. Tim spent his own time making sure the White Face looks like it was original. Oh by the way I am a repeat customer, this radio number 4 or 5, I lost count.

Thanks Tim You Did It Again  


Killer new Stryker 955 hpc

Hello Tim,
First of all thank you for the New Stryker 955 radio you provided to me. Tim did it all after the call, He bought the radio did the work then shipped it to me done and turn key, I was a little worried at first to buy a radio on line and then when I found out how long it would take which was about 6 weeks I was like ok, Tim must be good at what he does. So I took a chance and i am SO glad I did! You were straight up with me about everything what you do via a previously done 955 on your you tube channel. You answered my calls when I called not 1 voice mail and then when I seen you do all the stuff on video to fortify the radio and undo all the factory `s lack of quality control internally to a high level that you did you didn't just slap things together and you went over the whole radio that was impressive. My confidence level went to 10 at that point.  I will tell everybody about Snake Radio Customs.
I feel like I have a new friend that I can trust. Keep up the good work like IU know you will do, I will be in touch with you and you're awesome my friend, God bless.     P.S. All's I can say is if anyone going to buy a radio or get work done please be patient for good quality Not everything is instant for good reason.                                                                                                         
 Don P.  Pittsburgh, PA.

donald p.

Umiden 980 stinger build

Tim at Snake Radio Customs built my new Uniden 980 and so far it works perfectly! With Tim's updates it transmits and receives remarkably well. Good bang for the buck, He will reply to your questions very quickly with great communication. I highly recommend Snake Radio Customs to anyone wanting a radio done

Chad W.

Chad Winchester

President Madison

Tim did my President Madison, 2nd radio he's done for me, took a bit of experimental work because of changes and the addition of a counter but the end result is nice. Thanks for your perseverance and hrs of work at your expence. Great Job!

Stephen Sweet

Uniden 980 Stinger

I recently got back into the hobby and bought an old cobra 148f gtl. I wanted to have a restore done so I called and spoke to tim at Snake Radio Customs. I picked out a package for my needs off the service list. It was around the holidays, very busy everywhere.  Tim called me several times to help me with questions with my equipment needs. I told him I needed another newer sideband mobile radio so I could get talking. I was looking at a 60 watt sideband radio but would have to wait a bit for the build. So I learned about the SRC Stinger 980 package. It has more power and features than anything under $300 and comes with assurance that if something goes wrong with a component he will fix it and if the user messes something up, you will have a technician that built it, make it work the same again. I will not have to guess on how to fix it. My 980 came in about 5-6 weeks. I have already made contact several states away when the skip is in. I have talked to few contacts several times from northwestern california here to sandiego and arizona. When there is no skip I talk all over the county from my home station. The SWR’s stay constant and reliable on this 980 with the amp on or off. I like the built in tester.  I am getting my truck setup now and excited to hear it on the road.  Tim has helped me with antenna/coax questions and potentially saved my equipment. I already have an external non related amplifier issue that he has coached me on. It is difficult to find this kind of customer support and I really thank you.  After a month this little 980 radio is dependable and I am happy I went with SRC. 



David Duncombe


I sent a old Uniden PC78XL to Tim to be peaked and tuned, when he sent it back to me, I was totally amazed at how much better it was and everyone who heard it  said it is a really great sounding radio !  Tim made a video of working on it and explained what he was doing and you can clearly see his quality of workmanship and attention to detail.  I also sent several microphones to Tim to be restored, and when I  got them back, they were  perfect.  There are a lot of other people who try to work on radios out there, but after I discovered Tim at Snake Radio Customs, I will never let anyone else work on any of my radios.  I will be sending 4 more radios to Tim, and unlike other people, Tim always answers the phone and emails  you and I really appreciate that.   So If you really want your radio to be 100 % and sound  fantastic, then send it to Tim.   
Brad A., St. Louis, MO.    aka..."Double wide" 



Emojiaka larry the bird man Emoji
               dear tim i love the radio and it work very good i am very happy whit it he never had a radio like that the Bearcat 980 and you did a good job on it tim on it keep doing what you do tim keep it up he used a 102 whip whit the radio and it work good whit the Bearcat 980 i talk on it every day and the cb world say that you sound good on the Bearcat 980
                                                                    thanks tim


                                                            Emoji :) aka larry the bird man :) Emoji


Cobra 2000 restoration Bob from florida

So let me start with this.....Tim took a non-working 1978 first year Cobra 2000 and made it live again. And it was no easy feat either. Just watch the video. Tim and I talked on the phone many times. Tim never pressured me to do any work and always provided expert suggestions on what would make the radio perform better. This radio was a restoration not a simple fix, so I knew to be patient as this takes longer to get done. Seeing the videos and talking to Tim many times is what makes his business second to none.  This radio had lots of problems and he was able to diagnose and make it work. If you have a radio that needs an expert, look no further than Tim. Great job Tim!!!  




29 Cobra

What can I say , You will not find a better person to work on your radio... Your not just a Customer but a friend that how Tim makes you feel . Thank you for your time and Knowledge you did a great job on my radio. Looking forward for you to build me my 148 :o) Talk to you soon     Anthony  Time Keeper  N.Y.

staten island
New York


Ok, So here's how it went. I have had many Cobra's in the past and gotten rid of them. Now that I am older I want to start a small collection of classics. With that being said I sent a Cobra 2000gtl to SRC after he had already worked on a 148gtl for me. I have to say that I have been into this hobby since I was 12 years old. I'm now 48. I mention that because I have seen my share of Cobra's. I have to say that when I wanted to get a nice Cobra classic that is going to last me for years to come I had to turn to SRC seeing all the detail and hard work that he puts into his craft. Yes you may not see your radio for a while but people have to remember that if a technician is taking in radio's and you don't see them for a while it's because people are sending him work and he is busy. The reason they are sending him work is because they are happy with the final results. In my opinion If you don't want to wait then you really don't care how your rig comes out. Yes, he may be a bit expensive but no tech is going to give you more detail and time put in for your money than Tim Tech does. You see, I don't mind paying extra to be happy with the final result. You may think a Cobra is a Cobra but wrong. Do you want a Cobra that going to perform like an AMC Gremlin or do you want a Cobra that is going to perform like a Ferrari. That is the difference, so if you can't afford an elite machine that performs like a Ferrari then don't complain about how much Tim charges. The audio that comes out of my radio's are awesome, the SSB stability is tight and just the detail of the radio is something you can stare at for hours. Thank you Tim for the work that you do to the CB community. Here is a link to the video of my radio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIZxR_sGas0 Oh, and by the way, I just got my hands on a Cobra 148GTL/F that will be my 3rd rodeo with you. 73 de


Tony in NYC.


1978 Cobra 148GTL "Camo Ed"


Another in a long line of great SRC custom radios completed for me.  Thanks for a great looking and sounding radio Tim

Terry Cooper

Connex 4800 DXL

I must start out by saying that I generally don’t do reviews on products or services that I buy. with that being said, I have had numerous CB radios over the last 25 years and have used many truck stop and online “CB Shops” who have always fallen short on promises and quality. So needless to say when I contacted Tim at Snake Radio Customs you could say I was very skeptical. From the first day Tim impressed me with his knowledge and attention to detail along with the best customer service and communication that I have received in a very long time! I ordered a Connex 4800 DXL with a ton of mods and upgrades recommended by Tim, and for the first time ever I’ve found a CB Shop that has done everything they promised and beyond! The quality of the work and the performance of the radio have been nothing less than AWEOME! I get compliments all the time from truckers and other radio operators about how good the radio sounds and performs. I was so happy and impressed with Tim’s work that I have ordered another radio from him, and when he’s done with that I will be ordering a base station as well. If your reading this review and trying to decide weather to order a radio from Snake Radio Customs...do yourself a favor and get one! The work is 100% worth the money and time it takes to get one of these gems from Tim. 

Matt Hays

Owner Operator @ Hays Transportation 


Matt Hays

Best quality radio work.

I've been driving truck for a while and have had many radios "built" and have been blinded by smoke and mirrors. I received my 980 ssb radio from Snake Radio Customs and ill be honest I wasnt expecting what I received. After about 10 minutes of setup the radio audio was very clean and crisp and very easy to setup. I will definitely be doing business with Snake Radio Customs again.

James Baker


G'day Tim,
                  Recieved the radio with many thanks and have been talking to some of the crew around my area and nothing but awesome reports on loud audio, I'm nothing but stoked on the presentation of your work which is s credit to you.
Thanks again buddy and yes i am happy to the extreme with the radio.
Job well done. It sits proud ontop of my other radios 


Dale :) Australia



Tim sorry it took some time to write back,

But I just want to thank Tim Snake Radio for doing such a good, job working on my radio a cobra 2010 gtl with weather, radio was completely dead when I send it he worked his magic on it, and now my radio works better than new, adding extra FREQS and Loud CLEAN audio, all led lights where there were none, and I’m very happy with it, I’m thinking about sending him my cobra 2000 gtl too. Thank you Tim. 
Sent from my iPad
Roberto  O.

Los Angeles

Still Holding Strong

Tim did a Uniden 980 for me 2 years ago with a Stinger and it continues to perform as well as the day I received it from him.  I'm able to get in touch with bigger radios and know where I need to be long before I reach the jobsite.  I always have other drivers wanting to see what I'm running.  SRC is the only place to have your radio tuned.



Tim took my old Grant XL and got it working like a champ. He stayed in contact with me every step of the way and made a video to show what he was doing. Where else are you going to get that kind of service. It feels like a new radio! Thanks again Tim. 




My new resto mod hybrid 148 F GTL

Well what can you say about Tim at S.R.C. He did it again, The radio I got from him is 1 of 36 in the country built by Tim. The hybrid 148 f gtl super snake radio. I have no words to say other then I am speechless with the build quality and operation. WOW you guys! If you want your cobra restored or resto modded like this radio he is the man who does quality work and has great communication. Anyone hating on him on the net which of course he has his haters. It is the way or world is now. Anyone that does what he does Is going to be hated on. Thats life and they are just jealous that they don`t have the skills and the background and resources Tim has to make the cobra and uniden radio`s the absolute best they can be for another 25 yrs, Once again it was worth the extended wait time and the money paid. NO DOUBT. I`m very happy and my friends want the radio. I need to watch it lol. The best part was I was able to watch him do the entire 30 hr job on his live bench cam. Thanks again Tim 

Hello Radio


Tim did my 980 bearcat recently and I have been using the hell out of it...it's a day and night difference in performance with tjhim`s stinger and upgrades.....I love it...I sat at work today and shot skip with a long hauler in southern California not a problem barefoot.....and with the stinger running I went back n forth with a guy in Idaho for a while ....I want to say thank you for what you do Tim.....you work on each radio like you were working on your personal daily radio and that's what customer service is about...integrity and fairness and honesty on what's what ....honesty is always the best key ..sometimes we don't want to hear it but I'd rather deal with an honest fella than a shady guy that says I'll get my radio back in a week. THANK YOU AGAIN Tim...you have my business on future radios as well....ED, S Seitz , Oregon



Ed S.

I love my new 980!

I am purchasing another Bearcat 980 SSB (for my car) and I want it done just like my other 980!
The 980 I got was Fantastic! So much so that I wanted to write ANOTHER testimonial!
I love Tim's work! 

Daniel D.

148 F

Well folks, what can I say, another great job done by Tim. This is my third Vintage Cobra Radio (2000, 148, 148 f)  and I still have a 142 in line. Why so many radios....because I collect vintage radios and I want them to perform better than when they first came out of the box and last me another 20 yrs. That is why I send them to Tim.  I have watched him work on each radio and the quality of work is the best I have found. His attention to detail and customer service is great. He is a one man shop, so it takes a while, but its well worth the wait. I promise you will be happy with the end result when you get your radio back, if you have any issues just let him know, he is a man of his word, and his customers are #1.  


Uniden 980 W / Stinger

Hi Tim,Wanted To Let You Know The Radio Is Amazing,Beyond My Expectations,I Will Be Ordering Another For My Brother That Is Vietnam  Vet Keep Up The Good Work ,Take Care 73s,Blue Max Unit 204 From The Empire State.

Gerald Pallace

148 GTL Super snake restomod for Ivan

I was more than pleased with the work that Tim did on my 148.... He truly surpassed my expectations. It now has a lot of forward kick and drive on the S-meter, which it never had before. And furthermore, Tim is a nice guy, and always responded to my emails in a quick manner.   AAAAAA++++++++++++


148 GTL Super snake restomod for Ivan

I was more than pleased with the work that Tim did on my 148.... He truly surpassed my expectations. It now has a lot of forward kick and drive on the S-meter, which it never had before. And furthermore, Tim is a nice guy, and always responded to my emails in a quick manner.   AAAAAA++++++++++++



 I'm very happy with my cobra 29 ltd radio. The radio works great. You did everything I ask for. Plus did everything you said you would do. 
 I do have some other radio I would like to send to you. Thanks brother cant wait for the 2000 gtl coming later.


Troy A.


Grant XL

I had Tim work over my Uniden Grant XL. He did an amazing job. You can tell he pays close attention to detail. The radio looks fantastic and works even better. The radio is dead on frequency and I love the 10 turn clarifier that he added. On top of everything else Tim is really a great guy to work with too. I can't say enough good things about his shop. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a nice clean, custom radio.


Awesome Radio

Tim provided me with great customer service and advice. He built me a 980SSB with alittle help built in. He got me my radio on time and the first 2016 with help in it that wouldn't squeal . I got the prototype design and it works great. I am talking all over the country from PA. Everyone says the radio sounds great. I would recommend his work to everyone that wants a real radio that is peaked and tuned with love and care................LOL   

Thanks again Tim

Todd....202 the "Deplorable" world wide DX'in




todd Deplorable

My 980 stinger edition build

I've been in the 'radio' game since the late 1950's....Been a ham since 1962!....played with CB on and off for a lot of years and have met only a handful of 'gifted pros'..Tim of Snake Radio is NOT a Pro...Tim is well beyond that register! Tim is A MASTER of his craft.  Quick, Precise and absolutely through! His work, service and professionalism has no peer! I'd STRONGLY recommend Snake Radio Customs for ANY enhanced CB work or reconditioning of your old 'dust collector cobras and or uniden or rad shack radio' If you want superb work done, by the BEST in the hobby, at a fair price...Tim's expertise at Snake Radio Customs IS the Master Tech you need to do ALL your radio work!  There is none better!


David P Weik
Lake Frederick

Another Happy Camper

What can I say that hasn't already been said? To the point...Tim is definitely on his game and I consider him to be one of the best at what he does best. Sent in my '87 Cobra 2000GTL for an overhaul. What I got back is really beyond words. Another SuperSnake is born! Astatically awesome and operationally better than factory. A super Hybrid! I would definitely recommend his services without worry. His communication is awesome and the video he does for every radio is just icing on the cake. I'm going to be a repeat customer for sure. Thanks again Tim!

Ft. Wayne

Happy Oz Customer!

Hi Tim, Thank you for supplying a Bearcat 980 SSB and with a OTB setup. It's now almost 12 months old and going strong. Thank you for perfect customer service all the way into Australia.

Kindest Regards Chris M.

Chris Maxwell
Geelong. Australia

Restored 1976 Cobra CA-60 Microphone

I had my 1976 Cobra CA-60 microphone sent out to Tim to be restored and repaired.

 Tim did an EXCELLENT JOB!   My microphone works great!  Really LOUD and CLEAR .

Even the TX Red LED works now I'm so pumped.  This microphone will be working

for another 30 years!  I'll be coming back to Tim for more restoring and

repairing on my old CB radios. Tim is very fair in his prices . He really looks out for his

customer's interests.  Snake Radio Customs is #1 in my book!



Bob DelRaso

Sweet Super Snake - 40/40 2000 gtl

I sent my Cobra 2000 GTL radio to Tim because I saw the great restoration work videos, I'm glad I did. The radio looks, works and sounds like a brand new Cobra 2000 GTL. If you want keep your radio for a long time, let Snake Radio Customs do the work, you will not be disappointed. The work he does is far beyond what I had expected, and the radio ended up being much more than I had anticipated. Great work Tim, thanks for your dedication and attention to detail, job well done.. All I can say at this point is, send your radio to Snake Radio Customs, the end result is worth the wait..

Stephen Sweet

My new old 148 gtl resto mod

Tim takes a great radio, works his magic, and makes it awesome!  I sent Tim a stock Taiwan 148GTL with many miles on it, a very weak receive and bad channel indicator.  After Tim’s resto-mod work, I have a radio that’s better than new, has phenomenal receive and transmit, and performs beyond my expectations.  His email communications were prompt, honest and to-the-point.   Tim is great to work with and truly cares about the quality of his work, which is evident in the performance of the finished product.  I would recommend him without reservation. Thank you once again for delivering another SUPER snake radio.


Cobra 148 Super Snake for Ivan

Tim turned my 148 into a powerhouse of a radio !  Everyone that i've talked to has been telling me how great that it sounds after Tim worked his magic on it.

He is a true professional who knows his stuff when it comes to Cobra radios.... i could not be more pleased the radio. It was worth the wait !



Uniden 980 SSB '16 Model

Tim and Snake Radio Customs define the term customer service. Tim serviced a Uniden 980 SSB given to me as a gift. He clearly explained what could be done to the unit and the benefits of having that work done. Tim gave me an accurate (yes lengthy) timeframe of when I could expect the work done. Upon return of the unit it was noted that the microphone sent with with the unit was not sent back inadvertently. When I notified Tim of the issue, I had the microphone back in one day. Now that's service. (Especially when the customer is on the opposite coast than the vendor.)

Tim's quality of work is impeccable. I work with electronic gear as well and have to solder and thermoweld on a regular basis. I have seen some great work and Tim is right in there with the best of them. 

I am thoroughly pleased with his work and have and will continue to recommend him highly. 



Virginia, U.S. of A.


Excellent job on my 980

Tim hi just wanted to thank you again what an awesome job on the 980 just installed in my pickup today and man does it sing impressed a lot of people talk to a buddy of my 30 miles away from me with a mt in between us I was very very pleased and so was he because he is a radio guy one again thank you so much well worth the wait and money

Andrew  CT.



High Performance 148 GTL DX

Tim's work is absolute perfection. I got three words: Worth. The. Wait. (Check out "148 GTL DX for Cameron" on YOUTUBE and see for yourself) 'Nuff Said.



Lets face it, Tim is a legend! Tim turned three normal factory spec radios ( A Grant, A Washington, a Realistic Navaho 457 and quick tune up on a Realistic 449) and turned them into High performance machines, totally exceeding my expectations. Tim's ability,professionalism and knowledge are unquestionable, his attention to detail that he places not only on his suppliers but on himself along with Tim constantly striving for complete customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations makes Snake Radio Customs the industry leader worldwide.

For those who doubt him, they are just irrelevant. ill informed Mud Ducks living in the static. 

Thanks again Tim from another customer "Down Under" as you status in Australia grows.

Thanks mate. I'll be back!



Colin B
Western Australia.

100% great work

The man is on his game and backs his stuff! His work and radios are 100%.  I have seen comments from haters.  They can't be referring to the same guy and are not customers, My 2 radios are 100% what i asked for.  And if your not sure ask he will answer the phone and any questions he's got an answer.

 Will be a repeat customer for life...!!!

Ron N.


Awesome Madison make over

Hi Tim, I love my madison now more then ever! Full sounding reciever tons of bas response and the tone control is an AWESOME addition.  The receiver is everything I hoped it would be.  Right now I’m using two Palstar SP30B speakers.  On transmit, the locals can’t believe it’s a stock radio (I know better - it’s better than stock).  Some people seem to prefer the sound of my turner RK-60J hand mic on sideband, but when I use the SRC STUDIO SUOND  hand mic on AM, it is King.  The LEDs on the meter are so crisp and clean looking.  The 10 turn clarifier works great & is a real plus on sideband.  This is the radio I wanted in 1979 when I was 9 years old.  Now I have it, plus the upgrades.  The clock is surprisingly accurate, too.  It keeps up with my digital atomic clock from WWV.  

This was well worth the wait & I can’t say enough good things about it, for sure.
Thanks again.



Byrne H.

Outstanding service and radios

Hi Tim this the testimonial,


Tim is an Excellent tech. He has done 4 radios for me now and all of them are just great.

He keeps his shop clean and I appreciate that.

All 4 of the radios were fully serviced and cleaned and Im very happy.

Tim`s communication is the best in the business too good at times lol.

I know about customer service. I work in a large food chain 

Tims shop is not only a cb shop he restores the radios and makes them good for 30 more yrs.

Yes their is a wait time like any other in demand service where things get restored the right way.

It is completely worth the wait and you will not be disappointed no way no how!

I highly recommend him for any cobra / uniden / rad shack full service job.


Tim keep up the outstanding work.  

73 for now from one ham to another, Byron , Newfoundland, Canada




980 uniden stinger SSB variable and mic upgrade


   Very happy with the work done on my 2 radio's and having Tim do his hill billy magic to them. Very good radio's now that will go down in  infamous he ! These radio's have to be the best radio's available today after Tim works them over. Very professional CB Radio technician that actually true to his word in when he can get to working and completing them This is remarkable after I have experienced Other radio technicians who have all seemed like they cannot get to them as soon as promised. Tim has to be one of the best radio techcians in America possibly the world who is a real pleasure to work with. He even returns phone calls and emails promptly! Glad to have had all this work done by him and look forward to meeting him in person some day. And I will be sending more work his direction and will also recommend him.

thanks again


Jerome Bauer
North Dakota

Rad shack TRC 465

Tim is a busy man. The is a waiting list, but it is WELL worth it.  This just shows how dedicated that Tim is to the cb radio hobby and in high demand. He restores them so that they will last a long time. And the mods are good also  Thanks Tim.        

Pat Bernard

pat bernard

Great work!

Hey tim does great work. He did my 148 2 years ago and shes been riding in my truck ever since with no issues

Lucas thibodaux

Great work

Tim did a great job for me. The radio works just as he said as well as the stinger he added. Work was done on time and he was very professional. I have another radio I'll be sending in for him to take a look at (Uniden Grant XL) soon. Would not hesitate to buy another radio from him or have him work on one for me. Will recommend him to my friends. He has a customer for life! Thanks again Tim for all of your hard work. It is much appreciated. 


Radio # 2 Restored 148 GTL

The first radio I sent Tim was a an old Cobra 2000 with issues. Not only did he resolve the receive problem he restored it to like new condition inside and out. Now he has done it again with an old 148 GTL I found in need of restoration. This is radio # 2 and I couldn't be happier It looks and operates better than it did when it left the factory many years ago. If you enjoy Sideband, like I do, you cant beat the 10 turn clarifier and the variable power is a must if you are contemplating using an amplifier.  I know when I get my radio back from Tim it has been completely restored and improved, ready for another 25 years of trouble free service, that is why I have 2 more radios in line, a 148f and a 142 base, cant wait to get them back, better than new, and get them back on the air. 

San Diego


I sent the Snake a radio he was not familiar with, asking him to do a general refresh and a few mods.  He was up front about it from the beginning - letting me know he would do his best but if he couldn't help he'd let me know up front.  The radio had some issues but Tim kicked it in the ass anyway.  When it was all said and done he had almost completely rebuilt the radio to the point where it is TRULY a custom build!

The reason he pushed so hard to get this done for me?  I informed him that this radio was intended to complete a collection I had..  Once he knew that was my intention, he went above and beyond my expectations to keep it looking original while ensuring it performed BETTER than the original.

The result is a truly one-of-a-kind radio that is an absolute joy to operate.  Thanks again Tim!



Thank you Tim for the excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship on my Uniden 980. Your Commitment to quality and customer is unmatched and a rare attribute in the world today. You are a leader, and inspiration to all small business owners. I will continue to refer you to my family and friends, 

Have a wonderful holiday,





 So after 30 yrs or so I'm getting back into the cb life. I am very concerned about the issues that could cut most basic forms of communication. I thought getting another radio would be fun but also a proven way to stay in touch with others when needed. The problem is most turn key radios sold today are just barely functional much less practical! I did some research and there isn't many new radios with SSB. This with the weather channels was something that I was focusing in on. The Uniden 980 came across my Radar and I was interested in it. During all this I some how found my way to Tim's YouTube channel, thank God I did! This man knows radios! I watched video after video of him working on other people's radios and was blown away. Tim is a real man! He calls it as he sees it, he is honest and thorough. This is the first time in my life I have ever sent money to someone across the country with nothing to show for weeks but some emails back n forth and someone else's video. 

I took the chance after reading reviews and watching his videos. He can come across, lack of better words, as cocky but I'm fine with it. It's not cockiness but skill and pride in his work! He is proud of his skill and damn should be! What he can do with a factory radio is amazing. I opted for the stinger upgrade and other recommended fixes. One word awesome!

Just this weekend I was receiving from Utah, Florida, south Georgia! I made contact with south Georgia and they said I was loud and clear! 



Seriously, Tim thank you for your expertise and your straight shooting. The dedication and honesty come far and few these days. I will be doing more business with you in the future, I already have family who has sent a radio to be worked on. The video link to the shop cam is cool. Seeing your purchase get worked over then tested while all being proven to you in video is great. 

