480 463 9347 IS MY  COMPANY TELEPHONE NUMBER         

                      CALL ME PLEASE FOR SALES. TIM.


 Hello My name is Tim and Welcome to The official Snake Radio Customs website. 19 yrs. of quality service and customer service and very fast communication.

11 yrs on You tube and thousands of radio`s later I am still here. I am a 1 man shop no body else will get handed off anything to work on. My reputation is more important than money. 


So You can call me at the number above OR hit the contact me button above and fill out your request to buy a radio from me or get a radio worked on OR resto modded etc.etc. please.


I will be happy to give my recommendations as to the radio`s I think are the best at this time in cb radio history. I have formed my opinions on seeing all the major brands come across my bench in my yr`s of doing radio work. Once again this is my opinion only.



My E mail gets constantly bombarded with spam from haters and non customers who try and waste my time with it. So that being said it is so much easier and faster to do a 5 minute phone convo with you and you will be glad you did. I will not keep you long and give honest advice and help after the sale no high pressure sales here.


I don`t pressure anyone to get anything done they don`t want to. I layout the clear options for every job and give my opinions and reasons why I do the work I do then you and only you decide how far you want to take the job. Questions do not scare me. If I cannot answer your questions I will find the answer for you. I am only human and do not know everything google knows 


My hourly labor rate is 35.00 for quality detailed work using oem parts and the best tools and solder on the market.


What I provide is the full Purchase and setup of the new radio`s that I do. You do not have to do anything but contact me to get the radio done. There is NO markup on the radio cost. I only get paid for my parts and labor. 


If you are a veteran of any war or conflict let me know at the time of contacting me please. I always take care of the Vets with a discounted rate for service on their radio`s. I hope this does not offend anyone and if it does then that is sad to me. They deserve our honor and respect for keeping us free to be who we are.


 Only the best radio`s and quality work are done here  No B.S. no games When you get a radio done with me it is done right the first time and I take my work and time very seriously!!! When you purchase a radio from me I will tell you what antenna what coax cable and how to wire it and set up the antenna for the best experience. I won`t leave you hanging.


Every new radio sold by me to you the customer will have a full bumper to bumper warranty for 1 yr. from me! You will never be told to just send it to the manufacturer and if it

fails in the first yr I will build you a new one and send it to you no charge. This applies to ALL new radios setup by me!


No bs no games but you must contact me in the first 30 days if you are not happy or the radio has an issue and you must follow my instructions on the SWR match on your antenna at the radio for warranty to be in effect.


I always help out! Just call me or e mail me if you have SWR problems. You will get my Email once the new radio is bought by me OR once I get your radio in for restoration and mods if desired. If you send in a new radio the warranty only applies to my labor or parts I have installed not the radio itself.


So that is it in a nutshell, I make it simple and easy for you to get a quality radio the first time and that will last you a long time as I go over them with a fine tooth comb and do very clean work. My bench is kept clean and I do not scratch up your radios. I build them like they are my own radio.


 I am a 1 man shop and a person who works 5 days a week that does not Smoke OR Drink! I am a straight shooter who does not mince words or sugar coat anything about radio`s what they are capable of and what will suit you the best for your particular application needs. Thank you very much And I hope to Earn your business and keep it. im 62 yrs old and going strong.



A license is required to operate an amateur 10 meter capable radio "You" the end user are responsible for the legal operation of 'your' radio equipment and or any amplifier devices. Snake Radio Customs will not be held responsible for anyone using the radio incorrectly or out of band. This disclaimer releases Snake Radio Customs of any said liability. Thank you.


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