Thanks again Tim you've made yet another customer for life! 


Steve C.

Baltimore, MD.


My cobra 2000 gtl rebuilt

I am so happy that I chose to do business with you Tim. The radio looks good,, sounds good, and I have talked to guys in New Jersey and Northeast they say it  sounds great.  I would do it all again if I had too and let you do another Cobra 2000 for me. Thank you Tim for all your work and attention to details  you have done to my radio.  



Superstar 3900 repair

Tim did an outstanding job, once again, as usual this time on my Superstar 3900 repair job. My screw-up, I reversed the hot and ground leads and, OOPS no power. I reached out to Tim to see if he would tackle this project and he said send it in. He got right on it and repaired it right away in record time and in his, as always, professional and clean manner. I will keep saying it, Tim is the man you want to use when you need any kind of repair work, restoration work or mods done to your radios. He gets right on top of it and does a very clean professional job. I always like to point out and compliment his workbench at all times. IT IS THE CLEANEST AND MOST ORGANIZED WORKBENCH I HAVE EVER SEEN. Tim also has a very reputable guarantee. If you have work done by him and something don't work or goes wrong, let him know and send it back to him. It takes PRIORITY over ALL work and he will do everything he can to make it right with you. Tim is a straight-shooter and will voice his opinion to you as straight-forward as he possibly can. Tim is the man I will use for all of my radio work. He TRULY shows good old fashion American Pride in the work he does. Something that is rarely seen, if any, here anymore and quite a shame when a person won't take pride in the work they do and just hacks it in and walks away from it. Let's ALL do our part and take pride in what we do in all walks of life and.................... let's make America Great Again. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OF IT'S PEOPLE. Thank you Tim on all the outstanding professional work you do.

John Wright

Robert Thorpe

What a great job. The radios work so much better. I am amazed how badly they build the new radios and how great they work now after you worked on them, going above and beyond by checking soldering joints and replacing inferior components with better ones. 

Robert Thorpe

Uniden 980ssb

Really love my new 980ssb! Works like a charm! Happy customer!!


Uniden 980

Bought a new 980 from Tim. He really knows his radios. This radio works great. Tim is very good to deal with. He's honest and gives you everything he says he will.

Mike F.
New York

Cobra 29 LX

Hey man I hooked up my 29LX when I got it back from you! Let me just say it's amazing how shitty these radios are stock. The talkback is sooo much better and I have heard more in the past few days that I ever heard before the tune up. I got the CB back and I will never get rid of it. You do amazing work. Keep it up! GO TRUMP!!!!

Justin thorpe

Transformation of my Cobra 148 gtl


Thanks for taking my totally messed up cobra 148 from another person who is a clone of yours that was completely hacked up and sub par and turning it into a new awesome radio. Turns out the guy did not even do half what was stated to begin with and what I thought i was getting!! Tim has full video of the re work to prove it. You get what you pay for and looks can be deceiving on the outside. It works like a charm sounds great on TX and RX. Excellent service from Tim all the way around excellent communication as well. Job well done and worth the extended wait time!!


10 / 16 /2016 

Darrell B.

3 980 SSB

Thanks for putting those 3 980SSBs together for me.  You have supplied great setup information and good council on usage and accessories.  I am very excited about setting these up as a base station and mobile units.  Thank you, Tim!


Richard L.


Bearcat 980 SSB

I dropped my radio off for a tune and repair. Just got it back and installed works like a charm, better than new. Thanks Tim


Uniden 980 w/stinger

Tim provided me with a quality radio and his work is world class. He knows this equipment inside and out and takes great pride in his work. I received exactly what he said I would receive and this radio works awesome. He aligns these radios to work the way they should. I highly recommend Tim!

New York

Bearcat 980 With Stinger

Good, quality work. Extremely happy with this radio, even tho I opted for the stock mic (it is in a soft top Jeep so noise cancelling g is priority) I get good reports from others and receive is excellent. Very pleased with Snake Radio Customs!

Scott Phillips


I purchased a Cobra 148 from Tim at SNAKE RADIO CUSTOM'S and it absolutely kicks ass. The receive and transmit on this radio are second to none. Tim puts his heart and soul into every radio he works on. His customers are number one to him. I wouldn't send my radio to anyone else. The reports I have gotten on the air are nothing but excellent. I highly recommend him to anyone whos looking to have work done. 73's!!!


Excellent tech and radio`s

Tim, thanks for being the most honest and knowledgeable tech I have spoken to. I definitely made the right decision having you rebuild a most precious family heirloom. Your ideas that you suggested on the colors and lights were perfect! Thanks to this fine Work on the 1978 142 gtl and the 148 gtl Chevy edition and the antenna selection you told me about is great! I get outstanding feedback on my sound quality and signal. And the 10 turn clarifier is a must for anyone with a SSB radio the fine tuning is great. I especially appreciate your attention to detail from the 1 of a kind custom white face and also saving my flag that was stuck to the side of the bezel. You now have a customer for life. 

SRC Cobra 142 S.S. Edition 

Thank You!!!

David in Texas


David N.

Uniden 980 SSB Stinger

I had Tim build and tune a 980SSB and I love it! I had the occasion to use it during a week long 4 wheel drive trip and everyone on the receiving end said my signal came in strongest! Even in heavy terrain! Thanks Tim!!!

Grant Weaver

My new Cobra 2000GTL S. S. and 148GTL

I have been seriously blessed by Mr. Trent's skillsets and determination to please me. He has met his obligations, but that isn't the complete story. Tim has shown a superior level of determination to meet my every need regarding the C.B. rebuilds. While he charged me a very fair wage for the overall repairs, his many discounts and willingness to go over and beyond are reminiscent of years ago when service mattered. I would therefore highly recommend S.R.C. for your C.B. re-creations and know that Tim Trent is held in high esteem by this customer.

Y.B.I.C.  Judd Keener

Judd Keener

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Stinger Edition

Radio number two that I had done by Tim. Excellent job Tim. Thanks man. More work coming your way soon. It's going to be very hard to near impossible to find the quality of work that Tim does on theses newer Bearcats or the older cobra or uniden radios. He literally treats every piece of equipment you send him like it is his very own. Always a happy SRC customer. Awesome work, hands down. Thanks again.

John Wright


can you do a 2 pill on the 980. Like 2 sc12879 I still need to have you do a 980


Update : 1978 Cobra 148 GTL # 119

I've been extremely satisfied with my 148GTL and have used it solely as a base station. It's common to receive unsolicited positive audio reports and questions as to what I am running. I simply reply with a "no sound board or EQ gear, its just an old school SRC radio here"!!! With the great audio aside, the radio truly shines in it's quality of reception, received audio and SSB use.. It's a great rig on BOTH AM and SSB modes.

Recently I ran it in the mobile for a few days and let me tell you, what a major difference as compared to other mobile radios that I have used in the past. The SRC radio is the smoothest and best sounding (on TX and RX) radio that I have ever used in a mobile setting. I've run Cobras 148's for years and various 2950/2970's radios in the vehicle for years but the SRC made mobile listening so much more pleasurable. So now it's time to add another SRC to the mix..


Matthew C

Bearcat 980 with variable power

I have spent a lot of money on radios,  this was by far the best money spent. The Bearcat 980 is a good radio made great by Tim. These things don't come from the factory precisely tuned and setup. That's where Tim comes in. His knowledge about how to make a radio perform at its peak is your gain. Don't send it anywhere else. This is not the most expensive radio I own but it has the best and most quiet receive of any that I own now. Transmit is performing great also and now I have variable power to adjust for an external amplifier if desired.  This is the best bargain on a CB with sideband  out there and Snake radio is the best bargain on a precision alignment and or modification. I would not hesitate to send him another radio for repair or modification. Thank you again Tim for a great performing radio.

Todd Weaver
Green Cove Springs

Bearcat 980 with variable power

I have spent a lot of money on radios,  this was by far the best money spent. The Bearcat 980 is a good radio made great by Tim. These things don't come from the factory precisely tuned and setup. That's where Tim comes in. His knowledge about how to make a radio perform at its peak is your gain. Don't send it anywhere else. This is not the most expensive radio I own but it has the best and most quiet receive of any that I own now. Transmit is performing great also and now I have variable power to adjust for an external amplifier if desired.  This is the best bargain on a CB with sideband  out there and Snake radio is the best bargain on a precision alignment and or modification. I would not hesitate to send him another radio for repair or modification. Thank you again Tim for a great performing radio.

Todd Weaver
Green Cove Springs

Uniden bearcat 980 ssb H.O.

I came across Tim's videos on Youtube and decided since I had been using stock radios with poor results for a few years, I'd step up to the plate with a 980 H.O. Edition from SRC.  I've had the radio installed for about 3 months now, and I can say for certain this thing TALKS!!  I have it paired with a magnet mount Lil' Wil on my SUV.  I keep a log book with all my contacts, and most of them are form the Midwest; Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, etc.  Conditions here in the Northeast haven't been all that great over the last few weeks, but last weekend I made a QSO with a gentleman up on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  He was "looking down" on me in Maine, at a range of about 55 miles(direct)  He told me I sounded like I was in the car next to him.  When I told him my setup, he was amazed that I was using a Lil' Wil.  I am very pleased with the radio, and Tim is a real straight shooter.  He answers any questions/concerns quickly.  The man really knows what he's doing.  Be patient with him, as he can get backlogged with builds.  Should I need another radio in the future, or if any of my friends are in need of communications equipment, I'm sending them to Tim at SRC.
Lewiston, ME


27.385 LSB #--353

Jim L.

Cobra 148GTL Supersnake

I had Tim rebuild my old side Malaysia mic 148. The initial evaluation that was done to the radio was OK. When he started working on the unit it turned out that the radio was bad and he couldn't do anything with it. He had a Taiwan radio sitting around and since he has a guarantee on ALL radios that touch his bench he kept the Malaysia for parts in return for the Taiwan. Tim is the man you want to work on your older Cobras, Unidens and Bearcat 980 ssb's. You DO NOT want to go to anyone else out there. He shows professionalism like no other out there. He treat's EVERY radio that he builds like it is his very own radio. No one else does that. He does super clean work and his bench is the cleanest I have seen anywhere. He takes his time and does it right, PERIOD. He goes through the entire radio, front to back and clean out all the old glue, rust, cancer, corrosion etc.... The quality control is like no other out there. If something on the radio needs to be fixed it gets fixed, NO shortcuts. I have made mistakes in the past taking radios to others the pricing was astronomical and when I finally got the radio back it looked like a tornado went through it. Never again, ALL my radios will be going to Tim, PERIOD. There is no one out there that shows the professionalism, takes pride in what he does, takes his time and does it right, does very clean work and his quality control fixes are like no other out there. When you get a radio done by Tim it will look 120% better than what it looks brand new off the assembly line. He takes pride in what he does everything in the radio is so clean. You can see the pride that he takes in the work he does, everything just looks so professionally done. Everything in the radio looks better than factory, super clean work. Yes his soldering skills are just AWESOME. He knows how to solder and it shows. This radio is the first I have gotten done by Tim. The second is my Bearcat 980. I'm looking forward to seeing the awesome work he has done to that one. Tim, man, you outdid yourself. Thank you so much on a job well done. I have somewhere around 20 older Cobra, Uniden radios. They are ALL going to Tim to have them restored. Tim's hands down the best out there. DO NOT go to anyone else. Thank you Tim. More work coming your way.     

John Wright

Nice Work!

Ordered a SRC Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB with the Stinger board amp incl. 

great work. audio comes in super clear and has been running well. really like that i can switch the amp on and off and how it comes with an indicator light too. im happy with the radio and Tim is quick to reply to emails with answers to questions. will be contacting again for the next one!

cheers tim!


Fort Lauderdale

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB stinger edition

Given the limitation of my set up, a 102 inch whip antenna on a 6 inch spring  base mounted at the left rear corner of a 1975 CJ5 jeep, Very directional, I have been pleased with the receive abilities with this radio . I can not speak to the performance  of this rig for Xmit as I have not been out for a real life trail run with this set up as of now and don`t play on the radio locally. I like the fact you are local and we can interact face to face, and i like to support local business.

I am confident of the tech abilities that you have displayed on the videos that have been posted. I myself have a good understanding of the workings of these things, you are much more qualified. The people  that I run with do not have an acceptable Radio Com System IE ,cb, etc.  I do believe that you build a great Radio. I will be doing some Radio work with you in the future.  


Uniden 980 SSB Stinger Edition

Hello Everyone

 I recently had Tim build me a custom radio and I must say it's one of my best radios. It you want it done right go to Snake Radio Customs. You will not be disappointed! 1st class work and a great guy. Call him he is one that answer's his phone and will get back to you. 

 Don AKA Fly Boy Radio AKA Unit 22 Double Deuce AKA 

Donald E Michel
Rhode Island


The Uniden 980 SSB with a Stinger board that I ordered from Tim at SRC is hands down the best mobile I've ever owned, and I've owned a LOT of mobiles over the past 30 years!!! The receive on this radio is amazing. Hash and Trash? GONE! Noise from engine, street lights etc. ? GONE!  Just crystal clear receive, even from stations that don't even move my meter. Transmit? LOUD and absolutely clear, clean audio. Had my wife take the Jeep about 15 miles away and I monitored on my base. I just couldn't believe how good it sounded. Almost an FM quality to it. I've been running it a couple of months now, and get nothing but good reports and believe me, my locals jump at a chance to pick a radio apart! LOL! If you just want an over-modulated piece of crap, buy one at a truck stop and let your local hack screw it up. If you want a quality radio done up right, Give Tim a call and wait your turn! It's MORE than worth it! Thanks Tim. Thanks for your attention to detail, quality work, fair pricing, and most of all the loyalty and support you give us Veterans. It is TRULY  a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks again, Tim!

73's and God Bless



Mike Barber


Hello Tim the 2000 you did is killer it is here and I’m loving it – Thank you so very much for putting life back into it – It getting nothing but great reports here from all my locals – have not used for anything long distance. Again Thank you very  much for all the time you spent on it – Eternally grateful for the tremendous job you did on it.  As usual the very best restoration tech anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do it RIGHT and I’m given you a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PLUS………..   This radio is Better NOW than when it was Brand New ---- You will never go Wrong With Snake Radio Customs- - -- Thanks Again ---Michael




Awesome cobra 2000 ss edition

This is the radio that I had Tim Trent from SRC do for me. Watch the video at the link below. I know there is a lot of controversial statements about his work and his prices, but I have to say, I would gladly do it all again with no reservations. This radio sounds like a hi-fi stereo and receive is absolutely amazing. Every report Ive had says it sounds great. Yesterday I talked to Arkansas, Mississippi, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Tennessee... and they all said the radio sounded great. I fell in love with the pic of the radio on Tims site and told him I wanted exactly the same thing. Well, he delivered. So, thank you Tim, and I cant wait to get my Madison back... I know it will be as great as this Cobra.... Tony Kennedy 526 Rollin Stone


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sloAXZIi-0Y    < User video of radio in action


Tony Kennedy

Anthony K


 i have had other techs do radio work and there are some other good tech's out there but tim at snakeradios is always somebody i always come back to if i want "the works" with all the latest and best mods available. 



Was finally able to bring my radio out after the rebuild / upgrade. My 148GTL has NEVER sounded so clean. The new echo sound amazing. Appreciate your work sir...




Killer S.R.C. resto mod 148 gtl

This is my 4th SRC radio and I have to say it`s set apart from the others.  Nothing against the previous three, they are all awesome in their own right not the 148 gtl, but I finally have one of Tim's 148's to call my own.  He definitely put his own professional spin on a classic.  Every mod I asked for was completed and of the highest quality....no skimping, no shortcuts, no BS.  I've said it before, and I'll echo again.....if you're considering having you're old/favorite radio restored or upgraded by an unknown tech, I'd think again unless its Tim at Snake Radio Customs.  Tim's work is a known quantity......folks return to that kind of customer service time and time again.  Thanks again for a great radio!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTpqvq66sZk  > Video of the build


7 / 1 /2016


Multiple radio`s done at S.R.C.

3 radio`s over the years. Cobra 148 with poor mans channels and variable power was the first. Excellent receive and good clean audio. Always good reports
 Uniden Bearcat 980 ssb with stinger board. Very cool set up. Really nice receive and doing good range. 
Cobra 25 Philippines restored to perfect order again. Doing good power and receive.  


See the pattern? Repeat business/multiple radios. Tim really knows how to make these radios perform well. All my radios from Tim have that crystal clear audio that I like. Recently I was selling my truck to purchase a new one and my friends were quick to point out to not let the radio go with the truck ⯑ Tim responds very fast to any inquiry call or email. Keep up the good work Tim.
Kyle  6/ 27 / 2016


Silver face Uniden grant 3 button radio

 Tim  does professional grade work. The radio performs excellent. He is quick to answer any questions you may have. I will have Tim working on my radios in the future.   

Thanks Tim,



President Washington refreshed

I sent my President Washington to Snake Radio Customs after finding his shop on the INTERNET and reading the testimonials about his work. Tim is very busy and does a very good job so he’s not fast but he will impress you with his eye for detail. When he gets the work done it is done right. He brought my President Washington back to life and it works better than it ever has. It was a fairly good looking radio when I sent it to him, but looked nearly new when I got it back. Thanks again for a very good job on my radio.

Jim. 6/30/2016



This is the best cb radio I ever had. I am very pleased that I found TIM at Snake Radio to deliver this level of qualitiy.  thanks agin


Cobra 25 LTD Classic Tune

Tim did an outstanding job tuning my radio. It was great to watch the video he sent me of him actually doing the work. He keeps a very clean and organized work area. To me, this is an indication of someone who takes pride in his work and pays attention to detail. Great Job!

Paul V.

My much better 980 ssb

    My Uniden 980SSB was, out of the box, a bit of a disappointment. I liked the features, but the power output and modulation were anemic.  I made the mistake of taking it to a local shop and paying for a “Peak and Tune” service.  I paid $42 and when I got the radio back the modulation was louder, but it was swinging backwards and getting hot.  Disappointed again, I put what I thought would be my mobile radio it in the closet as a backup radio. 
     Then I heard from a radio buddy about Snake Radio Customs and how he does great work with the 980’s.  I figured it was worth a shot so I emailed Tim, who was great about responding with detailed information and pricing.  He showed patience with my many questions, too.  I sent the radio to Tim in a last ditch effort to make this radio usable for my mobile.  In the video, you could see the frustration about the poor quality of work from the previous shop, but Tim fixed it anyway.  He did all the upgrades and fixes that he always does and replaced my blown final. 
     I have to say, when I got it all plugged in and fired up in my mobile the first thing I noticed was the low static level, which was high before, then how I could clearly hear those distant stations.  I was fortunate that the DX was rolling here in Pennsylvania, and with it coupled to my KL203P and a D104 handheld mike I made 5 quick contacts on a busy channel 38 LSB.  Many were saying my audio was outstanding and I was both loud and crystal clear.  One guy even asked me if I was running a studio microphone.  Haha are you kidding me? Awesome!.
     Then the true test... I went down to the AM channel most of the locals here talk on for audio reports.  Most of them knew I had my radio at SRC and when I asked for audio reports, I was elated.  Again, noise level was next to nothing and the receive was so much clearer and stronger!  Transmitting, the guys said that I never sounded so good, or loud.  These same guys usually hear me from my base station where I run a RCI 2950DX and more than twice the power of my mobile.  When I brought it home and used it from the base, I had the same thing: “Man, you sound great...  better than you ever have.”  I have the correct amount of forward swing now, too, thanks to TIm’s upgrades.
     Tim has figured out where Uniden missed the mark on these radios and turns them into what they should have been and more. It’s not just a peak and tune, it’s a true upgrade fixing many issues like power delivery and capacitors.  The Uniden 980 can be an outstanding, great featured radio, but if you want it that way don’t take it to a hack like I did, send it to Tim at Snake Radio Customs.  I sure am glad I finally did. 



Harry g

Awesome Uniden 980SSB

I was traveling through Pennsylvania heading home to New jersey when I had come across a truck stop.  I had said to myself, the next time I see a CB Radio with side band I would buy it. Well, it has been 30 years since I used a CB Radio and I am so glad i had purchased it.  I went online looking for a technician who could work on my new radio.  I know I wanted my radio to preform at its very best.  I cam across Tim.  I started watching his videos and felt that this guy really knows what he is doing.  He was tweaking these radios, telling everyone exactly what he was doing, what you can expect and seeing the results right in from of you.

Tim is a straight shooter, he told me it would be a few weeks to get my radio completed.  I sent tim my radio and just on time I got an email telling me that he would be working on my radio and that I could watch him online as he worked on it.  It was so exciting!!  I had Tim add the stinger board, tweak the components, adjust the sound, get every channel on frequency.  This is the best investment I have made in my hobby in a long time.  Tim is a great tech and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get the most out of their radios!

Tim not only got my radio working at its very best but also helped me set up my mobile and base station.  He recommended a power supply, coax to use, a mobile antenna and something new to me ferrites to put at the end of the coax.

I would highly recommend Tim and Snake Radio.  I was a little reluctant to send off my radio to a stranger across the USA but, have now found a friend who I would recommend to my friends and family!  Kudos Tim!!

Ray in New Jersey 

New jersey

Super Slick Uniden 980

I purchased a Uniden 980 about a year ago after being out of the CB hobby for about 20 years.  I really liked the receive on the radio and the fact that it had sideband, so I bought another.  I started seeing Tim's name mentioned on quite a few CB websites.  The majority were great comments about his work, also a few comments from haters which is stsus quo on the INTERNET where scumbags abound.  I went to his website and started watching his videos and live shop cam and was very impressed by his knowledge and care he put into all the radios.  I decided to contact Tim to have him improve my newest 980.  I opted for the stinger and all the upgrades the factory should have done.  I have it connected to an I-Max 2000 and a 35 amp power supply.  The receive is so smooth sounding and sensitive with the RF Gain on only 3.  The noise level is very low.  With the stinger I get great reports from people so far away that they sound faint but very clear and understandable because of the great receive, much better than my stock 980.  If you want a quality technician you have to wait.  I was a mechanic for many years and dealt mainly with electronic engine and drive train controls.  Some days everything goes your way and some days every job fights you from beginning to end, that's the nature of electronics or anything manufactured, if you've never been in the service/repair industry you may not understand this.  If you watch Tim's shop cam you can see this is true of his work also.  That is why I was not upset when my radio took a few more days.  Anybody that will let you basically watch over their shoulder while they work on your radio is the Real Deal, he lets you see the good and the bad as it happens, you have to respect a guy like that.  I'm saving up to have him set up another 980 in the future.  Don't be scared off by the wait time, his radios are really worth the wait.  And for all the haters out there that say you can't tune a radio by ear, I'm calling you out.  When you're good at what you do and you know what you are working on inside and out the ear is a tool just like the equipment Tim uses both with excellent results.  I've tuned many a car by ear and when connected to diagnostic equipment were well within specification, ran great and passed emissions tests.  After doing the same type of work for many years you can hear, (feel, and smell in the case of automobiles) when things are working properly.  I have no doubt Tim can do the same with a radio.



Bearcat 980

I watched some of Tim's videos on youtube and was impressed by what I saw. I called him up and discussed a uniden 980ssb build with him. He was very forthcoming with info and recommendations on the best components to use on the system. I went ahead and ordered one from him. He was very up front on what to expect for a wait time, but beat his own estimate. it got here 2-3 weeks sooner than expected along with a midland radio I had him check out and tune up. It's pretty cool he posts videos of his work and you can tell that even though he's so busy with stacks of orders from people, he is still very methodical and thorough with his work. He doesn't send it out the door until he's happy with his work. You can tell he takes pride in what he does (something we don't see as much of from a lot of folks these days). He puts his name on his work and stands behind it. It's refreshing to do business with a no BS guy that takes pride in his work. I'll be having more stuff done with him in the future.


Uniden 980 bearcat ssb

Gotta start my evaluation with an F.Y.I. I am an ex-military aviation electronics technician. I am also a civilian trained Certified Electronics Tech. In the next month I will be a licensed General Amateur Operator. I am not a stranger to the electronic industry, especially transceivers. In my shack I have many pieces of gear that are 35-40 years old and still functional. My 11 meter unit is a 1978 Cobra 2000 GTL.
I found Snake Radio Customs quite by accident. I am in Phoenix frequently. I have never met Tim, although I hope to one day. In my search for someone who shared my pursuit of excellence, I found Tim. I have come to know him very well. He is not only the business owner...he IS the business. He has responded to my many questions, interrogations, and suggestions without hesitation. His communication with me has been relentless. And that also means if you are misguided or flat out wrong...he will tell you.
I usually run a Cobra 138XLR in my truck over the road. I had a 2500 mile trip upcoming and the audio began to fade. I contacted (again) Tim to build a Bearcat 980. I had 6 weeks til my long trip. Tim got my radio built and to me in time for me to install it with new wiring, new antenna's and new mounts for everything. The unit arrived within 3 days of shipping. It was double boxed plus the factory foam fill, and was perfect. I am absolutely thrilled and here is why:
I am using co-phased 4' firestik antennas. I used all the stik's 2', 3', 4', 5 ft. The 5' has a bit too much wind load, so I settled on the twin 4' firestik's. The best SWR is 1.3 to 1 bare, and 1.7 to 1 with stinger on. I took a test drive on the highway and engaged two truckers who were asking what lane to be in to go west on the freeway. I told them to make sure they stayed in the left lane. They realized I had told them the wrong lane. That's because they were on a parallel road 20 miles to my west. I was 40 miles from my home and 20 miles from a friends location (base station). I talked with him for several minutes without interruption. BOTH of these communications were from a measured 20 mile distance. Both were made while my S-meter was 0 to 1. And yes, the meter is calibrated and working. This unit has as much punch on Tx as it has ears on Rx. It is exceptional, clear, intelligible and loaded with the proper amount of modulation for the DK.
There are so many extra's to like about this radio. Multiple display color's to match your interior lighting. The weather band is outstanding...has auto alert mode. And besides all the mods Tim makes inside, I have the stinger option with button and LED to alert you the stinger is on/off. It is a visual aid that is functional (awesome).This review is long, but it has to be. You have to know who Tim Trent is, what Snake Radio Customs is/does in the 11 meter transceiver world.


Tim makes bad radios good, and good radios better. There ARE some trashy units of all brands that for monetary reasoning cannot and should not be restored. Any radio in Tim's care will be evaluated, repaired and delivered to you in as capable if not perfect order as that specific radio can be. He is a perfectionist. I will be using his services many more times in the coming months.
Darryl in the Midwest.

Daryl B.

Abused 29 Nightwatch renewed

Tim repaired and upgraded my Cobra 29 NW WX ST to a higher than average quality  cb .How do I know?. I've already had fellow drivers tell me how great it sounds and I receive at much greater range. Not bad for a unit that at the onset I sent to Tim in pretty thrashed condition. Must have been mounted in some combine or  other farm machinery in its early use to say the least for the creepy crawlers he found inside it when he did the evaluation vid. A real(roach motel) chuckel...In any event this tech knows his stuff, .insists on using high quality components, communicates great, charges reasonably and is well worth the wait The whole deal could not have went better. There u go! I`ll be back!!!

Thanks Tim, John D. 

John D.


I will be doing more business with Tim at Snake Radio Customs. I opted for the tune up version and not the stinger power amp vbersion (personal preference)  but the radio came out perfect. As for dealing with Tim, great job on all accounts, very courteous and informative, I was impressed,   Again, I will be sending more radios in the future.    


Greg H.  From Greenwich, NY



Greg H.

Uniden Bearcat 980 ssb

Hey Tim just want to say the new 980 ssb radio works great The receive is killer! I`m glad I went with the stinger board it's less clutter in the truck.

Thank you, Shawn O.

Shawn O.

Best radio I have Owned

I contacted Tim some time ago and had him do up a Bearcat 980 with stinger board for me.

It seemed like forever 8 weeks wait, but was well worth the wait.

I’ve only had the radio in my truck for a few weeks now.. Very sensitive Receive and

shoots Skip like a champ,  YEAH BABY!!!

If you want a quality high performance radio, and can’t do the work or haven’t the time to do

this work yourself.. Snake Radio Customs is the place to go.  Great job Tim!!!

I really liked the video post as well, you can see the quality workmanship that went into your radio and also includes some

Helpful operating tips.. Very quick response to tech questions too!!


This radio was also used in the Fort McMurray area of northern Alberta during the devastating wildfires

earlier this month.  It came in handy for critical fire updates and situational information used for restoring 

critical services.. Given the harsh operating environment this radio worked extremely well.


Best radio I’ve owned.


Thanks again.

Mike S.

Alberta, Canada 



Michael S.


Cobra 2000 GTl Super Snake Xmod

Heres to all the radio jockeys in the crazy world of 11 meter radio I want to tell everyone that is looking at the testimonials I just received my fully custom Super Snake 2000 gtl  from snake radio customs.All I can say is WOW!! the Quality of this radio is unmatched from any other radio I have owned  Or have ever seen and I am not kidding.  The sound quality from the receiver is awesome on am and ssb it is clear with full bass great high`s and very quiet un till a signal comes in then look out. And the transmit side very clean & smooth with balls and swing even with a sra 198 mic. it's not overbearing and raspy sounding clean as a whistle very smooth output. I have received nothing but good audio reports  from several Random stations in my area that know me and how I sound. The lighting is just perfect and done right also. I also want to say Tim is in complete contact with you throughout the whole build he is very professional in particular about what he does in the quality of the material he uses is awesome see for yourself and get your own Super Snake Radio. Worth the long wait 100% Thanks again Tim I love the radio unit 941 the magic man a member of the outlaw radio group from the moonshine capital of VA. Keep pumping new life in those old cobra radio`s 73s watch the video of the build on Tim`s You tube channel 


Jon B. unit 941

John B



Bob Baratta aka GreenGhost




Hey Tim. Let me say, that I am freakin blown away at the quality of this latest radio build!! You really went waaay over the top, its beautiful. From the blue lines on the knobs (nice touch, I never thought of it), to installing a 1969 final (good move!!!). This is exactly why my radios are on your bench!!! I'm so happy with this radio I'm speechless. If anybody reads this, let Tim do your radio up!! He knows his stuff. Tim pays attention to the details and triple checks things. Tim, I'll be sending in the 29LX that's in the car for some repairs and upgrades. Outstanding job my friend!!!!!!!!!!


Bad-Ass Midland!

A few months ago Tim restored my favorite radio of all time, the Midland 77-893. Go to Youtube and search: "Midland 77-893 Refresh for Cameron". You will see how much time and effort he puts into all his work, and that he literally squeezes every little bit of performance possible out of a radio. You may have to wait a little while to get your radio back, but if you will only accept the absolute best radio technician in the world working on your equipment (as I do), SNAKE RADIO CUSTOMS is your ONLY choice. Accept no substitutes!!!!!

Cameron Michael
Fayetteville/Fort Bragg

Cobra 2000 GTl Super Snake Xmod

Heres to all the radio jockeys in the crazy world of 11 meter radio I want to tell everyone that is looking at the testimonials I just received my fully custom Super Snake 2000 gtl  from snake radio customs.All I can say is WOW!! the Quality of this radio is unmatched from any other radio I have owned  Or have ever seen and I am not kidding.  The sound quality from the receiver is awesome on am and ssb it is clear with full bass great high`s and very quiet un till a signal comes in then look out. And the transmit side very clean & smooth with balls and swing even with a sra 198 mic. it's not overbearing and raspy sounding clean as a whistle very smooth output. I have received nothing but good audio reports  from several Random stations in my area that know me and how I sound. The lighting is just perfect and done right also. I also want to say Tim is in complete contact with you throughout the whole build he is very professional in particular about what he does in the quality of the material he uses is awesome see for yourself and get your own Super Snake Radio. Worth the long wait 100% Thanks again Tim I love the radio unit 941 the magic man a member of the outlaw radio group from the moonshine capital of VA. Keep pumping new life in those old cobra radio`s 73s watch the video of the build on Tim`s You tube channel 


Jim B. unit 941

Jim B.

My old / new 148 gtl dx

Hi I sent my superstar 360 FM from Liverpool UK  to Tim at SRC ..heard good things about this guy  hence me sending it across to Arizona from the UK .had full service and components done and new faceplate ..radio looks new Tim the audio really nice and receive excellent, I can highly recommend Tim, and I am in the process of sending another radio over. That's speaks volumes about his work. 

Thanks Tim, good job



Mike F.
united kingdom

My new 980 stinger editon 980 ssb

I was very pleased with my Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB Stinger edition everything works great. Reports on the air say it's loud and clear audio. The 980 receive on my end is Excellent as well. Tim at Snake Radio Customs did a great job.

Made contacts at Jamaica twice today on my 980 SSB.  They said I sound very clear and crisp in my audio and was impressed with the sound they were hearing. That made my day. I told them what I was running and they said no way. Ha I said yes way. They said shit I better give that guy a call then. Haha! Your mods work really well brother.



Todd K.


Todd K.

Super Customer Service


Searched many shops, hours on the web, before finding SR.C.. Really great to work with Tim on two radios.  He built the Bearcat 980 ffor me while mile 148 is in line for restoration. Tim got it out to me very quick. My Cobra is still awaiting Tim’s magic.  I haven’t had a chance to do the install on the Bearcat yet, but have absolutely no doubt it will perform.

Thanks Tim!  I really appreciate your work and customer service. 

Kit W.

Kit Wennersten

QUICK! Super Customer Service


Searched many shops, hours on the web, before finding SNR.   Really great to work with Tim on two radios.  He built the Bearcat 980 and shipped it really quick.  My other Cobra is still awaiting Tim’s magic.   I haven’t had a chance to do the install on the Bearcat yet, but have absolutely no doubt it will perform.

Thanks Tim!  I really appreciate your work and customer service. 

Kit Wennersten

Awesome job on my Bearcat 980 SSB

I watched the videos for a while before I requested one from Snake radio. Although I already had a Bearcat 980 installed in my truck I chose to have a new one set up for me. I couldn't be happier with the performance of the radio. I will be sending the one I removed from the truck to be tuned as well. Thanks for the great radio!


Follow up email below:

Hi Tim,  I've been meaning to contact you but I've been really busy.  Just wanted to let you know the radio is working great and have gotten quite a few good reports.  My first DX contact was a guy from Mississippi,  I've never made a strong and clear contact that far away on AM with my other radios, he sounded great and he said I sounded great.  Man this S.R.C. Studio Sound mic you sent really kicks ass.  I was told how good I sounded by a bunch of people so I had to hear it for myself.  I went out in my truck with my Cobra 25 and had my son talking to me on the 980 with the upgraded mic and I was blown away by the loud audio and clarity of this thing. it was a nearly perfect reproduction of his voice, so thank you again.  I have told everyone that comments on the audio about you so I hope it brings you more business.

Thanks again for the great radio and mic,





Once again Tim has done it again.  This is the second radio I sent to Tim and he worked his magic.  The RX/TX is amazing and it is a knock off of my 2000 that he did.  I now need to purchase some good speakers to go with it.  I seen the trouble Tim went through to get the Frequency working and its nice to see where I am on the band.  The lighting is perfect, the workmanship is second to none.  Thank you Tim for another fine radio that will live longer than I will


Ratty Cobra 2000 GTL

Thanks Tim for bringing my Ratty Cobra 2000 GTL back to life and extending its life for a few more years. I was looking for a repair shop for weeks around my area and was lucky to find out about SRC which was only 1 hour drive from my house. No job too big or to small from Tim, he treats the radio as if were his own, runs a clean shop and maintains a high standard of quality control. Nothing but good reports from local CB buddies and was well worth the long wait. On the outside my 2000 is an old beat-up radio but on the inside it totally refurbished and does its job. Now I need to save-up have Tim work on my Cobra 148 that's in my old truck.

Great job Tim, 73's Steve from Buckeye.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgLZp4qygEk  RADIO VIDEO 


Our father severed 3 tours in a far away war, after he returned home, his favorite hobby quickly became talking on CB radio. His Cobra 2000 was his pride and joy, but the CB fad of the 70’s quickly faded, family commitments, work, and other things in life forced to Dad put CB radio on hold.  Us kids grew up and moved out and Dad rediscovered his CB but it was short lived because radio had stop working.

Last year my sister and mother were chatting on what to get Dad for his 75th birthday. We kids knew from our childhood Dads passion for his CB radio. My sister mentioned this with mom telling us Dad had put his radio away because it stopped working years ago. So the family hatched a plan to get Dad radio fixed for his big day.

We eventually found Dads old Cobra buried in the basement, we were all very excited!  Then reality set in, the radio was in rough condition, really rough condition. Are thoughts of having these radio fixed didn't seem feasible.

We must have placed 10 calls to the few CB repair shops still around, we were told over and over the radio sound like it was “beyond repair” and we should just “buy something new”. All are hopes were quickly fading until my sister did an Internet search and found Tim at Snake Radio Customs. 

After the earlier disappointment with the other shops I wasn't expecting much, but I sent an email to Tim at SRC explaining the situation and within hours I was talking with Tim the owner. He explained he was in restoration business for Cobra CB’s and if I didn't mind waiting a few months he could get Dads Cobra 2000 operating again.

Well we received the radio from Tim last week. We could not believe are eyes! Mom, my sister her husband, we all starting crying the radio was been totally reconditioned! it’s absolutely beautifully! Tim had restored this radio from the ground up! It was better than new! We are all overwhelmed at the details Tim put into his work and this radio.

When we presented the radio to Dad he teared up and kept saying “is this my radio? is this my radio?” The craftsmanship at SRC and Tim’s work is second to none and it is now a work of art

All Dad does now is dx-dx-dx and teaches his grandkids the enjoyment of radio. Tim this could have not been possible without Tim at Snake Radio Customs. It was a pleasure to do business with you! 

Thank You,

Kurt H.

Kurt H.

# 119 1978 Cobra 148 GTL

I have been watching Tim's videos for the past few years with the hopes of one day owning one. Now I am proud to say that I finally have one and wow, am I pleased !!!. I have run these radios for over 25 years so I am quite familiar with them (I own 5 of various vintages). So when I fired the radio up I was quite impressed with what I was hearing in my ears... The radio is all that I hoped it would be and noticeably improved from my other 148's. On the first key up with the locals I was immediately asked by someone over the air "what did you do?" you sound amazing. It was a completely unsolicited comment as the other person assumed I had plugged in some studio gear. With that said, the radio sounds great over the air and even better on the receive end. My biggest surprise was the performance on SSB. SSB receive audio is killer..


Thanks Tim for a great job. I hope to get a few other radios in the pipeline eventually. 







New Jersey

COBRA 148GTL front mic. SS.

Snake Radio Customs offers the best quality and service, bar none!! This is the second radio Tim has done for me. The first was a Bearcat 980 SSB which turned out awesome!

I found this $20 Cobra 148GTL at a swap meet. I tried it out and it had some issues. I sent it to Tim who did an evaluation and sent me a video of what he had found and some suggestions. I decided to go with a new face, red, white and blue meter, receive mods , super noise blanker. Tim went above and beyond, replacing the beat up bezel with a nice one, updating the wiring, and several other updates. Tim did this without extra charges, Awesome!

I also had Tim match a small amplifier to it. When it was returned I was blown away. Could this be the same radio? Yes, it was!!

Tim had transformed a sow's ear into a "Silk Purse"

Remember the front mic. Cobra 148GTL's were built during a time when Cobra was making management changes , so make sure you have a good one

Tim did an absolutely fabulous job and created a true Super Snake for me. His shop is truly the best in the U.S.A.

Thanks Tim.

Dave in Minnesota
Clear Lake

Cobra 2000 GTL SS

I received my 2000 today and the radio is so much more than I expected.  I've known these radios were good but Tim made it great.  The receive is so amazing, now I hear stations I could hardly hear before.  I use W2IHY audio equipment and a Heil PR-781 Mic, that with Tim's upgrades, my station has studio quality audio.  Tim is a Top Notch Tech and a master of the Cobra radio.  It was worth the wait to get this awesome radio.  I'm excited to have Tim rebuild my 148 that is in line waiting.





CB Uniden 980

Just stopping by to thank Tim for an outstanding CB Radio he built for me. Radio works and sounds great and I highly recommend his work and products to everyone. I knew the wait was going to be worth it and for all my future CB Radio needs I will be contacting Tim without a doubt. So anyone looking for a great Radio Tim is your guy! Thanks once again.

Felix E

Cobra 148gtl

This is the third radio Tim has built up for me.  The first was a cobra 2000 with 10 meter mod and the second was cobra 148 with 10 meter mod both perform as good as a regular ham radio with better sound qualities. This latest cobra 148 is a smaller build with better sound, better receive, better noise blanker, excellent sideband and AM performance and NPC mod.... I have one more radio to do and Tim will be the one doing it. Thanks Tim for the professional manner in which you operate by...73's Brother..



Hello Tim, long time no see. I am happy to report that my Cobra 25 is still performing as if I picked it up yesterday.  I have had hundreds of complements over the past 5-years and many offers to buy it from me.  I am confident that this radio will bring me many more years of dependable use. You sir build a very solid CB radio. For those reading this message considering a build, definitely have Snake Radios build one for you. hope this message finds you well Tim.

Best regards,


Ron Gehlken
San Diego

Cobra 2000 gtl for eric resto rat

Very Satisfied with the quality of work done on my Cobra 2000GTL!!!!!  Great knowledge of radio components and upgrades to parts!  I trusted him with my equipment, and was not let down. Thanks Tim for the excellent job.

Eric R.


Eric R.

Uniden bearcat 980 ssb x 2 with stinger boards

Hi Tim!

The 2 Uniden Bearcat 980 ssb mobiles with the stinger option, WOW man the radios are flipping awesome, WAY quieter receivers but still very sensitive, performing much better, We are really hitting our SSB distance goals now!
Listen folks, if you want it done right and done right the first time Snake Radio Customs is the only way to go.  Not only did Tim deliver top notch service promptly, he answered a ton of questions I had about my radio setup/equipment. Great communication for sure Verry happy customers here. TIM KNOWS HIS STUFF end of story. Thanks man!!!



Jim F.

Melaka super 88 Custom

Well this is my second Radio from Tim, this radio is sweet it has a galaxy 88 board in it so its a dual final radio. This of course has all the Tim bells and whistle in it! Super sensitive receive and clean audio. It's not a Cobra 2000 but I'm super proud to own it and i use it as much as my Cobra 2000, it's a real one of a kind radio. I've got great reports on it for the last Month.. Looking forward to more Radios from Tim. 


Thank you Tim, 

Watchmaker in the Horn.


Uniden Bearcat 980 ssb job

Very pleased with my Uniden 980 with Stinger!  Amazing receiver clarity and sensitivity, the most important feature in my opinion of a radio, as what good is a powerful radio if you can't receive distant stations that can hear your transmission.  Received outstanding communication and customer service from Tim throughout the entire process.  Quality work and craftsman ship, I should know as I've been working in the electronics industry for 20 years, with everything from soldering to complex circuit troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair of high power RF transmitters, receivers and RADAR.  Would have done the work myself but decided to have Tim do it because of what I saw and heard from other customers.  After talking with him on the phone I was sure Tim was the guy to do it!  Give him your business, you won't be disappointed!  Great pricing, communication, craftsmanship and pride in his work, well worth the wait!!


Scott in Washington


Ranger ar-3500 byron canada

hi tim Tim did outstanding job on my ranger ar-3500 when sent i it to him . The wait is worth it because tim is very busy the way he works with very clean bench and The way he packs radio s for shipping take time to do it is excellant all my 3 radioS got here to canada safely and fast return.Tim takes the time to deal with his customers customers are number one always .i work in retail know first hand. ps the wait is worth it trust me i know . THANKS BYRON NL. CANADA

corner brook nl canada

Uniden Bearcat 980 = Wow !

Uniden Bearcat 980 = Wow !
I stumbled across Snake Radio Customs (Tim) browsing You Tube one day.  I was baffled by the detail and clean work he puts into these radios.  I have OCD so clean and tedious  work goes a long way for me.  Tim does an excellent and clean job on your radio.  -And as an added bonus, he provides you with a video of said work.  Although you have to wait a fair amount for your radio to be done, the wait is well worth it guys.  I've had work done by others in the past and I was yet to ever be satisfied till I saw Tim's product.  I had Tim rig up a Uniden Bearcat 980 for me.  I am very pleased with his work and the performance of the radio.  I get compliments all the time of how "loud" and clear my audio is....mind you the mic is stock.  Not only does Tim perform a peak and tune etc..., he also double checks your radio for factory flaws and fixes them....unlike other CB techs who just do a simple tweak and could care less about the other important stuff that can hurt you in the future. If you want quality work, there is no question that Tim is the best.  I'm glad that I've finally found the right person to do all my CB work.   You're going to hear from me real soon.  I need more radios.  Thanks!
Angelo Paredes


Claremont, California


Finally Found the right guy!

After reviewing several videos and understanding Tim's work ethics, he leads by example. I have plans to purchase a new Uniden 980 and a KL203p, sending it to Tim (or having him supply them, not sure how that works out) and having him do his magic. I can see by his videos he is very detailed oriented and I understand why he works alone to do the job right. Although he has a back log of work, I see he takes each unit he works on as if it were his own. I also understand as time goes on how a person slows down from 120 hours a week to 50 or 60 hours (or whatever) a week on the job! Thanks in advance for your hard work and you will be hearing from me soon Tim. I would highly recommend SRC to anyone needing work. I have been asked about techs in Michigan, all of the old timers are gone that do the kind of work Tim does. I have been playing around with CB's since I was 8 years old when I received my first hand held Walkie Talkies, a couple of Layfette brand crystal radios with a whopping 3 channels. It has been 52 years worth the fun and it looks as though Tim will help me continue the fun. I will update my testimonial after getting my unit and having the work done.

Dave Brodacki
St. Clair

Uniden 980 With Stinger

"Tim is extremely knowledgeable and always made time to answer any questions I had.  Tim's work is of the highest quality  He completed my custom 980 SSB just in time for my road trip.  I have and will recommend him for future work and customers." 
-J. Ford Dayton, OH

J ford

I got exactly what i wanted. 5 out of 5 stars.

I'll start by saying Tim is a great owner. Snake Radio Customs was exactly what i was looking for and I got exactly what i wanted.

5 out of 5 stars.


That being said, here is a more in depth testimony:

I wanted to install a CB radio in my truck for when I went 4x4 and camping. This would be my second CB radio and I decided to do the installation myself. When YouTubing how to tune CB radios, it became evident I could not do this part myself. One of my favorite series of videos I viewed was from Snake Radio Customs. I learned a lot about CB radios; enough to realize it should be out of my hands!

In one of the videos, Tim from Snake Radio Customs mentions he's from Arizona, and my ears perk up. I too was from AZ and now was curious if I could have work done by Snake Radio Customs to tune a CB Radio. When speaking with Tim, he was very helpful in navigating me to a correct setup for my specific uses. He is an expert in his craft. My setup; Cobra 25 tuned by Snake Radio Customs with a Wilson 1000 antenna has no issues hearing and being heard loud and clear.

I highly reccommend doing business with Snake Radio Customs. Not only did they tune my radio, but they also provided helpful resources as to how to properly install a CB radio and Tune it with an installed antenna. He may be local, but we did everything through PayPal and Mail. Whether i lived 40 miles or 4000 miles from Snake Radio Customers, I would not change anything as to the way we did business.

THANK YOU! :-) i'll be back....


- Stephen Abbott

   Peoria, AZ

Stephen M Abbott

Great Radios !

Well, what can I say? This is my third radio from Tim. I swear they just get better & better. I can promise you the wait is worth it . Tim's a super nice guy that will not take short cuts and get in a hurry. You get what you pay for. Couldn't be happier. If you have the patience and want a one of a kind radio, there's only one guy for you. Don't hesitate to give him a shot. Thanks so much Tim

J Taylor

Off-Roading CB

I'll keep this short and sweet...  I was researching CB's for my FJ when I found Tim's site. I bought the Bearcat 980 SSB and had Tm work his magic with all the standard mods plus the Stinger Amp. I now have the best CB in my Off-Roading group! This thing really dos work GREAT!  Tim delivers when he says he will deliver and answers all questions promptly, providing ample info. You will not be disappointed if you choose Snake Custom Radios

Chris Lohman

Cobra 29 LTD X MOD

Can't go wrong choosing Tim and Snake Radio Customs. Tim's professionalism is second to none he takes great pride in his work giving the customer the best advice and services possible. The radio is outstanding performance is crazy good I get compliments every time I key the mic. Tim is easy to work with and does the best all around job that I've seen in the custom radio business. I would recommend SRC to anyone wanting the best custom radio for the money hands down. Tim's breakdown on his YouTube channel is a great way to see your radio and all he's done to it before you get it back

Aaron Hovelson

Uniden 980 SSB Bearcat

I have had tuned and amped radios in the past but was looking for something basic. I wanted something that sounded good and reliable for off-roading. I chose a Uniden 980SSB BC with a basic out of the box set up and couldn't be happier. Tim really knows how to go through a radio and just make it right. The wait may be a little long, but definitely worth it in the end. 

Jason Carr

Uniden 980 SSB

I needed/wanted a CB mostly for emergencies and communication with a spotter while off-roading. I did some research and after understanding the generic build quality of radios I decided a custom unit was the way to go. After a few emails with Tim I decided to add the internal stinger for those actual emergencies. Radio arrived as promised, sounds clear as a whistle and overall very happy with my unit. 

Thanks Tim!


cobra 2000

From a fangless ,no power , tired old snake to a monster supersnake wow, 

Tim is a perfectionist , he does beautiful high quality work and uses high quality parts , this radio looks, sounds and plays 
better than any other radio I ever own . got excellent reports, and side band, wow , never heard sideband so clear!
sure it might take time for a radio to be completed but it it well worth the wait, can't rush perfection!!!
thanks again Tim, my next radio will soon be coming 


148 GTL Super Snake

This is my second 148 by Tim. Quality is outstanding. Nothing but wonderful reports. Most people I talk to think i'm running HIFI gear. I can prove it. I have the videogates. This is radio #4 by Tim. He has #5 finishing it up now and I have plans for several more.

Tommy Butler
Santa Cruz


What a great radio! I've gotten a ton of compliments and inquiries as to where the radio was built.

Tim really did a wonderful job and was a pleasure to work with.

There really isn't a lot to say here? If you need a top notch radio, give Tim a call! You will not be disappointed!


Rick D. 

Rick Dunaway

148 GTL

Well ... It took a year to get the radio out of the box and in the truck, but then again you should see the truck 1952 Pete wrecker Black and chrome interior with a touch of oak. Anyway the radio is exceptional, as usual the receive is big and full and transmit well I was talking with a guy in Atlanta GA. he couldn't believe I was in WY. he figured I was way closer. He said it sounded like I was in Atlanta too. To any one who reads this ... you can trust Tim with your radio he knows what he is doing and does it right, and he will tell you upfront which way the wind blows you dont have to wonder ... go for it, it IS worth it    THANKS TIM




I was on YouTube watching a video when i noticed (SRC) video repairing a cb radio, I then watched it and was so impressed i kept watching videos of Tim Repairing radios for hours. I was amazed with his professionalism and enthusiasm when he tackles each radio. I then contacted him about my Cobra 29 LX already knowing what he would do for it from the many videos i had seen. Well i have it back with me now and WoW the receive is so much better than it was, I can hear the mud ducks even better! the transmit is super.  I am very happy and impressed and would and will recommend SRC for anyone that needs CB work done on there radio even if its brand new out the box send it to SRC and Tim will find problems with sloppy production assembly work on it and get it fixed up the way it should be. And when he emails you to watch the video of him working on your radio before and after, well that is just priceless.  Thanks again Tim You are the best.


Rick Kamen

N. M.




rick kamen
New Mexico (NM)

Cobra 148GTL

Mr Tim at Snake Radio Customs is the REAL DEAL anyone looking for someone to work on Cobra radio (SRC) is the place you need to check out  He is honest and cares for he's  customer  he has spent over 20 hours on my radio it is a killer radio He goes through the radio with a fine tooth comb no matter for far he is in the radio build if he find something he doesn't like he will stop and find and fix the problem. I can't say enough about his work go to his web page and watch his bench camera and you can see he is the Only ONE to send or get a classic Cobra 148 gtl or Cobra 2000 gtl done! He is a very busy man and you will have to wait for quality restorative work but the wait is well worth it. Thank You S.R.C. for a fine radio.



Uniden 980 SSB with 100watt Singer

I purchased a new Uniden 980 SSB from Tim.....Tim turned on his webcam while he was tuning it, (his videos don't compare, to the amount of hours he puts into each radio)....I timed him, it took 6.5 hours to go from start t finish. 

The US Post Office damaged my amp's (on/off) button, I sent it back to Tim, he put this repair at the front of the line and at NO CHARGE to me.  He was great to work with on this issue.  The radio works great, I have only spoken to folks for about a 2 mile radius, as I live out in the "country" and not too many folks have CB's out here since the invention of the cell phone.  However, while driving the interstate to and from work, I can talk to anyone that I want too.

I would buy again from Tim, in a heartbeat.

Larry Bell

Omaha, NE

Larry Bell

Uniden 980 SSB - Awesome Work!

I'm new to CB radios and recently purchased a Uniden 980.  I found Snake Radio Customs after reading a number of internet reviews and delivered my radio to Tim to be peaked and tuned.  All I can say is that I can't get over the difference in this radio since I got it back.  Reception is MUCH clearer and I've been told that I sound great.  

Do yourself a favor and get the most out of your radio by sending it to Tim at Snake Radio Customs.  You will be amazed too.

Thank you Tim!


This is the place

When I saw his test gear and listened to his narration of his upgrades and repairs, I knew this was the guy I wanted to send my radio to. The video posted after the repair is done is a great way to show how you have been upgraded and tuned to the best possible state. Let me know if you do any work with the HTX-212.

Bob Duncan
Richmond Hill

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB

What can I say? Tim does solid professional work for a great price! This guy has great communication throughout the entire ordering, fulfillment and shipping process. He will answer any questions you have timely and help you as best he can. What other shop in any industry, ever, has let you watch them while they work. Rarely, no one. He has a live shop cam and sends you a link to the youtube video of him working on your radio. My radio looks and works flawlessly. Don't wait until your radio craps out until you send it to him. He will take your radio and get it working better than the factory made it! I ordered a brand new radio through him. So he bought it brand new and had it shipped to his shop where he made sure the factory had everything correct (which they never do). If I bought this through Amazon without discovering SRC I would be out a radio after three weeks. Yeah a brand new radio - broke. I won't let anyone else touch my radio other than Tim.


Super snake Cobra 2000 GTL

Well i received my SRC Cobra 2000 today. All i can say is wow!!!!! This radio is amazing!!!! Tim really takes the modification and restore process to the next level. From the transmit to the receive, the lighting,re-wiring, the cleaning, this radio just continues to amaze me on the air and visually on my bench. I suggest if you can save up enough pennies to have atleast one radio in your shack SRC customized by Tim, you wont be disappointed. Turn around time was fair compared to other shops ive had custom work done at. Tim's communication is excellent and always keep you up to date through out the build. I highly recommend getting your 2000 or other Cobras in line for Tim to work his magic TODAY!!!!  


Uniden 980 with Stinger stinger board

I am getting back in to the hobby and bought a Uniden 980 SSB. I bought this radio because it didnt look like any other CB's i had seen before. Once i received it i brought it to the tech that has worked on all of my radios, he is no longer with us.

I started looking online for more information about my radio and reading lots of reviews on the 980 it seems that most of them are overvolted and they are failing with in months of use. I found Tim from Snake Radio Customs. I have watched a bunch of his videos on the 980. I watched one where he showed you how to lower the voltage to the final and he was showing how to lower the voltage to any one watching. He did this knowing could save a few radios even though he may not work on them. I knew at that point i wanted him to work on my radio.

He has done the peak and tune with the stinger board installed with a internal fuse to protect the radio from damage if the stinger board fails. Upgraded caps in the radio cleaned up/added thermal paste to the IC's so that have better contact to the heat sink. I got to watch most of the work he was doing live on line. I get good radio checks on AM and SSB. One day one my way in to work i was talking to Canada from CT on 38 Lower SSB and one guy couldn't believe how good it sounded.

If you have a Uniden 980 I would recommend Tim from Snake Radio Customs to do the work. There is a wait time but it is definitely worth the wait. I also have a Cobra 148 that sat for 10 years that i will be sending to him one i save up enough money to do everything i want.




Cobra 148 GTL

Trust your radio to be done right the first time with Snaker Radio Customs. Clean loud audio, in fact someone said the audio sounded like I was on FM. Definitely recommend this shop you will not be dissappointed. You can watch Tim do the work via Live Bench sessions. My radio is up and running, the receive is awesome I suggest you get that Mod done. My radio went from poor condition to Like NEW! * Aloha* Mitch


UNIDEN 980 with Stinger AMP

If you want to make radio contact and you are running A Uniden Bearcat  980 SSB you'll need the mod's done by Tim at SNAKE RADIO CUSTOMS

I had two 980's modded with the 100 watt Stinger amp's, plus the standard 980 mods Tim does . I AM VERY VERY VERY HAPPY WITH MY RADIO'S.

I like the way the Stinger amp are installed inside of the radio, oh! man I love it, no extra wires all over inside the place and on/off switch

for the amp, and the low dead key, this give me option to run with bigger amp if I want too Need I need say any more? I think not  If you want

your radio done right than it's  SNAKE RADIO CUSTOMS or no one at all

again THANK YOU TIM!!!!!

Charlie in AZ.

Charles House
Sierra Vista
AZ. 85635

Cobra 29 New build

Hey Tim, just wanted to give you an update about a radio you did for me.

Back in November i sent you a Cobra 25, 2013 model. It was ok stock but i wanted to see what you could do with it. While waiting for the radio to get done, i ordered a General Lee as a 2nd radio...heard all these wonderful things about exports and wanted to see what the buzz was all about. Well i gotta tell you, i have tried multiple times to really fall in love with that General Lee, but i always find myself taking it out of the car and putting the Cobra back in.

You did a mosfet final plus all of your SRC mods. what I like most about the radio is the receive. I love how quiet it is. I am not sure of your tuning process, is or how yopu do it  but my friends always say the radio is loud and clear and it hears very good

Thanks tim and i will be back. 

Brian s.



Brian s

My Long Quest for the Killer 148

It took about 5 months altogether.  There were issues related to the age and condition of the original radio I sent him.  We tried replacing the PLL chip and a few other things to try to get it to take the channel kit but it was a no go.  He kept that unit and sent me a custom-built one based on a unit from his stock that was in like-new condition.  Boy let me tell you it was well worth the wait.  This thing is beautiful.  The receiver sounds like my Icom 735 on sideband.  I was able to watch him work on it on his UStream camera feed and was able to pick out the tone and duration of my roger beep.  I did send the unit back to him because of a receiver problem.  It sounded like something had come loose inside the radio during shipping. He covered all the expenses of getting it to and from his shop, and it came back sounding even better.  I plan to send him another radio next year.  Tim really goes out of his way to make sure you get a quality radio.

Byron Youngstrom

2 Cobras 29

As yet again, after I cooked one of my radios, my mistake, & sending it for repair with another radio that I also wanted an upgrade. Well, Tim has done it again. He has produced his magic with radios. I could not be more happy on the work he has done for me. Plus he is very open for technical help. It this is not the first that he has done for me.


Hilario M.

Hilario Moncado
San Diego

My Refurbished cobra 2000 gtl

Hello Tim,
 I absolutely love my Cobra 2000 GTL, You brought back to life for me. It's no doubt better than brand new. I am waiting for my new base antenna to really get down.
Everybody I show the radio and the video to of you restoring it immediately started saving their money to get their radios done the right way. Awesome job.I will tell everybody about your work. I have another Cobra 2000 GTL Philippine model I want to get done in the future. pleasure meeting you and watching your professional work.
Thanks Again, Tim
Christopher Bue / Bueford



Chris B.

Cobra 29

Just wanted to thank Tim for another outstanding radio.  Check it out........https://youtu.be/GxijoMVHnSs

The radio really does kick butt.  Next radio already in the planning stages.  Stay tune for a Cobra 148GTL (1978) These are Tim's specialty.  No one does these better PERIOD.....  

Terry Cooper

!48 GTL custom build

Tim, you made one hell of a 148 gtl radio. The TX audio and reception and Rx audio are way better then I expected. It was worth the wait. You will have my business again. Thanks for an awesome radio and taking care of us vets.
Thank you Tim, Waylon.


Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

North Carolina

Cobra 148

Tim, you made one hell of a radio. The sound and reception are way better then I expected. It was worth the wait. You will have my business again. Thanks for an awesome radio and taking care of us vets.

Waylon W.
Horse Shoe

Upgraded 148 GTL

This 148 was the second of 4 radios Tim has done for me. I sent it back to him so he could upgrade it to his latest mods. I'm here to tell ya, it is phenomenal!! The receive is the best best I've heard! And the transmit audio, while using my cr577, sounds just like I'm running studio equipment. Tim and Snake Radio Customs is by far the best! I cannot wait to send him my other Taiwan 148, that he did for me, for him to upgrade it as well. Might just do a hybrid 148F conversion that Tim does. I'm blown away once again... Thank you Tim!!!! 



274 "The Silver Bullet" 



Taylor Fitzgerald

My first new radio



Tim,  on time as you promised. Didn't hook it up that day because of working late, but when I did, I was amazed. This is my first new radio ever, and I love it. 980SSB is a sweet radio. I have a 1989 Cobra 29 LTD Classic, made in the Philippines that I will sending your way soon, so you can work your magic on it. Once again, thank you for my birthday day gift to myself.
Jacob E.


Cobra 142 Gtl

My Cobra 142 Gtl is first production year (1978) it had never been serviced. It still worked well, but it was in need of some TLC.

Found SRC on eBay. Made contact with Tim & soon after dropped my radio off with him. Nice part is he is in Arizona like me.

 WOW awesome work Tim. The 37 year old radio looks new. Tim replaced every cap in it. Did all service updates on it. This thing is talking better than ever. Shooting skip is a breeze now.

 Tim's work is the best. He takes him time with a radio. He pays attention to every little detail.

 It's worth the wait for a quality experience 

Thank you Tim for doing an excellent job with my radio.



Chance S.
Casa Grande

Uniden Grant LT

This is one awesome Uniden Grant LT radio. It works great. I put it in my Mack dump truck with a Predator Antenna and the receive is great with it. This is my 3rd radio from Tim. Tim is a great guy that really works with you.

Thanks Tim




Here is something that I should have written several months ago and  I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me.



If you have a Cobra or Uniden CB radio and needs not just repairs but TLC with those repairs please contact Tim at Snake Radio Customs, he is the only one you should be talking with. He not only repairs these radios, he brings them back to near perfection.  Once he has your radio he takes possession of it by giving it a intense inspection and then presents his findings to you, not just by explaining you of the problems but also presents you with a video recording of his inspection via You Tube so you can make an informed decision of what you want to have repaired. I found out that Tim is brutality honest in his evaluation, because you do not want a 40+year radio that cannot be repaired to almost perfection and neither does Tim.

Repairing your radio to near perfection is fantastic, but Tim goes over and above with what I needed, 1 on 1 personalized service. Being someone who wanted a Cobra CB radio for ever, but not having touched a CB radio in the past 50 years Tim guided me either thru emails or phone conversations on how to handle some of the functions and switches he installed on my radio. He went even further when he realized that I was such a neophyte that he created a personalized program again on You Tube about my particular machine.

On a personal note Tim saved my butt and a lot of money, I purchased 2 radios at one time on E bay with the understanding that the both machines were functioning, unfortunately neither was. The initial radio was TRASH and Tim again was honest in telling me the truth. He could have fixed the machine and hit me with a huge bill, but he was honest with me and offered to purchase the machine for parts which he did not have to do, but did anyway and saved me from a great loss. Fortunately the second machine was in better shape and he was able to repair it into one FANTASTIC CB RADIO.

Aside from Tim’s talent to repair these machines, He also has an even more impressive side. I spent 33 years in the military and presently a disabled vet. Even though Tim was not in the military, he is a great supporter of the men and women in the service of our country and is also a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project; to that end I am eternally grateful to Tim for his support of our troops.

Without any reservations I recommend that if you have a Cobra or Uniden CB radio that needs expert repairs that you don’t think twice and contact Tim at Snake Radio Customs, you will not regret that decision

Robert (Bob) Hemmes





Bob H.

cobra 25 for luke in az


After some much needed time off i returned home to install my old cobra. First off i noticed right out of the box, it looked in better shape than I ever remembered it being. After putting it back in my truck I clicked on the knob and for the first time in years everything lighted up as it should. After some local trucker feedback the radio sounds and operates great. I highly recommend Tim for all radio work and look forward to doing future business with him myself. Also on a side note; a special thanks to Tim for for all the effort and patients he took with me and my radio. Though it was not a higher end radio it has sentimental value to me and I appreciate the fine quality work you did.

best regards,


luke kay
oro valley
Arizona (AZ)

Hybrid 148 f gtl re worked

Good Morning Tim,

I received the 148F GTL Hybrid #19 the other day... and now for the second time; I am once again amazed at just how much more phenomenally awesome the radio sounds and performs in person, as opposed to even the highest quality video you could possibly make.  I am absolutely floored once again by your meticulous attention to detail and highest of quality workmanship to these radios. All I can say is: THANK YOU  - THANK YOU  - THANK YOU... No amount of $$ would ever be enough to truly compensate for the particular and specialized radio service that you render.  Your Friend, Scott



Scott R.

Rad Shack trc 451 job


Title : Uniden 980SSB

Testimonial content :

After the outstanding job Tim did with my old Cobra 148, there was no doubt in my mind he was going to be the one to work over my TRC-451.  Tim said that the 451 had developed a fatal issue and would cost more to fix then it was worth.  So he asked me if I wanted to replace the radio with another 451 or a new 980 ssb my choice at his expense, I chose the 980 then he bought and built me up a new Uniden 980 SSB  tuned setup by him and ready to go in the place of the old 451. Although it's newer technology this thing is a beast for what it is.  Getting good reports from everyone I talk to.  Now, it's not as great as my 148 Tim did for me, but it's definitely one solid performer.  Thanks Tim for your great work honesty and integrity. Look forward to sending more radios your way.

Ryan W.

Ryan W.

Uniden 980SSB

After the outstanding job Tim did with my old Cobra 148, there was no doubt in my mind he was going to be the one to work over my TRC-451.  When Tim said that he couldn't repair the TRC-451 he offered to set me up with a new Uniden 980SSB, tuned and ready to go.  Although it's newer technology and not much can be done to them, this thing is a beast for what it is.  Getting good reports from everyone I talk to.  Now, it's not as great as my 148 Tim did for me, but it's definitely one solid performer.  Thanks Tim for your great work.  Look forward to sending more radios your way.

Ryan W.

Taiwan Cobra 148GTL


I was finally able to test my radio today... I caught a few people on the wire and they couldn't believe it was Cobra because it sounded so clean..... That fat receive mod is amazing.. Seems like I can hear everything... I'm really impressed...  I really appreciate your help and getting it back to me on time.. I have a Taiwan Cobra 29LTD that I'm going to send you bro..

Thanks again



7 radio`s and counting

1980 148 GTL  with red nitro's 
1980 148 GTL  with green nitro's
1984 148 GTL with blue nitro's 
1985 29 LTD blue back lite
1985 25 LTD blue back lite
1978 29 GTL red back lite
1985 29 LTD red back lite 
What can I say after 7 radios ?


That pretty much says it all.   You will wait for a radio but you will NOT be disappointed 
Joe V. 

Joe V.

Cobra 2000 GTL

If you are reading these testimonials and wondering.... you can stop. I bought a Cobra 2000 off of Craigslist and it looked great, a little sign of wear but 30+ yrs old and in need of an overhaul. I live in California and was having difficulty finding a tech I could trust with my radio. Many tech's today simply crack your radio, spend five minutes adjusting the pots to maximum, or make a mess trying to solder in a swing kit. Then I found Tim on the internet at Snake Radio Customs. I watched his you tube videos and live shop cam many weeks, and read each one of these testimonials, before I knew he was someone who had a passion for bringing old radios back to life. Tim is an honest tech, who has an eye for detail and prides himself on the quality of work he performs.

So I contacted Tim and I drove 6 hours one way to hand deliver my radio (you can use the US Mail, but make sure you over pack with insulation) and another 6 back home in one day. I was a little surprised when he told me it would be 12 weeks before he would get to it. Now I understand why, I watched him overhaul and modify numerous radios while waiting for my 2000 to get to his workbench. Each time I watched him finish another radio, I was more confident that this is the man that I want working on my radio. My radio had issues with the receive signal and caused many extra hours work and frustration for both of us, but Tim would not give up even if it meant completely disassembling two radios to make mine right. His number one concern is customer satisfaction, ans as you can see we are all satisfied customers. I picked up my Radio last week and can honestly say that no one has a radio like mine........ Cleaned, Polished, Modded, and Overhauled.

Just finished talking with a contact on the east coast (Ohio River Valley) No Amp. Love all the mods.

Check out my Radio  




Cobra 2000 GTL

Hi Tim, I just want to thank you for your expertise and technical craft in upgrading my Cobra 2000GTL! The meters were stuck the Rig needed a good overhaul. You made it brand new again and I get great reports after 1 year of operation. Thanks so much. Art in Massachusetts


Best Cobra 2000GTL Ever

Hello everyone. Tim has delivered yest another winner for me. The Cobra 2000 you did for me was not our first deal and after the way this Cobra 2000 turned out it will never be the last. I'm gonna do my part to keep you working bro simply because you are the best and we need you. The 2000 is incredible. Remember what you said in the video about this vintage unmolested radio in perfect shape? You said in your video it was the best one you have ever opened up. Maybe not the exact words but the proof is in the video. I am so proud to own this radio and the work you did on it makes it PERFECT bro. SSB is awesome. on am its a modulation monster but clear as a bell. You really know how to get in my head and work your magic just for me. Not one complaint... AT ALL. Its like you know what I like and what I want and that is perfection my friend. Here's to many more customs for my radios and many more highs for our friendship. 73's God Bless. Hi everyone i'm Charlie Brown #112 & i've been Snake Radio Customized.....!

Charlie Brown

Bearcat 980

Just got my new S.R.C. built Bearcat 980 hooked up, and it is by far the best performing radio I have ever owned, hands-down! Tim is my new go-to tech, and I would highly recommend S.R.C. to anyone wanting the absolute highest quality builds, mods, restorations, repairs. You will not find better work, customer service, and communication anywhere! Thanks Tim. - Cameron M.

Cameron Michael

Happy Truck Driver!!

I was lucky enough to find a new old stock Uniden PC 76 radio still in the original box. After discovering Snake Radio Customs on the internet I decided to send it out to Tim for evaluation. He did an awesome job on customizing the radio to my needs and wants. I've had the radio for 7 months now and it performs awesome!! This is very important because I drive a truck for a living and it is CRUCIAL that I have a great radio with me at all times. I've had radios worked on all over the country in the 16 yrs I've been driving and have never came across anyone as knowledgeable and thorough as Tim. I won't go anywhere else but Snake Radio Customs from now on for work, and you won't either after doing business with him. BTW, I referred another truck driver friend of mine and he was very satisfied with his radio from Tim as well!

                                           Sam, From Knoxville, Tennessee 


Ranger Superstar SS 158EDX

Thank you Tim for the outstanding work you put into this radio for me. I am absolutely and completely satisfied with the operation of the radio. You sir are the best there is. Thank you for what you do. I get compliments every day on how well my radio sounds. Thank you for recommending the Superstar, it does everything I need and with your help is a really fine radio. I will look forward to our next build. 

John Nobles
Fort Worth

Bearcat 980 SSB setup

I have been operating cb radios since 1972, when it came time to upgrade I researched until I found one that would fit my needs. Portable, easy to use and good sounding.

The Bearcat 980 SSB filled the bill, however the factory seems to have some quality control issues.

I contacted Tim after seeing what he does with them. After learning how reasonable it was I sent mine to SRC. There was a problem with it that was unknown to either of us.

Tim stepped up to base and made everything right. A real straight shooter and does an excellent job repairing the deficiencies of these fine radios.

Now I've got a portable radio I can take wherever I go and enjoy it.

Snake Radio Customs will be my "goto" shop in the future.

Thanks Tim!

Dave in Minnesota

Chevy theme 148 resto mod

Outstanding customer service, able to answer all my questions day or night. The only thing superseding the killer sound of the radio is it's killer looks. Great quality and will definitely recommend his services again. Thanks Tim.



Couldn't ask for a better radio!

Contacted Tim about my radio (Cobra 29ltd Chrome) and within 10 mins I had a reply. He is a great communicator and answers any questions you may have. As for the radio I couldn't be happier, he fixed things I didn't even know were wrong, cleaned it up, and made it a GREAT sounding radio. Everyone I talk to says that I'm crystal clear, and my receive is the quietest I've ever heard on any radio I've been around. I will recommend Tim to anyone needing radio work done, and I'll always be a repeat customer.


!48 GTL Resto Mod

Snake Radio Customs is hands down the best Classic Cobra service and repair shop available on today's market. When you send in your radio you are able to customize it to your suit your needs. Each modification is performed with precision and care. When you get your radio back it is a true work of art. Tim is honest, dependable, accurate, and fair with his prices. He also communicates well with the client which is very important. I am now a customer for life with SRC and can't wait to send in my next project!

Eric B.


Eric B.

My Cobra 148 GTL and Trc 451



I had Tim work on a Cobra 148 GTL which I bought from him and a realistic trc-451 I had sent to him.

I would recommend Tim to anyone looking for a quality job. I think Tim has very good communcation skills and his customer service is number 1 and a good friend. Tim has 16 years of hard learning on these Cobra /Uniden / Realistic radio`s. He keeps A clean bench area he cleans as he goes. When I received my radio`s they were packed with care and arrived safely to Canada. The radio`s are very clean and working as promised!! It shows in his work that there is a lot of care put into every radio he does.  Tim keep up the excellence in your work. I am very happy with my radio`s .Tim you do OUTSTANDING WORK. 73   




APRIL 10,2015 





Cobra 2000 gtl work of art

Tim has customized two radios for me. A Cobra 148 GTL and a Cobra 2000 GTL.To customize and modify these older radios is a skill set that is going by the wayside. Tim has turned a mediocre Cobra 2000 into a piece of art for me. It performs better than ever rx and tx is incredible sounding and looks Amazing. Tim's methods of restoration work extremely well and when finished you will have a piece of fine jewelry so to speak.
Thanks,Tim. I'll be sending another cobra 148 GTL in few short days.... Click link below to see it.


Larry C.

Uniden 980SSB w/Variable Output Power Pot

Tim tweaked, peaked, and ruggedized a Uniden 980SSB for me and added a variable output power potentiometer.

I love the variable power pot too. I can use the RF Out test in the radio's diagnostics and see how many watts it's pushing and adjust it to whatever level I like very accurately.  I get lots of compliments on how clear the radio sounds from locals and DX'ers alike.  And I'm still using the stock radio.

It's ready for a linear amp now, and truthfully, I don't think I'll need one.  Right out of the box, I was able to DX from Virginia to New Mexico, Great Britain, and Puerto Rico!  I was able to pick up a radio in Queensland, Australia too because of Tim's great work on the receive side.

Thanks for all your hard work on my radio Tim.  I will definitely send my friends and family their business to you.



Asa Worcester
Virginia Beach

Twin uniden 980 ssb

 I just got my twin  Uniden 980 SSB from Tim at Snake Radio Customs.
I have not been a CB`er for about 15 + years and decided to get back into it. So I was doing some research on all the newer stuff out there, and I kept coming up on Snake Radio Customs. At that point I sat back and watched this man do his work on the radios. Needless to say he knows his sh!#, and is also very helpful with any and all questions I have had.
   Know the radios "WOW". They both have ears and a voice. I have been talking skip all over the U.S., and Canada on my bearfoot radios. If you are looking, you do not need to look any further. Tim will set you up right the first time. No B.S.


Isaac Hann a.k.a Cavey Junior, out of Central Montana 

Ike H.

Realistic TRC-465 Restoration

My Realistic TRC-465 has returned fresh off the bench over at Snake Radio Customs. Tim did a wonderful job restoring this little AM/SSB radio produced back in 1989. Only minutes after unboxing this little talker I made a contact in Southern Ontario Canada (over 2K miles) with the CR-577 power mic installed due to the addition of a newly installed 4-pin mic jack…thanks Tim!


The radios receive is nice and quiet thanks to the receiver modifications - even with the RF Gain at or near 75%, I can hear everything including extreme distant stations (and mud ducks) with far less noise….nice! The now opened & unlocked clarifier makes all the difference when tuning and locking in distance stations…it's a must have modification! Also, without provocation Tim re-wired the stock Realistic mic from a 5-Pin DIN to a 4-Pin Cobra style jack, my son is happy to keep it as a backup mic.


Over all I'm very happy with the restoration including quality of work, ongoing communication and updates on the job, turn-around time and cost. I'm looking forward to sending Snake Radio Customs' another radio in the near future.


Thanks again Tim!



Randy in San Jose, CA

Randy Brown
San Jose


Isaac Hann


Cavey  Junior out of Central MT

   I just got my 980's about a week ago. I can't tell you how excited I was. Anyway, I am using one as a base, and the ears this radio has are out standing, same for the other as a mobile. I have not had a radio hear and speak so well. I am talking skip all over the U.S. and I am bearfoot. Tim no doubt  knows his shit. I will be promoting him and his shop SNAKE RADIO CUSTOMS. 


Isaac Hann

Number 11 980 ssb


That's the number of radios that Tim has done for me so far.  This makes me the 3rd customer that has gotten 10 plus radio`s from Tim. What does that say about him and his service? I think it speaks volumes myself for being a repeat customer of SRC.  But I'm one of the lucky few who can actually drop off and pick up radios from Tim.  See number "11" for yourself at the link below.  It works flawlessly and sounds awesome.  SSB is rock solid.  Thanks again Tim.  The excitements already building for what could be number "12"  Terry Cooper Buckeye, Arizona  SR148  SRC DX Club Member


Terry Cooper


The Title says it all.  This is radio #11" for me from Tim,  http://youtu.be/fEgltVJ_rLk and I wouldn't even be in the "Top 50" for the number of radios done by returning customers.  So for those of us who know Tim and experience his builds first hand, thanks for supporting him. 

Thanks again for another SRC built radio.

T Cooper

Bad Azz Cobra 148 gtl

1 Bad Azz Cobra 148GTL
Tim is a great guy to work with. He doesn't try to sell you something you don't need and works with you. I love this radio. I've made contacts all over the states with the same reply " what are you on, it sounds great !


Thanks so much Tim !


1 Bad Cobra 148GTL

Tim is a great guy that really works with you. He doesn't try to sell you on something you don't need. This is one awesome radio, I've made contacts all over the states with the same question, what are you on? Everyone always comments on the clarity and modulation. I couldn't be happier. Tim Rocks !


Cobra 148gtl Simply Awesome !

This Cobra 148GTL is simply amazing. I have talked everywhere with every single response of hat are you talking on. Unreal modulation and clarity.  I have to admit I was hesitant to spend the extra money on a tuned radio but you will not be disappointed in Tim's work. Super nice guy that won't BS you or try and sell you on something you don't need. No regrets here, in fact I am considering sending in more radios. Thanks Tim 


Awesome Uniden Grant xl By S.R.C.

"Back in Dec of 14, I thought my Grant XL was in its last throws of death, but Tim, in all of his infinite radio repair wisdom; took my radio and professionally transformed it into a GNARLY BEAST of a CB! Now it's got VERY sensitive receive, awesome punch and in your face bass on rx and tx and of course monster modulation if wanted.  It was well worth the 8 weeks of wait.  I am honored to have this radio custom made by Tim. So much so that I have another radio (Cobra 148GTF-Hybrid) sitting in the queue, waiting to be done. Thanks Tim!


Cobra 148 gtl s.s. edtion

I had tim build me a 148 gtl with les comm 10 meter board. It's a great radio. it has everything you would ask for and more. This thing rocks on the airwaves. If anyone needs or wants a great radio done Tim's the man. And the best thing is you can watch him work on it live on his bench cam. He's busy but it's worth the wait. Thanks again Tim, u rock man.


Tango Charlie One

I have had My Galaxy Melaka back for 4 days now and I am so happy with it now. I sent it to Snake Radio Customs for the third time for a little extra work to be done. During shipping our good friends at UPS had possibly either dropped it or decided to play football with it and broke the main board and dented the case as well as totally destroyed the radio.

Tim at SRC and myself chatted on the phone and decided to exchange the main board with a Galaxy 88 board. I decided that I was in no hurry and told Tim to take his time to replace the main board and several other parts that the radio would need.

Tim worked diligently over a period of 3 months, (Only on Saturdays) to get this radio back in working condition.

Tim took his time to create a masterpiece even though it frustrated him at times but being a good friend he stayed with it and rebuilt My Melaka.

You would never imagine how great this made me feel. I got it home  a few days ago and it looked like a new radio and performed like no other radio that I have.

I and happy and proud of the work and the intent that Tim puts forth in pleasing the customer with his ability and know how to do his work at the level which he does.

I must say Thanks to him for all the work and time that he puts in to finish a difficult project.

Thanks Tim you will always be thought of with great respect by me..

Ted   (Tango Charlie One, Chandler, Texas




3rd times's a charm....just like the 1st and 2nd.

No surprises at this stage of the game.  SRC sets the standard with superior quality, excellent back-and-forth communication, extensive product knowledge.......and the reputation to back it all up!  Recently Tim built me a sweet little Uniden PC 66XL.  While it's not the biggest radio out there, I know it looks and sounds like no other on the planet.  It was...and always will be.....worth the wait and price of admission for one of Tim's custom builds. Thank you for sharing your skill and providing great customer service to all the folks out there who appreciate one-of-a-kind radios.

K. Varel

Awesome Bearcat 980 Service!

I sent Tim my Uniden Bearcat 980 and he did a wonderful job re-tooling my radio. I expressed to Tim that my main use for this radio would be monitoring sideband channels so I wanted the radio to be the best it could be when it comes to pulling in weak signals. My 980 is now pulling stations out-of-the-mud across all bands - it hears wonderfully…I'm totally happy! The cost of the Bearcat 980 service was extremely affordable, the turn around time was very short (only a few weeks), and Tim's attention to detail and commitment to quality makes his shop stand out from all the rest. As a side bonus, I was able to watch Tim perform the work on my radio LIVE! via his BenchCAM…that was certainly a treat. Being able to sit-in on the job and hear his comments as he progresses step-by-step through the multi-point procedure was truly educational and a worthwhile experience. Thank you Tim - Snake Radios Customs


Randy in San Jose, CA



Randy Brown
San Jose

My 4th S.R.C. Radio


Great things come to those that wait... I sent Tim my Taiwan Cobra 148 GTL to be restored and to have Tim work his magic. I've only had it for a few days now, and I can't stop playing. I'm like a kid during Christmas. The radio is unbelievable!!! The transmit and receive audio quality is something I'd expect out of a big base radio. Just incredible! Folks have been asking me what type of studio gear I'm running. They are blown away when I tell them one, it's a mobile unit and secondly, that I'm not using studio gear. And I freakin love the Nitro ring LED's!! Makes it so much easier at night to see what I'm doing. This radio just kicks ass!! I paired it with my RM Italy KL-203p and have zero problem getting heard. Tim is very dedicated and detail oriented. And it shows with the radios he completes. So if you want the best, and know that your radio will last another 25-30 years, Tim and Snake Radio Customs is the only way to go, period... Thank you Tim!!! 


Mrjoshua - 274 Central Alabama








Taylor F

Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB w/KL 203

Tim did a fantastic job with both customer service and the radio.  The radio quality was outstanding.  He communicated with me throughout the process.  He delivered as promised and I will be doing more business with Snake Radio Customs in the future.


resto uniden madison

I would like to thank Tim for the great work he did on my Madison. one of kind upgrades, very helpful. the radio turned out awesome. I am very happy, thank you ty from mo.

tyler carey
holts summit

Cobra 29 lx re mod

Sent Tim a Cobra 29Lx That was done by a so called Radio shop previously, The job they did was quite ridiculous and Tim just about completely redid the radio beyond what I expected! Want your radio done right? Go no further then SRC. You can watch him actually work on your radio via the Internet as i did...good stuff Tim very good...Thanks and will do business with you again... 

Mark in N.Y.

Mark H.


“I highly recommend Snake Radio Custom for all your radio repairs and upgrades. Tim set up a Uniden 980 SSB for me and I couldn’t be happier with my new radio. He gave me much needed advice and was a great help in getting me setup with my new radio. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Bob in So Cal.”



Bob K.

Uniden 980 Bearcat For me

"Tim took my  Uniden 980 ssb that had been incorrectly modified and turned it into one great sounding radio. I couldn't be happier with it. He was very professional and got the radio back on time as promised. I highly recommend him."




Matt H.


Sorry it took so long to do this but I have been sick for a month and a half and still am not 100%. but anyway here goes.  We have had several plastic radios over the years.  Tried many on line mods, with some  success.  But had fun doing it.  But always wanted a cobra 148 that was larger than life.  Tim @src came highly recommended  as the go to guy for these cobra radios.  Got my radio fully decked out.  The receive audio is outstanding.  Makes side band very easy to listen to.  And a full, rich sound on am.  And on transmit  some of the  other operators thought I was using a rig.  The workmanship was great.  Radio delivered on time.  Well worth it.  See Mathews  1980 cobra 148 hifi mod on youtube



My 148 rebuild by Tim

Tim I want to thank you for doing such a great job on my radio you knocked it out of the park. My 148 looks and works amazing. You are a true craftsman. I am already looking for a cobra 2000 for you to work on, I can't wait.
Thanks so much 


Matthew  637 Connecticut

Matthew T.

1of a kind work!

Tim has done two radios for me, an RCI 2970 N2 brand-new right out-of-the-box and a 30-year-old cobra 2000 GTL. Both radios are more than I could've ever expected. Tim does exactly what he says he's going to do, no BS. I can tell you from experience he's the guy to go to, no one else can do what he does! If you're serious about having a functional, quality, performing radio don't go anywhere else.

Jeff Jones

Bearcat 980 SSB OOTB peak & tune for James in FL


I have had my Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB back from Snake Radio Customs for several weeks now and the unit's performance on all counts is still absolute perfection! Extremely low noise, especially on SSB where I like to use it the most! I'm regularly using it in mobile mode and often pulling in DX from over 4000 miles, down here in central Florida. I attribute the high quality audio of my transmissions and the clear reception of the receiver to the expert peak & tune (cap upgrades, filters) performed by Tim! His handy work has improved PEP on both AM & FM by 20+% over the factory's issue of my unit...without overdriving anything or creating any illegal output conditions. As a matter of fact, he corrected a final output bias setting that was too high from the factory and may have caused my unit to fail in a relatively short time! I am extremely pleased with the prompt,  skillful work I've received from Snake Radio Customs...on time, on signal, and on budget! I know that I'll get years of optimal use out of this SRC peaked & tuned 980 and I can recommend SRC to everyone who wants to wring the best voice & longevity out of their Uniden-based units...SRC is king-of-the-hill!

Talk to Tim. He knows your Uniden or Cobra radio inside & out, strengths & weaknesses. He's determined to make it right...for you. Just give him a shout through his toll free number or his email. Like me, you'll be glad that you did!


James Crawford
Winter Haven

fatboybyu 148

Thanks tim for your excellent service, my radio went over there all messed up and came back in like new condition the fat recieve mods are awesome my 1996 malaysia 148 is an am audio monster and does great on ssb. I am very pleases with tim`s service. I am a veteran and he did the work for me no charge up to 100.00 credit. He does it 1 time per month for a lucky vet. He also has a15% discount for all vets you just have to ask.

lucas thibodaux


I want to commend Tim at Snake Radio Customs for an outstanding job refurbishing an old beat up Cobra 148F GTL I found on eBay. The radio was completely hacked and in sad shape when it arrived. I had seen Tim's work before on You Tube and thought this radio would be a good candidate for him to restore. 

Tim was in constant communication with me about what needed to be done to the radio and was up front with all associated costs. He also makes a video illustrating all procedures he performed on the radio and posts it to You Tube. 

 When I got the radio back after Tim worked his magic, it was better then new. The receiver mods are unbelievable, I'm hearing things that I'd never heard before and people think I am talking on a Kenwood ham radio because of the audio quality. 

 I have since purchased a second 148 for my Jeep and will be sending it off next week for a makeover. If you are considering having work done give him a call, you will not be disappointed. 
Thanks again,

 Gary in Vermont 


Daniel G. 148 F

SRC did a awesome job on my Cobra 148F.  Got it back fresh from the build ready to go and all cleaned up. Installed and in my mobile and this Radio is rocking.  Tim knows what he is doing and will do the best to give the customer what they may ask for. I highly recommend SRC for all your Cobra CB radio needs. 
Daniel G.


Daniel G.

Two 980 SSB

A buddy and I decided to change out our Cobra 75 WX ST radios to the Uniden 980 SSB. We also want to make sure these radios were operating to their optimal potential. After watching many videos and browsing through others web sites, we both kept coming back to SRC. 1) We were very impressed that he has a shop cam where you can see the work being done in real time. 2) He does a video from unpacking to completion, this includes opening up the radio for a quick explanation of the quality of work from the factory, showing and explaining poor QC issues and how he will fix those issues. Shows all the completed work, and wipes the radio down when's he's done. I don't think anyone else lets you "look over their shoulder", Tims a straight up guy who knows what he's doing and has the confidence to let you watch. I would recommend SRC to "EVERYONE" wanting their radios tuned...there's no doubt your getting what you've paid for!

Colorado Springs

1978 COBRA 148 GTL.

I would like to say thank you to Tim at Snake Radio Custom for the excellent work on my Cobra 148 GTL. For the past 2 years  I've been watching all the you tube videos of his work on the 148 and 2000 GTL and decided to send my Cobra 148 GTL to get it done. It's been 5 days since I got the radio back and wow the receive on the radio is awesome. I talk to a guy today using a Ten Tec radio on 38 LSB and I'll tell you what the receive on the 148 sounded awesome with the speaker set up I got. Drove around the town today and let my 14 years old son talk on my 148 and sounded great on Icom IC-706 MKIIG. Thanks again Tim for the good work you do. I'll be sending my other 1978 148 GTL soon.

Bulldog, 956

Central Coast of Cali

Arroyo Grande

Cobra 148 GTL Super Snake

Once again Tim at Snake Radio Customs has stepped up to the plate and knocked it outta the park. I been in radios all my life. I've had'em all. When you spend a life time in this hobby it kinda gets to be the same ole same ole..Not with Tim. Hes the best bar none. I am so glad that he is such a big part of keeping these old radios alive. He is a huge feather in the cap of this industry. The world needs more people like him. My radio is awesome. I am a repeat customer and hope to be for years to come. Keep up the great work Tim. We need you bud. My 148 is rockn......! 112 in Nashville www.bmkamps.com

Tommy Butler

980 ssb

Just wanted to give a big thanks to Tim.  Great guy, great tuning, great price.  One happy customer here, will definitely be buying more radios from SRC in the future!!

Matthew H.


Several radio`s sent in

I would like to thank Tim at Snake Radio Customs for the excellent work that he has performed on several of my radios. The quality of work and the results are to be commended, the performance and the quality of which they were returned is a prime example of the pride this man puts into his work.






Slopoke 148 gtl

Radio works great in my dump truck & would like another one for my pu truck. Thanks & will talk to u soon.




Steve from VA here, Tim worked on my Cobra and I have to say I am MORE than please! He has given me great advice since I'm new to the CB world, he recommends great products that are reputable, my radio wasn't receiving anything and he did his SRC special and now I can hear at least 5 miles with no amp! Great guy I will definitely be bringing my business to him in the future and recommend him to everyone. I have 3 brothers that will probably buy radios and send them to him. THANKS AGAIN TIM!!!!


Cobra 29 NW LTD

Steve from VA here, first time having Tim work on my radio, he is very thorough in his work, shows you before and after, he has even given me technical support over the phone to help with my setup. I will be using Tim in the future for sure, and I will definitely be recommending him to anyone I know that needs their CB worked on. I have 3 brothers that will be using Tim in the future for sure! Thanks Tim!!!

Steve S.

Cobra 2000 GTL

This is my third radio that I send to Tim and Snake Radio Customs. I cannot believe how awesome this radio came out! With the condition it was in when Tim got the radio, to what it is now, is just a testament to Tim's work and dedication to restoring these older radios. I mean, there was a freakin wasp nest in the radio. LOL! But now, this old Cobra 2000 GTL has been brought back to life and then some. It's good for another 30 years. The radio sounds incredible and a friend that lives about 56 miles away from me, said last night that my audio was awesome and rich.. I couldn't be more happier with how it turned out! It's just AWESOME!!! Tim really outdid himself and went way above and beyond all expectations to make this radio the BEST. Thank you so much Tim!! It was so worth the wait my friend!! SEE VIDE LINK BELOW FOR TRANSFORMATION



Taylor F

Top Notch

This Cobra 148 GTL from Tim at SRC is simply TOP NOTCH workmanship.  Its hard to find people who take the time to do things right like Tim.  Everything about this radio shines...from the bezel to the nitro rings.  The receive is nothing short of outstanding.  Also, the video on YouTube is great!  Thanks Tim for a great radio...I'll be sending one in the near future for some more of your outstanding custom work.

Ruben A.

Ruben Armendariz

Eric L

I just cant say enough on how my radio is awesome now and you did great work fixing the factory screw ups, cleaned up the sound, and got it done in time for hunting season even though I dropped it on you last minute, And the You tube video was great explaining all the work. Thnaks tim Form a great job
Eric l. 

Eric L.

980 SSB

Tim did a awesome job doing a mod on my 980. He was really great and helpful on all my questions and the radio is super clean sounding and really gets out there. 

This is the place to go to get your radio tuned. I'm going to have Tim work on another one for me.  The turnaround time is great. I wanted my radio done for hunting season and didn't expect it to get done on time due to my short notice but Tim got it done for me in time. I really appreciated that. 

 I didn't get my elk but sure had fun on the radio with my hunt crew. they all said it sounded really nice, clear, and powerful. 

Tim sent a video showing all his awesome work and pointed out all the crap that that the factory did. Tim really saved me a lot of problems in the future from poor factory work. 

This is the place to go to get your radio worked on. SRC is very knowledgeable, honest, and know what there're doing. 



Like New!

I lost my Cobra 2000 in a house fire, as well as all of my other radios.  Tim at SRC found me a rig and restored it and when I received it in the mail at my home it were as if I took a new radio out of the box for the first time!  The radio performs better than I expected and with the extras, I can surf and talk on 10 meters.  I always wanted to use my 2000 to talk to fellow hams and now I'm doing it thanks to Tim at SRC.  Great customer service and follow-up support as well.  Thanks Tim, I'll be sending you more business soon!   


From:  Tim in Texas


Dan S.

What can i say, this is my second radio I sent to S.R.C. and this time it was a Cobra 148F GTL.  Tim's attention to detail and quality is unmatched! He transformed this sub-par e bay purchase into an awesome radio!  The receive on this radio is now amazing! If you buy a brand new radio from the factory, I highly recommend you send it to him. Thanks again S.R.C.!

Dan S.

Cobra 148

Once again Tim did a outstanding job on my cobra 148. He is my go to

radio guy from now on. I had a galaxy done by him and the two radio are

perfect, you  can't find a quality radio guy these days.


Thanks, Tim

Matt B.....

matt bessicks

Cobra 148 F



  Once again, you surprised me, and that is hard to do. The Cobra 148 F knocked me off the chair. All the radios you have done for me so far have been outstanding, I don't understand how you could build a better radio than the others you built for me, maybe it was the heavy duty copper wires that you put in, I am not sure but the audio that is coming from this radio with my rack gear is simply outstanding. I got on the radio and started talking, when friends out there that hear me everyday with my broadcast sound stated "damn you are sounding BBC Top Shelf Today" now that's what I call a compliment. just wanted to say thank you again, you got me on this one dude.




 W612 Sparky D Clown


Long Island

My new radio

I've had my new SSB radio for almost a month now and using it every day commuting to work and whenever I'm in my car. I think I might even be driving more because of my radio! I've made contacts coast to coast and border to border, couldn't be happier. People tell me how fine my station sounds and are amazed when I tell them I'm in a mobile, every time so far they say it without me asking how I sound. Probably the 2 best things about Tim are his communication, and his honesty. Answers email and the phone, if he's busy working and you leave him a message he calls back in a timely fashion. No b.s guy , after watching his videos for a while and talking to him I felt very comfortable having him build my radio. Oh yeah and great packing so you aren't disappointed when you open the box. I was like a kid on Christmas, when I opened the box and saw my new radio. Sending him a Uniden Grant XL to be restored tomorrow and a 2000GTL later on. Thanks Tim, so far a solid month and she works just like the day I turned her on. This was an easy testimonial to write.

GT from Norcal

Uniden 980 SSB

Just had a Uniden 980 SSB radio done by Tim. No amp just a general tune-up and toughening up for Tri-Axle dump truck use. Work was done quickly, the results on the video were awesome and the radio was received quickly. With the changed filter & caps this is a very quiet radio, virtually no static or RFI. My fellow drivers say it really kicks out loud & clear. Very happy with the radio, Tim listened to all my questions and needs for this rig and he delivered. If you're hanging around wondering what to do call him up, he'll help you out, too.

Earl from NJ    

New Jersey

Grasshopper2000 SUPERSNAKE

I LOVE THIS RADIO!!!!! I sent Tim a P.O.S 2000 and got back a real nice radio click HERE to see it


Cobra 2000GTL Super Snake ROCKS !!

I am really happy, pleased and totally in awwww over Tim's care and work !  I can not say enough good about the quality this man does and the end result speaks volumes beyond words !!  I was a lil leary at first honestly because of the cost factors but I'm extremely excited and pleased with the final outcome !  My experience with Tim has enabled me to fullfill a dream come true for my Cobra 2000GTL base CB.  He installed a LesComm board, recapped my radio, upgraded many parts plus the wiring harness and then some...  In fact right prior to him shipping it back he had found an issue with the power supply area that he redid with care and rebuilt at no extra charge !  This man knows what he's doing and is a straight shooter, telling you honestly what it is and how things are, all the while keeping you posted and making sure you know options available which is in our hands of course.  My dream when I was just a kid to get a Cobra 2000 GTL and get it redone BIG time to make it last and look awesome...  I'm very fortunate (and we are) to have such a good techician as Tim !!!  If you are in doubt about going with Tim, please don't be and give him a chance and I assure you that you won't be dissappointed...  He's very open with communication and takes the time to do the job right !!  All the while he had my radio, I never felt uncomfortable.  Also, the 10 turn clarifier option is freakin sweet OMG, just so awesome I wished all radios had that !!  I rate Tim on all levels TOP, he's the man for Cobra radios period and plus he knows about more of course !  I can NOT overstate how pleased I am and my beloved hobby has a new high point now, and a true measure where by all my other radios measure up to because my Cobra 2000GTL is the KING of all my CB Base units period !!!!!!! 

Thanks Tim for actually carring and giving back to the CB community as it should be sir and God bless -  Jim Smith (Indiana) 73's from the Hoosier state ......



James Smith

Galaxy 959

Tim modded my new Galaxy 959 and as usual did a great job.  This is my third new radio he has done for me.  Thanks to Tim for taking care of his customers. 

Scott in Ohio


Smokin' Cobra 21 GTL

As expected, S.R.C. put out another quality radio! I sent Tim my old Cobra 21 GTL for some much needed maintenenace and several mods. This rig has been my old standby mobile workhorse for quite some time....its simple, tough, and loud. Tim worked his magic and managed to give it some great ears, increase the RF power, and add a few other mods to help set it apart from any other 21 out there.......not bad for being over 35 years old! This is radio number two S.R.C. has helped me out with and as I said after radio number one.......Tim's work and level of customer service are each of the highest quality. People recognize and come back to that kind of treatment again and again. Thanks Tim.

Calvert City


I took my old CB Cobra 148 GT L to Snake Radio Customs,I talk to Tim was very nice an helpful. I took it to Tim on July 12 2014,got it back on Aug 20 2014 Tim did an excellent job on my CB radio it sounds great have many people ask me if I'm running a liner,when I tell them, I had the CB service an done,MAINTENANCE AND A FEW MODS  from Tim. Thank -you for all your work an I will do business with you again.

Martin A. Correa
Apache Junction


I just had two more 148's done by Tim  ( AKA The magic man LOL ) These radios turned out super duper. I can't say enough about how quiet the receive is.

I make my living with these radio's communicating with other semi trucks on one lane roads. Personally after using these radio's, I would not have any other radio

than an old Cobra 148. The variable receive is just awesome. No more listening to static crap in the background to try and hear the contacts. I had a friend interested

and choose to buy what he thought was the same setup as a radio done by Tim for much less.  Well it fell way short in every aspect from receive to the custom face,

etc. So if you want to cut a corner on your radio go for it and see what you get. I'm going to keep spending a little extra to have the BEST!!!


shingle springs

Cobra 148 GTL Refurb AND Mod

So I had this wild idea of going out to buy a VERY used Cobra 148 GTL from some dude on CraigsList because I knew that I wanted to put a CB radio in my car at some point. After I purchased it I started doing a little research and came across Tim and his work -- and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with his operating procedures. I initially thought about just trying to wing it at first, because the radio powered on and "seemed" to work ok, but I really had no idea of knowing what the hell was actually going on with it.  When I found Tim I immediately contacted him and told him what I was dealing with -- to which he responded very quickly to let me know what my options I had.

This was a no-brainer, folks. After checking out some of his videos and corresponding with him, it became abundantly clear that he knows his stuff and that he seems pretty passionate about it. I like this in a place I choose to do business with.

One word: Awesome. Tim was outstanding, telling me along the way when I could expect things and what I was looking at as far as the refurb of my radio. When everything was done he shot it back to me and all is well!  Love all the things he did to it - and love knowing that this baby will last at least another 20 years before I have to consider doing ANYTHING to it.

Thanks, Tim!  You've definitely got a fan of your work.


John Tegan

148GTL updated

Tim built my radio 4 years ago and just UPDATED last week. this radio was used almost every day for 4 years. got the UPDATED radio hooked up in the VOLVO today with a 2pill FATBOY     .....phucken BAD ASS radio   crystal clear "THIS IS GOD TALKING" audio  ... there are NO radios with the SRC sound,  none.

I know it,  Tim knows it,  anyone with a SRC custom knows it ...

carlos  "fatboy"

merced,  ca.





Uniden PC-122

The Radio ARRIVED...... Tim... What a beautiful job.. The radio looks great.. The receive?? you nailed it... Transmit??.. Loud but Clean... big time..
I keyed up with it and everyone was like wow....  I thought you where a base.. ..lol.. I run a D104 m6-c (Chrome Version).. Sounds like a silver eagle.. love it...
I will DEFINITELY be send my COBRA 146-GTL to you since it ... like the pc122 ...has that single conversion receive..

Thank You again...  We will be doing this again...


225 Audio Dr




Awesome Job on A Uniden 980 SSB & AMP

Another fine radio by my buddy Tim. I bought a 980 and ran it for a few months barefoot. I finally decided to send it to Tim to work his magic. Well magic it is, the radio is 10 times what it was before. This is my 2nd radio done by Tim, my 1st was a Uniden Grant which is still being used all these years later. Thanks Again Tim!!




Superstar 360FM

I have bought a Superstar 360 FM off of eBay, it worked pretty good but I knew it could be better. So I contacted Tim at snake radio customs and sent my radio in. Tim is very knowledgeable on almost every single radio out there and I knew it trust him.He was referred to me from a good friend mine. I could not be happier with this radio. With this radio being an export radio and have no PA he was able to get talkback on the radio he added echo to it as well. The radio sounds and looks beautiful, thanks again Tim for the wonderful work. I will definitely bring more business to Tim in the future.


Another Awesome 148

I contacted Tim about doing the maintenance and some mods on a 148 GTL I bought after watching his youtube videos and live shop feed, and reading his testimonials here.  This man will not disappoint.  This radio is kick-ass.  From TX to RX to the numerous reports I've gotten (in just a few short days of using it) of how loud and clear the radio sounds.  Tim's communication is spot on and he let's you know of everything going on.  As soon as I find me another 148, Tim will be fixing it up also.

Southern Indiana

My Cobra 148 GTL

What can I say... This is my second radio that S.R.C. has done for me and I'm completely blown away! I found and bought this radio at a garage sale. The face plate and the case were in good condition, but got it home and opened it up. Complete hack job!! Sent it to Tim for an evaluation. It was a good candidate for restoration, which made me happy. Needless to say, Tim is a freakin magician on Cobra's!! When I got it hooked up to a really good speaker, the audio quality is the best I've ever heard, hands down! I've been getting nothing but rave reviews from contacts on both AM and SSB. They always ask me what kind of studio gear I'm running, but I am not running any. I'm using a CR577 mic and that's it. I couldn't be more pleased with the result of this 148 GTL. Just AWESOME!!! Thank you Tim!!! Superb work my friend!  

Taylor Fitzgerald

Darrell's testimonial

I purchased a Uniden 980SSB CB with a KL 203 AMP and had Tim do his magic and I have to say that this is the best CB I ever owned. Tim took his time and completely fine tuned everything and the CB rocks. I can hear people all over the US clearly and I have reached people locally as far as 45 miles away so far. Tim has been very helpful even after I received my CB and Amp and has helped me get my stuff all dialed in. Tim is very professional and awesome and he knows his stuff. This is a guy that will treat you good and provide you with a superior product. He is worth the wait and I will for sure use him again in the future. Thank you Tim for your time and your superior work. You rock man!!!!!!


Darrell Lancaster
Santa Rosa

Cobra 148 gtl

  You can always count on Tim at Snake Radio Customs to return you radio in top notch working condition. I find that the radio worked on by Tim is perfectly aligned and dead on SSB.  The Sideband audio is crystal clear.  Shipping is easy and all his prices are more than fair and payment is easily completed.  I send all my work to Snake RadionCustoms!

Rio Linda

Galaxy 959

This is my first radio from Tim and it is top notch.  He is great at answering questions and doesn't beat around the bush.  Audio is right on for AM and this radio really shines on SSB.  The receive is probably the best I have ever seen too.  He does great at meticulous custom work that really makes a good radio stand out from all the others.  As far as I know, he is the only tech honest enough to do a you tube video for each custom build and you can watch his shop cam too.  It was finished on time even though he was pretty backed up and he shipped it quickly, actually arriving earlier than expected.  I will definitely get all of my radios done by SRC from now on and If you want a great radio, talk to Tim.

Thanks man


Cobra 2000 rebuild



Just had my Cobra redone. Tim is a perfectionist and a straightforward guy when it comes to radios.  It was an awesome experience to watch my rebuild on the shop cam. Every detail was shown and explained in detail on what was replaced, most shops would not do that.  Thank you again Tim and I will definitely send you another radio in the future.  Aloha 



Another satisfied customer

i had bought a 980 ssb factory refurb, and it was ok from the factory. It had receive issues and even a broken squelch.  Tim's  attention to quality and going the the extra mile for the customer is unbelievable.  He was even able to fix the squelch on a surface mount board with the standard tuneup. The fact that he documents every radio with a youtube video is a great bonus too. I'd highly recommend Tim to anyone!!!


Dan S

29 LTD from China


Don't ever buy a 29 LTD that is made from China, they suck! But with Tim doing his magic, now it is a great working radio. With the power knob adjustment, new meter, you can run it to the max alone or with an amp at 3 watts,, it is does what it does best. Snake is the best in making things happen with any radios. I would send my friends radios to him, Oh! wait, I have already sent a friend's for repair. He still has 3 of my radios and i can't wait to get them back to test them. Hope I get them back soon.

H. Moncado
San Diego

Dan K.

This was my second radio that Tim did up for me. This cobra 148F GTL has everything I asked for and more. The radio looks awesome and performs great. There's not enough things I can say about, and Tim and his work and knowledge on all radios. The guy knows his stuff. Thanks Tim for a perfect radio, and I mean that. This thing talks and walks. U rock brother.. Anyone that needs any work done or just a new radio setup and or modded, Tim is the man to do the job. 

Dan K.

Dan K. Cobra 148F gtl

Tim Built me one of the best radios I ever owned. It's his snake radio custom 148 F gtl with everytrhing I ever wanted. Can't say enough about him. He's great. My cobra 148f gtl rocks. Anyone out there needs a great radio Tim's the man. Thanks again Tim, like I said brother u rock.

Dan K.

dan kizanis




You won't regret working with S.R.C.

I came across S.R.C's YouTube videos about 6 months ago. Based on the ones I watched....which is almost all of them since then....I was and continue to be intrigued and impressed by Tim's 1) product knowledge, 2) attention to detail, and 3) respect and care for his customer's radio. Ultimately, I decided to send Tim my old Cobra 146 GTL for some maintenance and mods. I called him up one day, told him what I had and what I wanted done to it, and he gave me a reasonable quote and completion time frame. Don't let the 6-8 week lag time discourage you from working with S.R.C......the end result is more than worth it. Even before I sent it off, I knew my 146 was kind of an oddball model radio. But that's exactly why I like it so much and why i wanted Tim to be the guy working on it. Sure enough, some "square peg, round hole" scenarios surfaced during the process. Tim communicated these issues to me and was able to diagnose and correct them as well as complete every mod I asked for.....some for the first time ever on his bench! Thanks to Tim's innovation and expertise, I'm convinced my 146 is the only one in the world that looks and sounds the way it does......that's pretty cool. If you're hesitant about sending your favorite radio to an unknown tech for some maintenance/upgrades, don't be if your considering S.R.C. for the job. Take a glance through this and the other pages of positive testimonials and it should become clearly evident that Tim's work is a known quantity. People come back to known quantities. I'm certainly no expert radio tech (wish I was) but I do know great customer service when I experience it. He treats every radio like its his own and has an uncanny knack for keeping the older radios humming like new......even an oddball 146! Thanks again Tim.

K. Varel

Terry C.

Gotta take a moment to thank Tim once again for coming to the rescue by fixing my microphone switching control box.  It didn't work from the get-go when I purchased it over the internet from someplace else.  I thought I had just thrown more money down the crapper, but Tim stepped up and did what he usually does and made it better than it was. (It sure comes in handy when I live a few miles from Tim...)  Thanks again Tim.  Hopefully in the near future we can get another build going.  

Snake Radio Customs Member  SR148 

Terry C.

Jay L.

I just wanted to say thanks a lot Tim for taking the time and really tunning my cobra 29 chrome radio the right way. The radio sounds amazing and I can really hear far away. I can really tell you take pride in your work by keeping everything tight and neat. I know where I'm sending my future radios. Thanks Jay from Kentucky! 


Awesome Service!!!!

I have a Cobra 29 LTD chrome addition and never had it properly peaked and tuned. I was having issues with it the past couple weeks so i decided to send it out to snake radio. Fast turn around for repairs and tuning!!! also i love getting a YouTube video of my actual radio getting worked on! that makes a big difference when it comes to sending something out for repair, At least this way i know the work is actually being done! it was also missing some screws when it left me and what do you know they are all there now!! Fast Service This guy knows what he is doing i have been recommending him to all my buddies and people i meet that have radio problems!! Great Guy, Great Service promptly gets back to you Awesome customer service i will definitely use his service again!! ***** star!! easy.. If you have problems with your radio shoot him an email and send it out! its worth it.. Did i mention great prices also!! Thanks again for all your help i look to do more business in the future! 


Mike F.

Hi Tim, just wanted to let you know you did a GREAT JOB on this 2980, It is very quiet but pulls them in and the transmit is excellent dead on freq.

It is now my favorite radio. Thanks very much for the killer radio. 

Mike F. NJ

Mike F.


As with a lot of folks, I found out about Snake Radio from Youtube. Just got my Uniden 980 and amp back from Tim. My Lord!! It is smokin! First thing I noticed was how quiet the receive is now. I can really pull out some stations now. Just unreal! Never thought a radio could sound this good; both transmit and receive. This was my first radio for Snake Radio Customs, and will not be the last!! No one other than Snake Radio Customs, will work on my radios. Thank you Tim!!!! 

Taylor Fitzgerald

Connex 4800 DXL

Just want to tip my hat to Tim at Snake Radio Customs. I've seen many of Tim's YouTube videos of his work on various different radios and decided to send my baby out to be worked on. I'M BLOW AWAY! My radio came back to me BETTER than what I expected. I'm a professional truck driver and since I've gotten my radio back and in my work truck, I've been getting compliments from fellow drivers, what kind of radio do I have and where I got it fixed up at. I've told them all 'Snake Radio Customs', so hopefully I can send some more business your way, Tim! A job well done and I'm very pleased with the final product! I've got a couple more radios I'd like to send out to be worked on in the future; Take it from me folks Tim at Snake Radio Customs is the best in the business! A pleasure to do business with...

Bryan C.
Windsor Locks

Superstar 158 EDX

Snake Radio Customs is the place to get your radio done right. Tim didn't take any shortcuts when he tuned and modified my Superstar 158 EDX. He spent several hours on my radio and made sure everything was in order before he sent it back to me. Snake Radio Customs has a live shop camera so you can watch him work on your radio, then when everything's done, it gets posted to You-Tube so you can review it again later. He shows you what he did and what he replaced. You definitely will get your money's worth with Tim.

Thanks again Tim for the excellent work.




vinny nyc 822

Its me again 822 suave! I live in new York this is the 3rd radio I had tim built for me.  Snake radio customs this the real thing! the cobra 2000 he made for me is far the best radio he done for me!   frist time using the 2000 gtl wow......but wow .......I got to talk skip from new York  to Columbia it was the best in 18 years !  am keeping it G I step on the mud duck all day! tim good job!  see you soon man.

vincent hurtado

Uniden 980 SSB

Found out about Snake Radio Customs from YouTube.  Watched some of his videos and was impressed with his work.  Ordered Uniden 980 SSB w/ KL203 Amp. 

Tim quoted 4 - 6 weeks delivery.  Delivered within time frame.  

Tim answers every question you ask.  I have absolutely no complaints and will use his services again on a future radio.

Highly recommend his work... 


Rich B - New Jersey

Rich B

Tommy B.

I would like to start by saying wow. I have been into radios since my dad turned me on to them in the late 70's. He had a radio in his pick up truck with a whip and eventually we got a base station. I have seen a lot of gear in my life and owned a lot of gear. I have known a lot of so called techs and spent a lot of money but I have never felt it was well spent until now. You sir are by far my favorite and #1 on my top list of 3. You are truly competent and command out of my radios what I like.

I've owned this particular radio most of my life and it's always been above average in the receive department. Matter of fact it's been my bench mark radio that I use to judge every radio I buy and I have bought a few. There's no doubt from looking inside of it that yes it has been through a few techs but none like you bro.

I knew that it needed some attention. I felt that it was worth what we agreed needed to be spent on it even before I shipped it. I knew it wasn't much of an SSB rig. I didn't think any of these galaxy type radios were until now. I mean It never had a problem in the AM department even with the limiter in tact so I guess I was led astray like so many of us are.

When I took deliver of my radio after leaving you, I cracked the box open and hooked her up. I let it set for a while and warm up for about an hour. When I came back to it I decided to try SSB first so I jumped on 38 LSB and the first CQ for dx I threw out there I had a guy from Florida on the line saying I was 30 over.  He immediately inquired about my rig. Of course he was a serious side bander because he let me know right quick that he was on a Kenwood. The guy stood me down that I was on a ham rig and I had to assure him I was on my Excalibur SSB. What is so hilarious about this contact is that I'm on the road working and have an antenna clamped on the railing of a second story apartment that I am living in.

Words can not explain to you how different this radio is now and how it just amazes me every time I sit down in front of it.

It is so damn quiet now but it hears everything. I don't like a lot of white noise. I like my radios quiet in the static department so if anyone keys up I can hear it. Have any of you reading this ever visited a fellow radio enthusiast that really seemed to have his station together? You know that guy...! The one who hears everything you and every one else can't ? The guy that's talkn skip to people you can't even hear? Well folks that's what you call having your shit worked on by someone who knows what they are doing. I have that now in this radio. It's unbelievable what I can hear now. The extra mile you went , Tim to find the best diodes shows in this rig bud. The time you spent tweaking this radio was much more than you spent in my head because you must have read my mind and ran with it. The so called HIFI or Mid-Fi mods you call it has the receive I hear coming out of these speakers sounding like a high end receiver man....! Sounds like an old tube type Tram or something. It's heavenly music to my ears. I am a professional musician who has sat on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry so many times I can't count them. I've spent a lot of time in recording studios and I know what the term sonically pleasing means. This radio has that quality now thanks to you.

I have a great SSB rig that is now being compared to high end pricy radios. I also have an audio monster on AM. I get nothing but complements on SSB. I get nothing but complements on AM. I literally can not wait to get this thing home next month and hook it up to a real antenna.

Every thing I ask for was done to this radio just the way I wanted it done. Again you must have got inside my head and just ran with it. I don't have one complaint. It's as close to perfect as it will ever get right now and I thank you for that. I know what it is to sit and tweak on a radio and it is not something you can do in 5 minutes 20 minutes or even several hours. People just do not understand how time consuming it is to really sit down and put the work into a radio to get it right. I really don't know how you can make a profit doing this. I truly believe it's for the love of keeping these old radios alive and putting them back out there because God knows the days of producing quality equipment seems to be gone bro.

The time you took cleaning and polishing and making this radio look new is much appreciated. The time you took to make this radio just like I wanted it is what we call customer service folks. Try to find that these days. It's impossible. I am truly proud of it and proud for you to be able to offer such an under paid service to keep this tradition alive.

My radio looks awesome. It's sounds awesome to listen to and from what I'm told it sounds awesome on the air. You have rejuvenated and put the breath of life back into something that means the world to me and it means everything to me to have this beast in the best shape it's ever been in. You are truly worthy of every complement you get and so much more. I know you worked hard on my radio. It shows. Now I'm gonna show you how much I appreciate what you do. I'm gonna give you more business and I'm gonna tell every one I see about my Excalibur SSB and what a fine job you did on it. Check your mail I have more work for you on the way.

Here's to a great relationship with Snake Radio Customs. You certainly have a customer for life here and I look forward to doing as much business with you as I can.

Keep up the good work !

Tommy Butler
Charlie Brown
Mr 112
Just got doooooown.
Back out. 

Tommy B.

Stryker HP-440 and Cobra 29

Great job on the Stryker. Got contacts 65 miles away thru the woods. Awesome job on the Cobra 29. Put on an amp and got great load and clear contacts. Sending 2 more radios. Watched the work live on the bench. Like the personal touch and attention to detail. Thanks again. Keep up the great work.


Joe V.

The radio is working awesome.  And I haven't even made my antenna upgrades yet with the LMR 240 and the 102 stainless whip. Everyone reports that it is clean and clear. I was able to get out a good 5 miles to a contact at 6000 feet in the mountains.  And I was at the base of a mountain ridge with at least 400 foot of elevation blocking my signal to the contact. Today was my first good test and it is ROCK IN.    Thanks  For a super job Tim

Joe V. 

Joe V.

Cobra 29/Uniden 980SSB

I am new to the CB world and I found Tim at SRC via the internet  and youtube.  I brought my 6 month old Cobra 29 NW WX ST to Tim not knowing at the time what a tuned radio with proper mods sounds like.  I was very impressed with his work and his way of conducting business.  Honest and to the point.  The Cobra is very quiet and clear now and I have gotten compliments on it from my contacts.  Following the Cobra, I received a Uniden 980SSB from a buddy and had Tim do his thing with it as well.  Even though the Uniden is not as "mod friendly", Tim did a great job. 


I would recommend Tim and his work to anyone that asks.


Super Snake 148 gtl

I had Tim restore and mod a 148 gtl for me. The radio turned out great everything works awesome on the radio. I had watched a lot of his videos so I knew the radio would be just what I was looking for. But when it showed up and I hooked it up I was even more satisfied with the radio than I thought I would be. The radio sounds so good and loud people think i have a amp.   Thanks for a great job on my radio Tim   


Brian J.

Back in 2009, I wanted a better radio than the one I had and my mind was set on a Grant XL.  I got on ebay and found a beautiful Grant that had been restored and upgraded.  I quickly noticed that the sellers (Tim's) work area was very clean, organized and bright, a HUGE difference from all the techs I had dealt with in the past.  Now I'm sure some of you have found good techs, but I had only found disorganized guys working in some dark corner or basement that wanted to get me out the door as quickly as possible.  Anyway, I felt that I wouldn't be disappointed with the Grant if I won the auction so I bid, and I got the radio.  I am not disappointed.  I use that Grant as a base station and it works as good as it looks.  Years later, this year in fact, my 2950 DX quit on me and I never considered sending it to anyone but Tim.  I sent Tim a 2 page list of all the stuff I wanted checked out and upgraded along with the repair.  Everything got done as requested, and ahead of his promised completion date.  

I think it's safe to say that the average person looks at cb-ers like us and think we're nuts and can't figure out why we spend good money on keeping old radios in top shape when we could just use the cell phone.  To me, these radios represent our past, who we are, and where we came from.  In other words, our radios are important to us, they represent us.  That's why we want them customized, thats why they all come out a little bit differently.  We also want our radios and ourselves to be treated right, without shortcuts, and that's the kind of service I get from Tim.  I have no reason to go anywhere else.  Thanks again Tim.

Brian J.

Luis V.

I used to have modded cobra 148 from Tim then I lent it to my friend and he messed it all up. So i sent it back for some upgrades and repairs and now the radio came back better then ever.The audio in TX and RX are awesome along with the les comm  board. I'm very please with the radio and service. I definitely order a new radio in the future also...thanks Tim!
Luis Vargas from Monterrey NL

Luis V.

Tim S.


I am very pleased with the communication and expertise offered by SRC! I was looking for a quality unit and got so much more.  I have had several radios over the years, but have never had one that receives as clearly as my peaked and tuned Bearcat 980 SSB from Tim.  Don't let the wait deter you from ordering your next setup from SRC, it's well worth it!

Thanks again for an awesome radio!

Tim S. 

Tim S.

Cat Mon Dave

Greetings !
Let me say this first, I researched for hours to find a reliable company to restore and tune a few CB rigs I had. Tim ( the Snakeman ) Trent name kept coming up on all my researches and he maintained my top spot. Hmmmmmm.......
When I first contacted this fellow from Arizona ,he was super polite. You could automatically feel that this guy was sharp and honest. It was easy to send him my work after our first telephone call and felt confident that this is why he's number # 1.
Throughout the process of dealing with Tim , he met and exceeded my expectations . He pitched in a few extra's and his idea of letting you watch you own repair was fabulous. The skills this man has are unbelievable. It was a pure joy to see him work. Thank you , Tim....for this.....it's cool too. Tim , took the lead and made me a custom leopard print face plate ( no charge ) once he found out I bred the famous bengal cat.
I would highly recommend Tim easily and often. The price was more than fair ( you have no idea how complicated his work is till you watch him ). The work was honest and pretty fast.....and the man appreciates his customers. Forget the rest, this man is the BEST !.....
My next unit will be done soon and it's a "no worry " . I got's a radio guy and now a friend for life. The man's word is good. If more people used his simple business plan it would be a better world ,for sure........Snake Radios Customs needs to be at the top of your list too.

Cat Mon Dave  " ClarkstoneBengals.com

Cat Mon Dave

Ted B.

I have sent two of my radios to Tim and he has done a marvelous job on both of them. To date my Galaxy Melaka has never failed me. It has been reliable and thanks to Tim it is my favorite radio so far.

I got my Galaxy DX-959 back from S.R.C. a couple days ago and it looked Great.

 I had Tim order and replace the faceplate as well as replace a bunch of other parts inside the radio.

I watched as Tim put his skills into upgrading and installing a Lescomm Board. He patiently took the time to show me how to operate the new scope of my radio.

I have not had time to hook this radio up in my p/u truck as of yet but I will do the deed this weekend. I have tried it on my base and the Galaxy DX 959, that Tim did  has worked flawlessly on my bench. I cannot say enough about S.R.C. and Tim.

I am very happy with the work that Tim does right down to the cleanliness of his shop and the way he treats customers as friends

May I suggest to all customers that Snake Radio Customs is the place to get your radios, of all types repaired, upgraded or modified.

Thanks Tim

Ted - Tango Charlie #1


East Texas

Ted B.

John V.

I had emailed Tim to get his recommendation on a radio, as I'm new the
CB world and wanted one for my Jeep. Took his recommendation (Uniden
Bearcat 980 with amp), he educated me on what other components needed
to complete the install. He was never too busy and responded to my
questions promptly. Provided excellent communication and products thru
the entire process. Thanks again. John

John V.

Bill B.

Just got my 148 F back from S.R.C. today, Tim did a great job on it. This radio sounds so rich and smooth on receive and I have had nothing but good reports on the transmit side. He really did a great job on this old radio. if you want it done right send it to Snake Radio Customs. Thanks Tim!!!!!!

Bill B.

Brian M.

Brian M.


Tim at snake radio customs restored a  1989 cobra 148 Philippines model for me the radio is killer the fat receive is awesome,backlit switches and led lighting in meter is a beauty. Tim is a great guy he gave that 148 the royal treatment . On top of it all a video link to see all the work that he did . It was worth the wait. Super fast shipping with tracking number the radio arrived in two days after shipping .I plan to send more radioes to Tim and recommend him to all of my cb friends .

Brian M.


I would like to thank you Tim for doing a great job on my HP general lee. I have a predator antenna that's really putting out some watts coming out of that thing. A base station could here me about 25 miles away. Thanks man l love your work. I'm going to recommend you to everyone who looking to get some work done. 




This is my second Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB from Snake Radio Customs.   I had emailed inquiring for another radio setup.   Tim replied back with suggestions and recommendations involving cost and wait time.  A few weeks later, I received an email from Tim letting me know he was beginning work on my radio, and I could watch him do the work via the live workbench web cam.  

No smoke and mirrors here, to me its peace of mind being able to see the work that go's into your radio, no matter where you may live.  

After everything is done, a summarizing video is posted on his YouTube Channel, SNAKERADIOS.

Tim puts a lot of time and effort into each and every radio he builds.  The outcome and performance surpasses that of any stock radio.  I always get good reports with this radio, whether local or DX ing.

If you wanna pull in the mud ducks, I highly recommend Tim's work at Snake Radio Customs.

Thank you very much.

Charles,  Canada



Daniel D.

I recently got my radio back ( Uniden Bearcat 980SSB) from Tim at Snake Radio Customs and I have to say he was fast and really tuned this radio up for me. He also sent me a link to a video of what was done on the radio so I didn't have to tear it apart to see what was done to it. He also added the rm italy kl 203 amp with it and it woke it right up now i can do some skip shooting and be heard more then 4 miles, Radio works great, people I talk to on it confirm it sounds good on there end. I am purchasing another Bearcat 980 SSB (for my car) and I will be sending that one to Tim as well. 

Sent from my iPad

Daniel D.

Sparky D. Clown


I am truly amazed at how this new 148 GTL White Face radio came out. The details on the radio from the green painted knobs to the custom white face with green lighting and green lights are breathtaking!!! The audio reports I get are insane!! What ever you did keep on doing it!!! It is a work of art!! This radio is meant to be with studio rack gear it really makes it shine beyond belief.

As I am writing this testimonial I have shipped my other 148 for your new updates and of course all my other radios will follow.If anyone out there is reading this and you still have any doubt about THIS man`s work I say go to channel 31 during skip and hear it for your self Or if you are in the long island area you will hear my audio also. NO BS here just pure superb TX and RX  audio richness and quality. 

Sparky D Clown (612) NY.


Sparky D. Clown

Roger W.

Tim at Snake Radio customs brought my galaxy pluto back to life. He Cleaned it up fixed the SSB and The AM. The radio works great and everyone tells me hits load and sounds great. I have it in my mobile.

thanks again for the great job!!
Roger W. 

Roger W.

Mike C.

Tim at snake radio customs did an excellent job redoing my old version 2950. The radio is like new now and working flawlessly. The receive mod really made a huge difference. Thanks again Tim. Hope to do more business in the future. Mike

Mike C.

Danny B.


Danny B.

Craig R.


I got the radio Saturday morning. 

I had a 200 mile trip Saturday morning so I pulled my Gold 25 out and slipped my 959 into place. 

I must tell you, it is way, way more quiet than my 25.

I used the 959 very little due to driving in a major snowstorm.  I did more listening than talking.

I did "set it up" with the talkback before I left, and it sounds great.

I really like the back-lighting of the switches and the white meter light too.

I will use it alot more this week.  It already went from a sick-ass 959 to a kick-ass 959.

I messed with the 10 turn alittle, now I understand why before, I never could tune very many people in. 

I will be able to use the lescomm channels when I get the blue led 959.  (Im trying for more privacy with my wrecker business)

I will send you my base Galaxy 2547 after that for a tune up & 10 turn clarifier, lescomm board, & 10kc switch.

Thanks for all you do, you are really "the best".

Craig R.


Craig R.

Doug M.

Thanks Tim, the Cobra 25 receives great, much better that before I sent in and the transmit swing is definitely stronger.  If someone wants their radio upgraded and not just Peak and Tuned I would definitely recommend sending it to Tim at Snake Radio Customs,

Doug M.

Doug M.

Art W.

A satisfied Customer.......


I sent my Cobra 2000GTL to Tim at Snake Radio Customs for a complete Rebuild and Upgrade.


Tim took my 30 year old Vintage CB Base radio and completely overhauled the ground and main harness wiring with larger gauge wire.


He replaced all the Caps and all the lighting with LED's.


His upgrade consisted of a full frequency expansion into the 10 Meter amateur Radio Band, which allows me to use it as a fully restored 10 & 11 Meter Rig!!


He added a full scanning feature and calibrated adjustable RF power output.


All of these modifications required a full alignment and that was done perfectly!


This type of work requires a highly skilled technician and that is what you get at SnakeRadios!


Tim is the Best and he is very clear about what it is that he can do for you, so it gives you comfort knowing what to expect before the work is done.


Tim also provides a video On-Line, which allows you... the customer to see what was actually done, including the results of all alignment work.


I highly recommend SnakeRadios for your next radio Repair or Upgrade.


Tim's work is second to none!


Art Walsh



Art W.

Landon C.


The galaxy 959 DX radio I wanted I asked Tim to Purchase me one and he did then did his thing to it and WOW the Radio works great, it was exactly what i was looking for and wanted.  Radio gets out very well extremely clear and crisp.  I can hear much further out than ever before.  Thanks for everything,

Thanks Tim  , Landon C.

Landon C.

Mike P.

 Thanks  For the Excellent workmanship and attention to detail, well worth the wait of about 8 weeks.
I pretty much requested Tim upgrade and modify my 148 GTL (1989 Philippines) without any noise toys.  He did an outstanding job! 
TX and RX are excellent, the blue lighting is superb, the received sound is broader and the installed les comm board an outstanding modification. 
Everything functions top notch - as it should after Tim's attention.  Old electronic parts were replaced, glue was removed, the board was cleaned, solder joints were inspected and repaired as needed and a full alignment was performed.  In addition a frequency counter that arrived from the manufacturer was subpar -
Tim openend it up and applied some attention with the soldiering iron to make it better than when it left the chinese factory's QC.   This radio is truely custom!
I am highly satisfied with Tim's workmanship and his prices.   I only regret not having a custom face made for this radio, as the functions of some of the switches have changed, which will be easily fixed by ordering one from Tim and applying it myself.
The You tube video of Tim's workmanship is an outstanding tool and a plus for anyone interested in seeing what was actually done to their radio.   It is also a tribute to Tim in that he is proud of his work and not afraid to have anyone view his performance. 
Tim at Snake Radio Customs is getting more of my business, I am planning to send another 148 his way in few days.  This time with red lighting and a custom face. 
Thank you, Tim.


Mike P.

Ken G.

Hi Tim,

Yep, I got everything and it is all working very well!

As for the radio, it works great!  I use this radio as a "Base Station" and I have talked to folks in Alaska, New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia and the like, all on a 20 dollar horizontal dipole antenna!  Works great locally too.   A few folks that I have talked to, who really know their stuff have commented on how "good" my radio sounds.  They are quite surprised when I tell them I am using a Bearcat 980...with the CR 577 mic you recommended, as they assume its a more expensive radio, and these guys hear a lt of radios!  I have been told I am "right on frequency" a number of times while on SSB, which is a testament to your work!  I am very pleased with the radio and your work, and I intend on having you do a second 980 for me, for my car.

Thanks!  Ken    1/5/14 

Ken G.

John D. B.

Yes sir! I got my Galaxy 979 done up right by Tim who seems to really have a knack for this. It's both good and bad. It's good because my little single final radio is a audio monster, and it's bad because I'm inclined to buy another Galaxy 979 and let him turn that one into a hammer, too. Yellow Jacket of Jacksonville, Florida.

John D. B.

Steve B.



The 2000 gtl and Madison look great and perform beyond my expectation. Fat audio is hard to describe but definitly worth more than you charge. The noise blanker upgrade is also saweet. Great work Great service the World of old  ass CBs is lucky to have Snake Radio Customs. SB


Steve B.

Gary B.

I found out about Snake Radio Customs thru Bull Dog 777 in Maine. I called Tim at SRC and discussed the details for repair on a Cobra 2000 GTL. He explained in detail with a video what he would be doing to it. When I got it back I put it on the air and had numerous reports on how clear the audio was and I can talk to anyone in the world now. No problems at all . I am very happy with Tim's work. My radio preforms better than any radio I have ever owned. If you need any radio work done I recommend Tim at Snake Radio Customs. I couldn't be happier with my radio now. Thanks Tim
 Gary B.

Gary B.

Justin F.

I came across Tim by looking for safe ways to mod a cobra and found his site, webcam and the youtube channel and figured I would give him shot. He was very clear with what he was going to do and prices were very fair. I liked the video he does of before and after of the radio and pretty much explains throughout the process. Tim did a few small repairs on the radio and cleaned it as well that I didn't request. The radio shipped back quick and packed very well! radio checks came back with good reviews from other buddy's radios. I'll be recommending any radio work be done by Tim! Thanks Tim!

Justin F.

Jim F.

After buying a NEW defective Magnum Omega Force S45 HP, and sending it back 3 times, it was still crap. Magnum would not exchange the radio and I was left with over $300 worth of junk. So I decided to send my 25 yaer old Uniden pc76xlw that has never failed me to Tim....now I have the custom radio I have been wanting for a long time.  When a part in the radio failed after I got it back, TIM stood behind his work and fixed the problem.  That means a alot to me after a big company like Magnum failed to back there product. Tim has now done a 2nd radio for me and I have 2 more waiting to get done.    THANKS TIM


Jim F.

Ted B.

I sent  my Galaxy Melaka to Tim (S.R.C.) and when I got it back WOW all I can say is what a difference!!!


 First of all it was damaged in shipping which was my fault. Tim and I discussed the problem and after several hours he managed to get the radio working. I must say I was extremely happy , The radio blew me away and so did his work his work.


 Tim is a professional and does great work He even cleaned the radio and when I got it back it looked like  NEW Radio. Other shops don't go the extra steps, Tim Does!!


 The work Tim did to this Melaka was beyond belief. When I got the radio back I let it warm up to room temp. and then plugged it in. WOW again what a surprise....the radio Blew me away with the fat receiver and sensitivity and quiet to boot!!


I will be sending Tim my Galaxy DX-959 as soon as the Christmas season is over.


 and any other radio work I have in the future. I also tell almost everyone that I talk to about Snake Custom Radios and where they can be reached on the web.


 Thanks Tim The work was more than worthwhile. JOB more than well done.


 Tango Charlie 1

Ted B.

Todd S.

You have out done yourself again.  I sent you a Mirage 9900 that I thought was clean. After you restored it ...wow ... It now looks great !  Thank you for always going beyond my expectations and improving any radio I send you.  The receive is crystal clear and the audio rocks. You put years back into this radio.    I all ready sent out my next one for my truck. A Cobra 148 GTL

Thanks Todd


Todd S.

Clay S

Hey I'm clay !! I sent my radio to Tim at snake radio customs . I explained how I wanted it done and that's how he did it. It's a cobra 25 completely re-done . I like the performance that it has now with turbo echo and talkback . It is now a cobra 25 supersnake . If you send your radio to Tim at snake radio customs then you are making the best decision by far !!!! He's the best in the business ! I live in Alabama and I sent it to him cause I heard he was awesome . So I sent it and when I got it back I was more than pleased with his work. Hey send it on over to snake radio customs and you'll be glad you did 10-4

Clay S.

John R.

Hi Tim,

Finally set up my Cobra 148GTL and checked it out. The radio works great! I am very happy with the results.

The radio was in bad condition when I sent it in, the meter didn’t work and the channel display was partially dark among other things. I bought the radio used and it was really used up. I now have a better than new radio and that isn’t just some cliché.

The receive on this radio is phenomenal, clear and it really pulls in the distant signals. I can pull voices out of the background noise during the day like I am on a nice base station.

The output is clean and clear. That is exactly what I wanted, the cleanest, clearest sound out there, Thanks.

I am way happy with the variable power you set up for me. I had some considerations with getting the variable power done but after seeing how it turned out it is exactly the right decision. I thought I would lose a function on one of my knobs but you really made it work with the standard knobs. It looks like a standard, classic radio. Very nice. Just what I wanted, a nice clean classic radio that functions great. I followed your instructions for use with my accessories and the sound is clear right off, turn key operation.

I haven’t done much on the SSB.

I picked up the mic you recommended and I am happy with that too.

I really appreciate your competence and knowledge of CB radio function and your skills in repair and knowing exactly what mods work best. The questions you asked when you started on the radio were concise and went exactly to the points that needed to be addressed for the job to turn out so well. Again thank you.

For me it is always nerve wracking to have work done by someone I have never done business with before, especially when I have been burned by another supposed "high quality" CB repair shop. I can honestly say that the money I have invested in this project was well spent and the result top quality. You treated me fair from start to finish. Your work is top quality. Your prices are more than fair for the job and a bargain for the finished product. Snake Radio Customs is the only shop I will let touch my radios and I recommend you highly to anyone that needs any work done to a Cobra CB or any radio you would be willing to work on.

Thank you and best regards.

John R


John R.

Charles L

Hey Tim,

Received the 959 DX radio and the microphones the other day.  Radio is working VERY GOOD and that 198 Ranger mic is the cat's meow!!   I like the CR 577 and the Road Devil but the Ranger is my daily driver for noise reduction.    Thanks for putting batteries in the microphones and going the extra mile as well...I greatly appreciate the work you've done...great job!

Charlees L    Canada

Charles L

Superstar 158 EDX

A few months ago I found Snakeradio customs an Tim. Been in radios my whole life an never had a custom rig,  Called tim an told him what I wanted, an was so helpful with what I wanted an need an saved me a few dollars,  He is so confortable to work with over the phone an email, he really knows what he is doing an knew what was best for The rig an Me, His work an honesty is top of the line. He did wonders to my Superstar 158 edx.  It is also nice I can just call him out of the blue to say hello what's going on, or ask him some quetions, He is always there for his customer.


                                                                                                              Magnum/305  KB9VVZ

Don Ward
Liberty twp

Monty A.

Well what can I say about my experience with Tim At  S R C.  I had a like new RCI 2995 base station with a bad power supply . He suggested we go with a whole new

switching supply instead of spending money to fix the old heavy outdated supply it came with. It was the right way to go for sure. His common sense approach to problems is

the way CB radio service should be and his communication was prompt and excellent. The receiver is 100% better and more quiet now and the output is as it should be not over done.

I am very pleased with all aspects of him and his service more shops should take his lead and do the same for their customers. thanks Tim for a great job.

Monty A.  AZ.

Monbty A.

James L.

I want to thank you for the superb work put forth on my Galaxy 959.

This radio was a dud out of the box and I didn't realize its potential until you worked your magic on it. Your you tube channel with all the different radios and mods done to them made it much easier to decide the path I needed to go with my radio.

You have one happy customer and I will use you again when I find my Cobra 148. I don't hesitate to refer my friends to you for their CB needs. Prices are right and competitive. Thanks again for the great job.

James A. Long

James L.

Jose S.

I found about Snake Radio Customs through a YouTube video a former customer made, which made me send my unit in after seeing more of his work. Shortly after, and to my surprise while browsing the testimonials I came to find a few of my “great sounding” locals had send their ratios to Tim as well! What a relief! I’m new to CB and this whole “sending a unit far away for a tune up” was pretty scary but Tim made a 180 on me. He answered my phone calls and responded to all my emails in a timely manner and kindly explained what was possible on the radio. Well, I received my radio back a couple of days ago and I’m impressed with its performance. The unit not only sounds great as per my locals but it is also much quieter. (I’m new to CB and this is the only radio I have). What a difference this tune up made. I highly recommend Tim’s work and will surely send anything I might get in the future. Thank you!
Jose from Whitestone, NY
Night Owl, 1227 with the wave...

Jose S.


Snake Radio Customs is a quality shop that aims to satisfy its customers. In my case I told Tim what I was looking for, and he made a recommendation. The Uniden 980 he recommended and customized is super, as the radio is performing to it's full potential rather than squeezing every last bit of power and modulation out of it just for the sake of it. So I have a great sounding/performing rig that is also much quieter than expected. I'll never use a CB out of the box again without having Tim customize it. I look forward to sending Tim two future rigs as restoration projects. I highly recommend looking at his youtube videos to get the feel for what he does and how he does it. Tim is straightforward, no nonsense and honest. I highly recommend Snake Radio Customs.

Mark from N.E. PA


Jimmy W

"I can't say enough good things about Snake Radio Customs!!!  Tim took my President Grant to restore, but it turned into a real mess, due to previous work done by some "shade-tree" repair shop...  So Tim actually REPLACED my Grant Export with a newer "clone" of the same radio, and even did all the mods that I asked for!!!   I'm VERY pleased with its' performance now!!!  To those that say waiting 8 weeks is too long, all I can say is it was certainly worth the wait!!!!  I'll do it again when I get another radio, for sure.".....  Jimmie W in  MANY thanks!!!

Jimmy W.

Scott C.

I found snake radio customs on youtube and ended up watching all the videos that related to what I wanted worked on, and ended up going with the cobra 148gtl that i recently acquired on ebay. After watching what tim did to those radio`s it was an easy decision. I got a hold of tim and he was very helpful, and sent me the list of available services for my radio. Tim restored my old 1985 taiwan cobra 148 gtl to better than new operating condition. to say that i'm a happy customer is an understatement. Tim will be doing all my tech work. if you want your radio done right , spend the money and be patient and you will be rewarded with the best performing radio you can get.  73's   scott   sr043

Scott C.

Bill C

I have watched many of Tim's videos,  his live cam bench work, and read many of the testimonials.  Ordered the Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB through Tim and received after a few months.  Radio is a great performer for its small size thanks to Tim's great work.  Tim puts 110% into every radio he works on.  The best bang for yer buck around!!

Bill C.


Well what can I say!


I grew up in the era of the CB Radio and had my first at age 19. I had allot of work and modification done by numerous so called CB Techs, on various CB's throughout the era.  None even closely compares to the work Tim has accomplished on my Cobra GTL 2000. I couldn't imagine it would operate or look the way it does. It's clarity, reception and transmission is beyond words. The extras let me tell you, were worth the expenditure. Tim is always cordial and cares about the end result.


 He's got pride in what he builds and services. He was patient and explained every detail of the build. His recommendations were spot on in every case. Attention to detail was only exceeded by the end result. If I told you what was done it would take more than a full page. Let's just say, nothing was left to the imagination.  It's in the radio and works superbly.


 I really don't think there's anyone else who would take the time and effort to do the best he possible can, on every radio service or build. You can even watch him work on your radio, thru his use of visual technology.  Why, he's honest, doesn't short cut and is willing to prove it visually.  Otherwise you'll know what you're getting.  No one else does, plain and simple.


I'm far to anal about everything I own. If he can satisfy me, yours' is a piece of cake.  Don't hedge around about it, get it to him.  He uses the best part and skills to build and service your radio.


 If you're really seeking and individual who has the ability and experience to build you a near perfect radio, Tim's your man!!




Geddy N follow up


 I am sure that you hear this with every build that you do. But this hybrid is performing flawlessly (fucking amazing). I have never seen or used a radio of this quality. This thing is one of a kind. I am new to SSB and today I drove from ND to CO while gaining confirmed contacts from all over the world. Hawaii, England, Poland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, all over the USA ALL with the best transmission reports. I talked to a guy in England who has been doing this for 30 years and he has never got a contact in ND. 30 years man and your radio was the first to knock it out of the park. 


Keep up what you are doing.



Geddy N Follow up

Danny K

  I discovered Tim at Snake Radio Customs via YouTube a few months back. I read a couple of testimonials and decided to give him a try. I wasn’t really looking for custom work because I have a Ranger AR3500 -100 watt version that seemed to have a little receive problem. When he got to working on it he found the problem right away. It actually did end up being some custom work because the old parts for these things are getting hard to find. He got it all straightened out and cleaned up beyond belief. I am very happy with his work and I’m getting a Grant XL boxed up to send for some actual custom work. If you are looking for someone that does exactly what they say they will do and be honest with you up front, then Tim is the man to send your radios to. A very big plus is the fact that you can watch him work via the web. I actually watched almost every step of the way with my radio. Keep up the good work Tim.


Danny K

Terry C.

Update....It's been over 2 years now since Tim custom built my Cobra 148F and I'm please to say it's been rock solid ever since. Still getting compliments on how well it sounds and is spot on frequency. Plans are to send it back to him for his updated and improved mods to bring it to it's full potential. I can't say this about some of my "other cb shop" radios which have failed...(SRC fixed those too) 73's Terry SR148 SRC DX Club Member

Terry C.

Geddy N.

Geddy N10.10.13

I first contacted SRC with what I thought was the perfect build. After talking with Tim, he made his recommendation on a old cobra 148 that he could bring back to life. I ended up choosing a cobra 148 hybrid build. SRC supplied the 1989 Philippines  cobra 148 for the build and made it much, much better than new. I have had 3 custom radios over the years and this SRC Hybrid is by far the best radio that I have ever used. On the first day of owning this monster I was able to make confirmed contacts to GA, ME, VA, FL, NY, MN, and Canada from ND on SSB. This was without using any kind of amplifier. Tim's attention to detail is second to none and he has been a straight shooter from day one with me. Every single email that I have written SRC has been responded to within a half hour sometimes faster. You can not rush quality and you get what you pay for as a consumer. For anyone who is wondering if the wait time for a custom build is worth it, let me tell you now that you will be very pleased with a SRC radio. For a radio that has the potential to last you for the next 20 years, waiting even 6 or 8 months would be worth it in my opinion. Tim backs his work 100% and I believe that there is not a radio shop out there that would do for me what SRC has. Thank you SRC for the amazing job! I have found the shop for all of my radio needs.

Geddy N.

Carl O.

 Tim at S.R.C. brought my old export President Jackson back to life after it'd been sitting unused for 18 years. Good guy, good shop, he's got a customer for as long as I play with radios. He answers all communications, is very honest and trustworthy. If you have a tired or sick old CB, Tim's the man to breathe life into it. Thanks Tim, Carl in TX

Carl O.

Matthew B.

Just wanted to thank you for a excellent radio (galaxy 959). I will be sending tim all my radios from now on.

Thank you


Matthew B.

Mark C.

Hi Tim,

Wanted to check in and thank you for the KILLER job you did on my Galaxy959, it SCREAMS...anyone in need of CB services NEEDS to use your  company! Best of luck with your small American bred business!

Mark Carrera,

Mark C.

Pat B.

  I have recently received my Uniden Grant back from Tim at Snake Radio Customs.  I must say that Tim put in extra hrs of work on my radio.  Tim is the second shop in the country to put a LesComm board in a  Silver faced Uniden Grant.  Tim made this radio rock.  I would recommend Tim as a professional tech to anyone.   Thanks Tim,    Pat Bernard

Pat B

Darren (Duece)

After sending my radio to Tim and was not worth fixing, Tim recommend a 148 build for me. For me, liking the old classics, wanted to see what he could do with these radios, I said okay.
Got the radio and install in my truck. Sent my truck out to see how it sounded. Having people tell you how it sound and having it heard by yourself is two different things. WOW!!!!! Tim, great job. Unbelievable! Even the receive is totally outstanding compared next to other radios side by side.
Communication, service and products are A-1 from Tim at S.R.C.
Thanks Tim, we'll see you again in the future for more work!!!!

Deuce -- Darren=

Darren D.


I sent Tim my Philippine Cobra 148 GTL CB radio for a low receive issue.  After emailing Tim and describing the problems I was having, he let me know right off the bat what the issue might be.  When he got to my radio, he emailed me promptly and asked me to call him.  Tim told me exactly what the issues were and what fixes he recommend.
He's upfront and easy to deal with.  I found his prices to be very good especially when you consider the excellent quality of work he does.  If you get some of his TX or RX HIFI mods be prepared for great sounding audio on both Transmit and Receive! I'm proud to say I had my radio worked on by Tim at Snake Radio Customs.  I have excellent receive now and with some new studio gear, a pro mic plus my own FX1 Combo interface this radio is awesome!

Thanks once again!!! 

Rich Daniels


426 S.E. PA



Dave d.

Tim at Snake Radio Customs out did himself again. Tim ordered me Ranger Super Star 158 EDX and went to work on it and it's one of the finest radios he has done for me. I couldn't be happier with the work he has done. That also goes for all the other radios he has done for me in the past. Tim has built a plethora of radios for me and all of the radios are rock solid. The radio list goes something like this:
Cobra 2000 (Taiwan. I had this since I was 15)
Cobra 29 LXLE (4 total)
Cobra 29 LTD
cobra 29 ltd " The Offender "
Cobra 148 GTL (4 total)
Cobra 148 GTL F Hybrid (Ask Tim about this)
Galaxy 959 DX (3 total)
Ranger Super Star 158 EDX (as I type this)
And my first radio I ever owned. A Radio Shack TRC-144 (I had this model since I was 15) 
All the above radios with the exception of the Radio Shack model were modded how I would describe as "FULL TILT BOOGIE". Modded to the hilt! I get great reports about all of them.
 The values of the Ranger Super Star 158 EDX are great for what I'm using it for. The audio quality is second to none. The receive is very sensitive. The transmit on AM is 20 watts. on FM the transmit is 9 watts and on SSB it is 30 watts. One of the many fine points of Tim's work is his communication with the customer. Example...I will get a call or an e-mail from Tim telling me when he will be working on the radio so I can watch the work on his bench camera LIVE! What other radio techs do this. Tim is not a "golden screwdriver" hence the live cam feed he offers. Have Tim do up your radio(s). Tim won't do you wrong.
Dave D.
Oceanside, CA

Dave D.


The tram d 300 radio performs beyond my expectations. Tim's communication is second to none and the service is great and I am actually saving up for another restoration.

Thanks again Tim


Serge in Ca.


Terry C.

"6 To 8".......... Don't get discouraged when you hear Tim speak those words. Good things ARE worth waiting for when it comes to quality, attention to detail, communication with his customer, fair prices and going the extra mile to make sure your satisfied with the final product.  Show me someone else who will take the time to communicate like Tim does with his customers (which by the way spans the oceans).  I've had the opportunity to visit Tim in person and let me tell you the number of radios he has lined up on his shelves from customers waiting to be worked on is incredible.  That alone speaks for itself about Tim and his rep.  And his work bench is clean and well designed.  He takes pride to make sure your radio is kept clean and free of scratches as much as possible. He stands behind his work. 
You can check out my latest two radio videos on his web page...Cobra 25 and Cobra 2000 Refresh for Terry in Az. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. These are radios six and seven now from him now. More are in the works. Thanks again Tim for another great job and "6 To 8" IS well worth the wait.
Terry SR148 
Glendale, Arizona    

Terry c.

Reno ( bulldog)

I have been admiring the work done at Snake Radio Customs for about 2 years. Unfortunately my path in the hobby has sent me to other areas in the hobby. My truck was getting old and was time for a new ride. Purchased a new 2013 Ford Fusion S. On the front console has an open storage area below near the shifter. Perfect size for a Cobra/Uniden size radios. Now I had a reason to experience Snake Radio Customs. Choice was a Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio. Tim answered my e-mails within a reasonable amount of time. All communications clear and to the point. Recommendations for best tune & mods for the radio explained. Was updated on progress from beginning to complete. Tim does a video for each customer. You get an understanding the work involved and outcome! The video is a great tool in connecting with the customer. Tim is a great multi tasking person. The live web cam on Justin TV is pretty cool. No act, just reality of what it takes to bring a rig from stock to WOW! Thanks Tim for making my Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio best it can be, Reno.

Reno C.

Ron J.

Tim, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the radio`s and service you provided.  They truly are the best I have ever used or seen.  I have and will continue to recommend your products and service to everyone.  Thank you again for all of your help. Ron J   

Ron J.

Rhett V.

Tim once again hit it out of the park with this 959 hooked it up yesterday and it worked great. this was number 9 or 10 for me I lost count, all my other radios are working great too, no problems. I would recommend to anyone to go to Tim for your next build, he does an awesome job and does what he says he’s going to do and no BS. Thanks again,  Rhett.   8/15/13

Rhett V.


Tim built my radio to my specs: I have a Uniden Grant XL radio and now has been Moded with his  trick stuff, wide receive transmit and mid fi mods also he gave me vari power from 0 to 8 watts  and vari talkback too! It has all new caps regulator`s ,custom meter with turbo echo and has been peaked and tune to Tim's specs with custom lights too radio looks like it came from factory not hacked up or holes in it works like it is a brand new radio and is 1996 I forgot to have him make a new front sticker but who cares this radio performs  He built my radio like it was his own  TIM KEEP THE GREAT WORK UP         PEACE BRO

Larry B.

Edward W

TIM just did an awesome job on my new galaxy 939 and brought new life into an old cobra 29 that I sent him and I will continue to send more radios to restore. His service and com is awesome!!
 Ed W.  8/15/13

Edward W.


I was provided with quality prompt service. Impressed with the thoroughness as well the performance brought about by Tim's work. Hopefully in the near future, I'll be returning to Snake Radio Customs for another unit. My sincere thanks to Tim...
Damian H.
United States

Damian H.


Came across Tim surfing through youtube videos. Glad I did because his work hasn't disappointed me yet. Sent him my Galaxy 959 and when I got it back everyone said I was blowing their ears out, had to turn back the mic gain. I also sent him a Uniden PC68 Elite for my buddy and when we got it back we weren't short of satisfied. Tim seems to have the magic touch of turning any radio into a mean machine. I DEFINITELY would recommend him for future work.
Trey Smart
Jacksonville, FL

Trey Smart


Tim, I don't like this radio. I love it!!!! The Display is beautiful dark blue,It all works perfect!! Thanks very very much! I appreciate your quality work!!!
Sebastian S.

Sebastian S.


I had Tim Work over 2 Cobra 25 that had been in my garage for 10 years collecting dust. I put 1 of them in my truck and I got nothing but positive feed back to anybody I talk to. For a stock radio I have very good range. If I ever want to up grade to something "bigger and bader" he will be the fist person I call. Thanks for what you did for me Tim.
Mike T

Mike T


Had good experience with Snake radio, Tim did good job with my radio, and was great to deal with. I had new Radio but wanted Tim to double check it, very happy with work done
Pat Herlihy
United States

Pat Herlihy


I bought a new Superstar 158 EDX and Tim from Snake radio customs. He did all the work on it with the upgrade mods and the tune up all the good stuff its one cool looking radio ...now with the magic Tim did to the audio this radio is loud as hell and crystal clear!! I own lots of good radios but this one Tim did is by far the best one yet. The work Tim did on my radio is by far the best work I ever had done on any of my radios Very professional and super fast customer service In my words Tim is the best radio man you will find out there
Ray Mc K
wasington state

Ray Mc Kown


After seeing SRC videos on the internet I contacted Tim and purchased my Uniden Grant XL from him. I was amazed how the radio performed. Transmit is above average, receive is super sensitive. I can't believe how good the radio performs. I very strongly recommend SRC to anyone that needs work done of any kind, or wants to buy an excellent radio. My radio is more than I ever expected. Thanks Tim 73's
roy Evans
Rocklin, Ca.

roy Evans


I found out about SRC while looking for my Cobra 2000 and 148F on E-bay. He told me what to watch for when buying off of E-bay. I found my radio's and sent them to Tim to build. We talked and he explained all the mods and what he could do and what the cost would be. He really does a great job! Even after running into trouble with a supplier he kept me informed of what was going on and took care of everything. After running my own business for more then 20 years it's nice to see someone else who takes pride in their work and knows how important customer service is. The radios turned out awesome and I will be working with SRC again in the future. Thanks again Tim for everything!
Steve Smith

Steve Smith


I had an old Cobra 25 LTD Classic I wanted customized. But after I watched Tim customize Ivan's 959, I had to have something similar. Tim let me trade up to my own 959 with every bell and whistle I could imagine. Now that I have it installed, its truly amazing. The receive is crystal clear and the transmit power and modulation is screaming loud. Tim also put the 40 up/down board with the 10K switch which works well. I could not be more happy with every aspect of this order. Tim is an honest, straight shooter who isn't afraid to tell you like it is. He really knows what he's doing. I can't wait to order my next radio. Thanks again Tim for everything!
Jay G
Houston, TX

Jay G


Tim, I am truly surprised with the result of my Cobra 2000 GTL ... Anyone that watches you Restore my Radio (on youtube ) can't appreciate the real world results. Listening to this radio here at home was shocking. I have used 3 different Galaxy Bases, RCI 2950.... ect ect ... None of them could pick out Several guys in the static, 35 miles out. Only my Icom 756 Pro could even hear them. With this Cobra 2000 GTL they came booming in and the needle was twitching not even much above the 1. It was quiet and the clarity is great. Got another one heading your way. Thanks Todd
Todd S.

Todd S.


I finally have my Custom Galaxy DX 959 installed in my truck and looking bad as hell! Thanks Tim for being patient with me and explaining all my questions and concerns. Tim your the absolute best at what you do. I'm still laughing at the big commotion I caused when I asked for a radio check for the first time. No one believed me I was on a mobile radio, they all thought I was on a base station. Ha! I most definitely will be coming back to Tim for my next cb radio. If you want an awesome radio I highly recommend Tim to do the job.
Waupoose Ivan
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ivan Waupoose Jr.


Tim, The SS158 EDX that you did for me its a beautiful radio I love every part of it im just glad I came across you on the internet and had you do the radio because I know theres not another person that could of did the magic that you did to this radio im one hell of a very happy customer . I watched the video like 3 times before my old lady jumped my ass lol. when im ready to get my other 2 cobras done I will let you know. all I can say is thank you I love the radio you did a outstanding job and then some thanks Tim that's a great video
Ray Mc Kown
Washington state

Ray Mc Kown


Ny-radio-guy Tim at Snake Radio Customs did a great job on my old 148. Customer service was great and u get what u pay for. Very happy with work and would use again.



Tim is up front,honest and knows his business. I will send my work his direction and will be passing my find on to friendand family.Its hard to fine some you can trust with your radio equipment.Tim repaired my Cobra 2000 that had problems with the clock and freq counter and also the channel modification didn't work well.He repaired all the issues and upgraded the receive and replaced all the capacitors and new meters and the old channel mod with a new lescomm scan board and it works great now. The coolest thing was the new blue lighting and the indirect blue lights under the switches. Tim did a excellent Througho job! And redid all the messed up wiring in the radio.My first contact out of the box was to Australia. Once again I would like to thank Tim for his attention to detail and his wonderful work ethics and clean shop and bench and no cigarette smoke smell lol. The video he sent to me was way cool and I also got to watch him work live on my radio. I defiantly will send more work his way if and when the need arises.
Mark N

Mark N


Very happy with my Super Snake Custom 148 GTL. Too many upgrades to list. I will be back Tim, thanks again.
Vince Z

Vince Z


I was wanting a radio to put in a Jeep CJ project. I ranch on the Mexican border of south Texas where things are far worse than the media reports, and phone service is sketchy at best. Was referred to Tim by a friend who has used SRC several times. Tim is a straight shooter. I started wrong on a stock radio. Tim cleared things up and I turned the whole thing over to him. He was always quick to respond, honest, fast, and communicated well. The test broadcast from the shop in Az reached Alabama....clear. I will never need to shop for another radio expert, and will be starting another build soon, to use either as a base or mobile unit. Thanks Tim, for a pleasant transaction and great product. Chip
Chip  H

Chip H


Tim, I wanted to send you a followup email to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you. The ease with which you handle the mods is awesome. The fact that you present the LIVE WEB CAM is sweet! Top rated expert in his field. So comfortable with your work, I am sending you my new Galaxy 959 to perform certain mods including all blue lighting. I would recommend you to anyone seeking quality and reliable assistance with respect to their CB Radio needs. Thanks again and I look forward to a continued working relationship. Scott
Scott J

Scott J


This was my first time dealing with Tim and I appreciated the no BS communication. He listened to what I needed, made his recommendations and delivered the best cb I've owned. Will be sending him future business.
Mark Celso

Mark Celso


I came across Tim by looking for safe ways to mod a cobra and found his site, webcam and the youtube channel and figured I would give him shot. He was very clear with what he was going to do and prices were very fair. I liked the video he does of before and after of the radio and pretty much explains throughout the process. Tim did a few small repairs on the radio and cleaned it as well that I didn't request. The radio shipped back quick and packed very well! radio checks came back with good reviews from other buddy's radios. I'll be recommending any radio work be done by Tim! Thanks Tim!
Justin F.
Henderson nevada

Justin F.


It had been 25 years since I'd been into CB radio, and after deciding to get back into it I soon discovered that all of the local shops had vanished. Found Tim through a bit of research, watched a few of his videos, and after a few emails I decided to order a Galaxy 959, peaked and tuned. My first radio check was 7 miles away through a Solarcon A99 and I got an excellent report! During a short chat I backed the power down and tweaked mic gain a bit to dial it in. A few days later I drove to that contact's location and had my wife call on my radio....this thing TALKS! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from Tim!
Larry Young
Asheville, NC

Larry Young


Well, again you have proven to be the absolute best in this world of CB radios. Without a doubt it matters what kind of radio you buy, but then you MUST have it tuned, aligned and checked for cold-solder joints – too much heat sink compound, not enough heat sink compound! Any of these top of the line CBs need to have someone like Tim with his proven and well documented approach to radio optimization inspect and tune every unit before even thinking it might work. In short, right out of the box any of the top CBs will be much like a Ford Fiesta. They are purposefully de-tuned to pass any FCC regulation so where an add boasts 4 watts AM, be prepared for something far less. Also the modulation is set way down and without this being set properly, no one will be able to hear you very well. One more area is receive sensitivity, the box may claim its actual potential, not what it truly has been set for in the factory. Tim goes through each connector, jack, plug, and touches up loose or faulty solder connections. He carefully removes inferior components and replaces them with state of the industry components. After Tim works his magic you are now working with an entirely new radio, one with capabilities that will blow your mind! Much more now like a high-end automobile that has been peaked and modified to unleash much more robust capabilities – the will radio will work beyond what you think is possible. One quick call to Tim set me straight. I sold the two Cobra 148 GTL Chinese version radios and had Tim put two new Galaxy 959 on order. Well today’s the day and I have already hooked-up my base unit see video http://youtu.be/KIHgeYjVIUM And next I’m ready to install the other unit in my 88 Toyota 4x4. For that video click on http://youtu.be/HRpvFxaicG8.
Matt G

Matt G


Tim, I have to say really like this radio. I give this 90% good condition. This radio is fantscic on lsb/usb. and the am swing mod makes the audio loooooud! Whithin the First five minutes I was talking to florida! Superloud! audio I like what you did as far as mods go on it. also I love the talk back! Once again thanks tim for an awesome 3 rd radio from you and more to follow!
Vinny 822

Vinny 822


This is my second radio from Tim. The first is a Cobra 148 I run on my base. Tim has given new life to my President Grant! Both radios are doing great! I highly recommend Tim's work to my friends! Thanks once again, Alex
Alex A

Alex A


Thanks Tim for the awesome 148f build Looks great talks great love it.
Tom Anderson
Gilbert, Az.

Tom Anderson


Great job on my 148f gtl mod. I will not hesitate to send in my cobra 2000 for similar repair.
Arthur Larson

Arthur Larson


Tim and Snake Radio Customs has delivered once again a 148 I can use on my ATV. Tim has reinforced the wiring to withstand the vibrations and it is working great. I would once again use him for upcoming radios and recommend his services to anyone needing a reliable radio.
Dale Eland
indianapolis, IN. "God's Country"

Dale Eland


I found an old Cobra 140 which isnt the greatest radio in the world but i thought it was pretty neat and sent it off to Tim and it's a great radio now, it turned out awesome. He does very clean work and is very honest about what is best to do and what not to do. I'll be sending him another old Cobra for sure.
13 13

13 13


I had a uniden grant XL I sent to Tim. The radio started to develop a squeal. So I had Tim recap it, and other things done to the radio let me tell you he knows his radios problems solved. The first time I did a radio check, came back loud and proud. I wouldn't hesitate to send him another radio.
Tracy M

Tracy M


When i first emailed Tim he responed back right away. I sent him a near dead radio,That has seen alot of ruff miles. I was contacted when he got it and he kept me updated on everything with it. I like the fact he video's everything he does so you know whats going on. When i received the radio i was blown away it looked near new. I get alot of comments on how it sounds,it's crazy loud. I will never waste my money on a 20 minute truck stop peak and tune again. Tim know's his stuff and i can't thank him enuff for the amazing work.
John Tittel

John Tittel


After a few calls and alot of e-mails I asked Tim to work up a Galaxy 959 for me. In the meantime I was telling my Dad about Tim and showed him some of his videos. He then asked if I could have him work on his Cobra 29 WX NW ST. So I sent it off to Tim. Tim worked his magic and sent it back. I have to say I never knew a radio could sound that good. Every radio check came back "LOUD AND PROUD!" Now Dad hasn't left his radio alone since. Thanks Tim!
Ivan Waupoose Jr.
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Ivan Waupoose Jr.


Thank you Tim my radio is beautiful and it talks just as good as it looks completely satisfied customer excellent work fast and reasonable will not hesitate to use them again grateful customer Donald
donald tarpey
nashville tn

donald tarpey


Snake Radio, aka Tim Trent miracle worker was able to bring new life into an old Cobra 2000 I purchased on EBay. this 2000 was in sad shape with numerous issues too many to list but he was able to strip out the garbage and put back the life which had robbed the power of the radio. Tim does not normally repair radios but once he takes on a project he way far out of his way to service his customers. This 2000 he built for me I use as my base and use it for daily communication on the farm and is most reliable. No amp needed as I can get out with great ease well over my 72 acres. No more hiding from my wife...... This is a match for my other radios he has built for me and I plan on building more in the future....... Keep up the great work Tim and thank you for your patience......

Dale Eland


i have recently got back my 1983 taiwan cobra 148GTL from tim and let me tell you this is the best sounding radio that i have ever owned he did his RX mods to it and it really brought it to life! not only is the rx great but the tx sounds amazing now to. i had him put a expo kit in as well 40 up and 40 down and it is rignt on frequency on all channels. i can not express how happy i am with the quality of his work! thank you tim! 73's
Mark 318
upstate N.Y.

Mark 318


Very helpful and striaghtforward.
15minigrass James

15minigrass James


Want to thank Tim for his work. You never know what you will end up from a connection found on the Internet. Let me say that there are a lot of business's that could take a lesson from Snake Radio's idea of customer service. Tim is up front, honest, a great communicator and know's his business. I will send my work his direction and will be passing my find on to friends and family. I had Tim do a peak & tune and his basic sound quality mods and the receiver sensitivity mod on a brand new Cobra 29lx fresh out of the box. All I can i can say is wow. This is the third radio I have owned, never before had one perform like this. Great job, I'll be back!
Tim Ernst

Tim Ernst


Hello Tim, i want to thank you again for a great job you did on my 148 GTL F Hybrid #16 this thing is a real talker and the receive is real quiet too! and i just love the looks on the outside of it too like if i just opened the box brand new.i can't wait to do business with you again soon. Clarence Buehl
Clarence Buehl
Maquoketa Iowa

Clarence Buehl


I watched several videos on cb mods, that is when i came across snakeradios. Tim is very knowledgeable about his radios, his buisness, and his modifications. I liked the option of being able to watch, and talk to Tim while working on my radio. The fat recieve mod is awesome. The detail to cleaning my radio, and making things right is second to none.I already have two more radios that I am going to send to Tim. It is comforting to know a very qualified technician. Thank you Tim.
Al Lucido
Niceville Fl.

Al Lucido


After taking a used Uniden PC76XL to a long standing CB shop locally to get "tuned", I was sad to hear that the tech hadn't touched the unit the entire month I left it there, No calls from him. I picked up the radio and sent it to Tim. Tim was very clear on how to ship, what he could do, how much it would cost.. And provided a video with the results. No brainer, send your radios to Snakeradios.
Brian McMullan
Tampa. FL

Brian McMullan


After dealing with a Stock radio for a year I though I needed something new. Called Tim and sent the Radio off... Great service! =) every E-mail answered. Oh the radio. Its the loudest thing in town. Great receive. Tim got this thing on track! Now I am sure when I key down Ill never be stuck in the mud again. Thanks
Andrew H

Andrew H


I had a 148 gtl done by Tim with the works and I have to say outstanding. This radio not only has a receive that is better then any radio I have ever heard, it just works outstanding all the way around. I cant say enough about Tim's honesty and professionalism he is an outstanding radio tech and someone now i also consider a great friend. His communication is second to none, and his work is the best i have ever seen. Thanks my friend for a brand new better then ever 1978 supersnake #17 148gtl. 73's 355 bluegrass KY Lake
Rick Binkley
355 Bluegrass Ky Lake

Rick Binkley


This winter I sent two Uniden XL Grants to Tim. Awesome is the word. The receive and transmit are phenomenal. I just couldn't get over how they sounded. I use a Kenwood TS 450 to talk 40 miles away and each of the Grants were doing equal or better to an HF radio that was tuned lately. Just fantastic Tim. If you need a radio repaired or tuned Tim you're man.
John Duckworth
Montreal Canada

John Duckworth


I had an old Cobra 148 that was in bad shape and didn't receive. I found out about Tim on a couple CB websites and reached out to him. He was very responsive and hooked me up with a full clean up of my unit and he added some of his special mods to help me reach out further than with the stock radio. His pricing is very fair and turn around time was exactly what he quoted. I will be doing business with Tim again in the future, on a new radio this time. thanks Tim! John
John Corneau
Simi Valley, CA

John Corneau


After purchasing a couple of Chinese Cobra 148 GTLs online I quickly realized that out of the box these units were not worth much. A quick call to Tim got me on the right path -- I promptly returned them and now am waiting for the refunds. As per his advice, I'll order a couple of Galaxy 959's from Tim and save myself a bunch of hassle. Being new to the world of CB radios I thought that I was ordering something that would work right out of the box -- wow was I wrong! Save yourself some serious grief and call him before buying ANYTHING! My hat is off to Tim. Thanks Tim for taking the time to steer me in the right direction.
matt geisel
Driggs, ID

matt geisel


After stumbling across Tim's videos on YouTube, I was surprised to see that someone would care enough to do the things he does when it comes to moding and refurbishing the old classics the way he does. It inspired me to get a 148 GTL like the one I used to have just so I would have something to send him. I was impressed with the degree of professionalism he displayed as he walked me through the whole experience step by step. Upon receiving the radio back, it was everything I expected it to be and so much more. The receive and transmit audio is just unbelievable. I now have a radio that can talk the talk and walk the walk. This is now by far, the best transciever I've ever owned. Thank you so very much Tim. Simply awesome.
Rick K
Chicago, Illinois

Rick K


Once again, the CB Mastermind has done it! Tim did some work previously on a radio of mine and just recently had my mic take a dump. I couldn't figure out what was going on so I knew who to contact right away. I tried to describe the problem as best as I could and right away I got a response telling me exactly what was wrong and I now have a new part on the way. I will say it again and again, TAKE YOUR RADIO TO THIS GENTLEMAN! He knows his stuff and he stands by it. I trust him to work on my radios and he is the most economical choice than others in my personal opinion. Hell my wife loves that I went through him because of the money I saved. Thank you once again, Mr. Trent.
Presten Schmidt
Madison, NE, USA

Presten Schmidt


Scott K

Scott K


Scott K

Scott K


TIM IS THE MAN! ordered a new superstar 158 from tim with the works and received the radio so quick and wrapped up and packaged perfect and not a fingerprint "SPOTLESS". Now have not had a cb for 20 years and had some galaxies, cobras etc and was really into it. I havn't keyed down since, so i put up my new fiberglass sirio antenna and hook up the radio, key down and talking (barefoot) to oregon, then talking to australia alot on ssb, texas,great lakes and tonight victoria canada. Tim has done SUCH a good job and already sending him another radio. He is big on communication, really he is always keeping you posted with any and all progress. Thanks tim there should be more good people like you tim!
Chris McGillivray
Santa Barbara California

Chris McGillivray


Just got my free radio from Tim. I had 10 radios done by him and obvious they came out "Top Shelf". I had a 148 Tawain done up with the usual mods that Tim did on all my other radios except this time I had a 3 digit channel display with tons of channels. This radio is dead on frequency. As I have said in a previous testimonial I never do write them but SRC is an exception with the quality work and outcome of the final product.I am very well known in the NY area for my FM sounding audio.I am using this radio with professional studio gear and tons of my very high end microphones and wow the sound and audio that shines out is amazing.No BS here catch me on channel 31 during skip and hear what you are missing. W612 73's
Phil SparkyDClown
NY Big Apple

Phil SparkyDClown


I sent Tim my Cobra 29 LX because I liked the fact that he had a live shop cam and he also does a YouTube video so you can see exactly what he has done and how well it is working when it is done. I am really impressed with my radio it talks a lot better and I can hear a lot more with out near as much noise as this radio had out of the box.
Justin Rau

Justin Rau
Saturday the 30th 2023